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Blog log from PF of 2017: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, PF of 2017

Cotchin gets a holding free at the first centre bounce, long ball to the hotspot, big crumb goes straight to Martin who feeds Lambert to run into the open goal! (Q1 0:26)
Coniglio fumbles on the wing after the next centre bounce, Martin pounces, the pass goes to Caddy in the pocket who screws through a fine finish from 25m! (Q1 1:53)
Coniglio dithers on the HBF and gets claimed HTB by Riewoldt, play on and it’s Martin from 55m on a slight angle… just misses. (Q1 3:19)
This is looking even more ominous than last night. (Q1 3:19)
HImmelberg runs back with the flight to mark in the pocket just before Grimes smashes him. No 50m penalty so Himmelberg lines up from 25m in a tough spot… and slots it! (Q1 4:20)
Himmelberg beats Astbury one out to mark a Ward ball to the top of the square and boot his second goal. That wasn’t in the script! (Q1 6:05)
Shiel kicks long from half forward to Patton one out with Broad in the square, but the ball is off Patton’s hands for a behind. (Q1 11:35)
Edwards misses a quick snap after a stoppage in the pocket. (Q1 13:14)
SHiel dodges away from Houli on the wing and gives to Scully who has Ward gliding past for a snap on the lope from 45m on a slight angle… it’s good, Giants hit the lead! (Q1 13:50)
Shiel gets a free after the next centre bounce, eventually Patton marks 50m out on a slight angle but doesn’t score. (Q1 15:49)
Cotchin roves a long Castagna ball to the hotspot, baulks two but still only has a phonebox to work in, and misses. (Q1 17:41)
de Boer pokes a kick from a pack on the HFF, Williams just gets to the fall before Ellis to mark 40m out on a slight angle. Williams kicks like a backman, behind. (Q1 21:16)
Johnson gets a handball on the boundary 40m out, has time to pick an option but goes himself… across the face. (Q1 21:49)
Castagna gets a HTB free on Williams in the centre and bombs high to 40m out in front where Haynes touches Rioli in the back to concede a free. Rioli kicks truly, scores level. (Q1 24:39)
Lambert roves a Lobb drop on the wing and starts a fast break, to Martin, then Caddy and finally Castagna for the goal from the square. (Q1 26:45)
The Tigers stuff around with it in midfield and are lost with Shiel forcing the turnover on Houli, Taranto goes to Patton 35m out but he passes and the QT siren sounds, no score. (Qtr Time)
Edwards runs free through midfield on a rebound from half back, eventually Castagna marks 15m out on the flank but misses. (Q2 1:56)
Broad spoils Himmelberg in the square, Rance taps to Grigg to start the rebound around the outer wing that results in a free to Castagna 40m out on the flank, who doesn’t score. (Q2 3:13)
Kelly marks 40m out on the flank after a rebound around the outer wing, he kicks truly to put the Giants back within a point. (Q2 7:28)
Kelly plays on after marking a Whitfield ball to the hotspot but hits the post. (Q2 10:16)
Ward marks 40m out in front on a fast break after Greene drops the knees to draw a free on the wing against Broad. He makes no mistake, Giants lead by that goal. (Q2 13:13)
de Boer misses an off-balance snap from the pocket. (Q2 15:14)
Townsend marks a Butler ball near the boundary 45m out after Martin starts a fast break on the wing. He misses. (Q2 17:58)
Prestia is on his own 40m out on the flank for a Martin ball after Dusty had fended off Taranto outside CHF. He doesn’t score. (Q2 20:29)
Rioli receives on the wing, runs to 50m on a slight angle and bangs through a sensational finish after the Giants break down rebounding to the wing. Riolis and finals, hey! (Q2 21:31)
Rance intercepts a Deledio inside 50 and startss a reboundup the guts, Rioli kicks to the hotspot but Williams is pinged for contact after the kick, downfield free Martin… miss. (Q2 25:41)
