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Blog log from P2 of 2018: Geelong vs Essendon

Blog log for Geelong vs Essendon, P2 of 2018

Selwood draws an early high contact free after a stoppage 25m out on a slight angle, but shanks a behind. (Q1 0:55)
After a long period of Geelong forward 50 play, Hooker marks on the HFF and goes short to Zaharakis near the boundary 30m out. Zaka kicks the first goal, just. (Q1 9:55)
Hooker contests with Kolodjashnij at the hotspot but James Stewart gets a free on Tom Stewart off the play. He goals as well. (Q1 11:35)
Thurlow kicks long to the hotspot, Blicavs beats Bellchambers one out to mark and goal. (Q1 13:00)
Zach Merrett forces Dangerfield to cough the ball up by hand in the pocket, Stringer tries a very low percentage checkside off a step from 25m on the boundary that goes through! (Q1 15:58)
Miers gives to Menzel who has space to lope down the flank for a measured snap from 35m… that’s good. (Q1 17:32)
Miers feeds Dangerfield at a stoppage at half forward, but he misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 27:40)
Hawkins gets the benefit of a 50m penalty after catching McKenna HTB to bring him from CHF to the square for an easy goal. (Q1 29:21)
Daniher rolls through a snap from outside CHF after playing on from a mark 55m out. (Q1 30:13)
Suddenly it’s raining goals, Menzel snaps on the turn from the hotspot after roving a Hawkins contest for another lead changer. (Q1 31:21)
Ratugolea gets a free for a hold just before the QT siren. He lines up deep in the pocket 15m out, and checksides a point. (Q1 34:51)
Tom Stewart kicks long and low from the HFF to the hotspot, the crumb falls over the back where Parish flashes in front of Parsons to run into the open goal! (Q2 1:09)
Parfitt passes short to the lead of Hawkins 35m out on a slight angle after a stoppage at half forward. The Tomahawk boots his second goal. (Q2 6:46)
Bews passes from CHF to Hawkins who beats Ambrose in a wrestle to mark 25m out on the flank. This one is just wide right. (Q2 9:24)
Merrett earns a free for high contact by Kolodjashnij 25m out on the flank. His set shot starts right but wobbles in. (Q2 11:55)
O’Connor passes to Menzel near CHF, who runs out right to get more distance but shanks it way right. (Q2 13:39)
Kelly converts a set shot from 40m in front after Begley gets into his back. (Q2 15:26)
Blicavs marks near the hotspot but misses right. (Q2 16:50)
Tuohy kicks blindly from a pack deep in defence but O’Connor intercepts just inside CHF for the Bombers. He sends a lovely set shot straight through. (Q2 18:47)
A Parsons set shot from half forward drifts to the behind post, Myers spoils to the square for some reason and O’Connor kicks the crumbing goal. (Q2 21:43)
Duncan burns the ball by foot on the HBF straight to Heppell, who tries his luck from 60m to an empty square with the wind… bounces wide. (Q2 23:26)
Tuohy is pinged for deliberate OOB 20m after grubbing a loose ball away from Hooker. It’s Hooker with the free, he misses. (Q2 25:11)
Selwood turns the ball over at half back, many Dons pounce, Merrett feeds Smith for a goal from the hotspot. (Q2 31:30)
Hawkins draws a contact free on Ambrose 50m out on the flank. He starts the set shot left and the wind blows it through as planned. (Q3 1:28)
Hawkins beats Hurley this time and repeats the dose from the same distance. (Q3 3:28)
Menzel snaps another one for Geelong from mid-range after winning his own footy in a pack and jinking clear of McGrath. (Q3 7:39)
Hooker marks in front of Kolodjashnij 45m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 11:28)
Daniher kicks to space at half forward, Stringer is first there to gather and snap across the body for a typically flashy finish, after doing nothing for two quarters. (Q3 14:56)
Consecutive high contact frees to Duncan on Merrett and Miers on McNiece, set shot from 40m on a slight angle is blown OOTF by the wind. (Q3 16:24)
Parsons feeds Duncan for a snap off a step from CHF, he navigates the wind for the goal. (Q3 19:53)
Menzel shepherds through a Thurlow snap from 50m on a slight angle for another one with the wind. (Q3 21:29)
Cam Guthrie snaps a nice goal from a pack in the pocket 25m out with a left foot checkside to wow the Colac crowd. (Q3 25:43)
McGrath passes to Green near the hotspot, who stabs it low and straight into the wind. (Q3 26:59)
Menzel marks 35m out on a slight angle just before 3QT and boots goal number four. (Q3 30:24)
Tom Stewart marks a Stringer ball near the hotspot after the first centre bounce of Q4 for a goal. (Q4 0:31)
Tuohy is under huge pressure in the BP and turns the ball over to Merrett in the other pocket, who centres for Smith 40m out on a slight angle, he goals as well. (Q4 2:42)
McDonald-Tipungwuti runs in space down the wing and passes to the lead of Tom Stewart 35m out on the flank. Stewart misses, Daniher gets a free and goes back to Stewart for a goal. (Q4 5:42)
The free was against O’Connor for a block. (Q4 6:03)
Parish gets a free for a hold at a ball-in 20m out, Tom Stewart the offender. Parish hits the post. (Q4 8:24)
Stringer tries another low-percentage snap from the pocket, that was drifts across the face from 20m. (Q4 9:02)
Goddard sails it back in to a big Daniher leap in the pocket, Green is there for the crumb and rolls it home from 20m from a tight angle like a good small forward should. (Q4 9:56)
Green roves at CHF after the Dons swarm but just misses. (Q4 10:46)
Hawkins marks in the pocket and goals from 20m, five for him. (Q4 12:32)
McDonald-Tipungwuti forces a handball turnover by Selwood on the wing, eventually Daniher has a lash from 50m on a slight angle but it’s off hands for a behind. (Q4 15:44)
McNiece smothers Menzel on the wing to start a fast break for Essendon, Smith has Green 40m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q4 19:57)
Cunico is pinged for deliberate OOB under McDonald-Tipungwuti pressure, Green takes the free 30m out but doesn’t score. (Q4 20:29)
Long snaps off a step from 45m in front to put the Dons in front after some extended frontal pressure. (Q4 22:12)
Stringer marks 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 23:57)
Hawkins doesn’t make the distance with a set shot from 40m on the flank that would have given Geelong the lead back, Dons clear. (Q4 28:13)

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