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Blog log from R1 of 2018: Melbourne vs Geelong

Blog log for Melbourne vs Geelong, R1 of 2018

Pedersen hands to the first gamer Fritsch who takes two bounces, shoots from the pocket on his left but misses to the far side. (Q1 3:28)
The ball comes in long and high to the Melbourne forward line and Fritsch climbs high to take a great overhead grab 20m out directly in front. He goes back and kicks the goal. (Q1 4:18)
Smith kicks long where Ratugolea reads it best and marks above his head 30m from goal on a slight angle. He goes back and kicks truly. (Q1 7:59)
Hogan marks 60m from goal and Murdoch gives away a 50m penalty for running through the protected area. Hogan from 10m out kicks Melbourne’s second goal. (Q1 9:14)
Kelly receives a handball, streams to the 50m arc and hits up Ratugolea on the lead. Ratugolea goes back from 35m out on a 45 degree angle but misses to the left. (Q1 10:54)
Long kick into Hawkins who nudges McDonald under the ball and marks 35 from goal on a 45 degree angle. His shot misses to the left. (Q1 17:39)
Fogarty finds the footy following a stoppage just outside the square, turns onto his right and snaps a nice goal. (Q1 18:29)
Petracca lays a good tackle on Guthrie, the ball spills loose and Neal-Bullen pounces to snap a nice goal. (Q1 20:12)
Fogarty marks 70m from goal and hands to Ablett who ran forward from the stoppage. Ablett takes a bounce and kicks a goal from 40m out. (Q1 22:09)
Long ball to 60m from the Melbourne goal where Hogan crumbs, runs to 50m and floats through a goal. (Q1 23:59)
Menzel marks inside 50 and kicks to Parsons who marks on the corner of the goal square. He goes back and kicks truly. (Q1 28:53)
Pedersen on the lead and is held by the undersized Guthrie. Pedersen 30m out directly in front kicks the goal. (Q1 32:01)
Harmes hands to Oliver who runs to 40m from goal and kicks truly. (Q2 5:31)
Parfitt has the ball at the 50m arc and Lewis gives away a 50m penalty to take him to the goal square for an easy goal. (Q2 7:31)
Ablett hands to Kolodjashnij who runs to 40m from goal and misses the shot to the left. (Q2 11:27)
Terrific chain of handballs ends in Gregson kicking long and finding Menzel in the pocket. Menzel improves the angle and snaps a goal. (Q2 12:51)
Gawn kicks a spiral deep into the Melbourne forward line where Melksham crumbs, snaps on goal but misses to the near side. (Q2 18:44)
Long kick into the Geelong forward line where Zac Smith has dragged Gawn forward and Smith marks in the square. Smith goes back and converts the set shot. (Q2 22:45)
Parsons kicks long to the goal square where Ablett crumbs and hands to Murdoch who runs into an open goal. (Q2 33:15)
Selwood from 60m out kicks a 45m bullet to Parfitt in the pocket. Parfitt after the siren slots the goal. (Q2 35:26)
Zac Smith gives away a holding in the ruck free to Gawn 40m out on a 45 degree angle. Gawn lines up and kicks truly. (Q3 2:55)
Murdoch runs past Hibberd, lines up from 40m on the run but hits the post with his shot for goal. (Q3 5:30)
Hannan marks 40m from goal and sprays the set shot badly to the left, just scraping in for a behind. (Q3 16:42)
Melksham wins a hard ball 40m from goal and hands to Neal-Bullen who snaps a dribbling ball that somehow goes through for a goal! (Q3 20:59)
Long ball into the Geelong forward line 30m from goal is crumbed by Menzel who snaps a nice goal. (Q3 26:59)
Vince through the middle of the ground kicks low inside 50 where Petracca marks strongly overhead 40m out on a slight angle. Petracca’s set shot misses to the right. (Q3 28:57)
Zach Guthrie kicks to Menzel who out-bodies Jetta to take a mark 35m from goal on a tight angle. The angle doesn’t bother him though as he goes back and slots his fourth. (Q4 4:25)
Selwood snaps a banana out of the stoppage from 45m out, it’s on track but Hibberd does terrifically well to get back on the line and get a fist on it. (Q4 10:28)
Garlett pushes Tuohy out and marks 45m out. He passes to Hogan in the pocket who marks, runs around and kicks his third for the day. (Q4 11:15)
Parfitt goes kicks long to Menzel in the goal square and Menzel is too good for Wagner, taking the mark above his head. Amazingly, Menzel misses the set shot from point blank range (Q4 17:31)
Gawn fumbles a mark in the goal square, gathers his own crumb, snaps at goal but misses to the near side. (Q4 21:30)
2 minutes remaining, 4 point advantage to Geelong. (Q4 25:00)
45 seconds remaining, Pedersen kicks to the hot spot where Gawn reaches high and marks! His set shot from 25m out directly in front misses! (Q4 25:56)
Geelong win by three points! (Q4 25:56)

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