Caddy spins out of a pack on the wing, gives to Rioli who is smothered, Caddy recovers and kicks to the square from near CHF… off hands for a behind to give Richmond the lead. (Q2 27:14)
McIntosh gives to Rioli standing flat-footed in the pocket after the Giants get swamped trying to rebound, Rioli throws it on the boot… and wobbles through his third goal! (Q3 7:00)
Martin clears from a stoppage on the wing, chain of handballs is a bit untidy with a few going to ground but eventually Lambert bounces it to Townsend to run into the open goal! (Q3 11:15)
Greene wins his own crumb from a Scully ball but misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q3 12:00)
Ward chases the crumb from a Patton contest near the top of the square, it rolls and rolls and finally sits up on the line for him to volley Home just in time! (Q3 15:15)
Grimes is Johnny on the spot for a blind kick from a stoppage in the Tiger FP by Ward to 40m out on the flank. But he misses. (Q3 17:45)
Rioli receives after a Broad ball to the pocket and screws through his fourth goal from the hotspot! (Q3 19:38)
Kelly passes to Johnson 40m out in front. Stevie J doesn’t think he can make the distance, so he gives off to Wilson who kicks OOTF. Oh dear. (Q3 22:16)
Astbury falls into Johnson’s back on the HFF to give away a free, but Johnson turns it over trying to pass. (Q3 23:12)
Edwards runs onto an errant Scully handball on the wing and gives to McIntosh, who lets fly from CHF… bounces wide. (Q3 25:12)
Corr turns the ball over with a kick to a one-on-two from the HBF to the centre, Tigers everywhere, eventually Lambert goes to Edwards near the hotspot… Titch steers it through! (Q3 26:45)
Martin leaps in front of Williams and takes a big contested grab deep in the pocket 15m out from a speculator by Grigg from the HBF. Dusty goals, the Tiger army roars! (Q3 28:54)
Williams breaks the lines with a run up the middle from half back, he gives to Whitfield who hits Himmelberg on the left nipple 40m out. Himmelberg misses badly. (Q3 30:31)
Tomlinson turns the ball over by hand on the wing, Castagna feeds Caddy who goes long to the square where Martin draws a holding free on Shaw and kicks the sealer just before 3QT! (Q3 34:01)
Hopper turns the ball over by hand in a highly pressured defence, the kick bounces in front of Martin at the top of the square who turns Corr and checksides home. It’s over. (Q4 1:46)
Grimes kicks OOTF from a stoppage in the pocket. Coniglio takes the free 20m out, and doesn’t score. (Q4 2:59)
Scully marks 45m out wide on the flank and hits the post, much to the delight of the rollicking Tiger crowd. (Q4 7:46)
Williams passes to Himmelberg at the hotspot, who boots his third goal. (Q4 9:56)
Houli gives to Castagna who turns and shoots from 40m in front, but screws it OOTF. (Q4 12:31)
After Rioli intercepts at half forward, Kelly tackles Caddy to prevent a score near the hotspot. (Q4 13:53)
Patton marks near true CHF and boots his first goal of the game. Technically still a contest, and the Giants have kicked the last two, but there’s almost no hope. (Q4 14:46)
Martin roves on the HFF and has time to pick an option, he chooses wisely with a long ball to the opposite pocket for Riewoldt 20m out. Li’l Rooey kicks truly! (Q4 17:31)
Hopper again turns the ball over at half back, chain of handballs, Ellis’ kick to the feet of Davis clean bowls him, Butler pounces and goals from 20m! That settles it. (Q4 19:56)
Patton passes to Williams at true CHF, he looks but has to go back for the set shot… drops short and Nankervis chops it off, no score. (Q4 22:00)
Castagna tries a Joe the Goose to Butler after beating Shaw on the ground in the pocket, but it’s too hot and fumbled over the goal line. (Q4 23:57)
Butler runs from the pocket into the open goal to restart the Tiger party. (Q4 26:13)

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