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Blog log from EF of 2017: Sydney vs Essendon

Blog log for Sydney vs Essendon, EF of 2017

Heppell marks a short Gleeson ball outside CHF and sends a long ball to the top of the square, Daniher has two on him but takes a screamer for the first goal! (Q1 2:55)
Franklin roves his own contest to push off for a snap from the HFF, but it’s wide. (Q1 5:25)
Heppell is caught HTB by Towers at a stoppage in the pocket 20m out, bit red hot but he did drop it cold. Towers tries a set shot screwing ball, and arcs it straight through. (Q1 7:40)
Kennedy gets a free on Parish for a block at the next centre bounce and hits Reid leading to 50m on a slight angle. Reid misses. (Q1 9:10)
Stewart intercepts a rather lazy Heeney short pass across half back to 35m on a slight angle. He stutters in and misses, disappointingly. (Q1 11:17)
Zaharakis wins a HTB free in the pocket but misses the screwing set shot from 25m. (Q1 15:10)
Papley sends a high speculator from the wing to the flank 40m out, Sinclair makes it look good with a pack mark and goal. (Q1 16:36)
Cunningham snaps OOTF from a pack 30m out on the flank. (Q1 21:41)
Jack is front and centre for a contest near CHF, he has time to measure a left foot snap from 45m which falls in for the goal. (Q1 23:50)
Franklin marks a Kennedy centre clearance 50m out on a slight angle and kicks the first goal of Q2. Ominous signs for Essendon, getting smashed inside. (Q2 0:53)
Papley gives to Franklin who snaps truly from the hotspot after the Swans swarm the Dons trying to handball out of trouble at half back. (Q2 2:21)
Reid, Sinclair and then Franklin all take marks in traffic on a slow rebound down members wing. Buddy lines up from 25m in the pocket, and kicks goal number three for the quarter. (Q2 5:16)
Heeney takes a pack mark 20m out in the pocket, but kicks across the face. (Q2 8:51)
Parker takes a screamer over Heppell on the wing and goes to Sinclair in the pocket 20m out for another one. This is now a procession. (Q2 10:38)
Sinclair snaps wide from a pack at the hotspot after yet another centre clearance for Sydney. (Q2 11:56)
McKenna spills a pressured Watson handball near the top of the square, Heeney pounces and it’s another one. Hardly a contest at this point. (Q2 13:07)
Reid marks a Lloyd ball outside CHF and passes to Lloyd running on to 40m on a slight angle. Lloyd kicks truly. Sydney in complete control. (Q2 14:36)
Ball in in the pocket for Sydney, tap goes behind for Kennedy to glide onto and screw through another one from 35m. Too easy. (Q2 16:19)
Merrett jinks and passes short to Begley 40m out on a slight angle. Begley goals. (Q2 18:16)
Parker roves and misses on the run from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 19:01)
Daniher, Heppell and Hurley kick OOTF in midfield to kill off Don attacks, eventually Franklin marks near the hotspot and steers through his fourth goal of Q2. Not much to be said. (Q2 23:07)
Myers snaps a goal from a stoppage on the HFF. (Q2 24:16)
Colyer snaps wide after roving deep in the pocket. (Q2 26:32)
Towers marks over Heppell in the pocket 20m out for his second goal. (Q2 27:16)
Kennedy gets a set shot at the hotspot and sails through his second goal of the quarter. (Q2 30:01)
Daniher marks a Gleeson ball to near the hotspot after the Dons win the first centre clearance of Q3. Daniher goals. (Q3 0:41)
Fantasia roves on the HFF, reaches 50m with a jinking run and misses. (Q3 3:09)
Daniher roves a McDonald-Tipungwuti contest in the pocket but misses a quick snap. (Q3 7:30)
Colyer misses a tough snap from the opposite pocket. (Q3 7:58)
After a few repeat inside 50s for Essendon, the Swans eventually rebound and Rohan marks 15m out in front to restart the party. (Q3 10:29)
Watson gives to Zaharakis for a running snap from the HFF, but it’s narrow from just inside 50m. (Q3 12:43)
Sinclair marks 30m out on the flank and steers through his third goal, to moderate applause. We are already deep in junk time. (Q3 16:23)
Heeney is the next Swan to dip his goblet in the punch and join the frivolity, with a mark, play on and goal from close range. (Q3 17:57)
Rampe has a moment to use his vision on the HFF, he chooses the right option and sends a howitzer to the hotspot for Rohan to leap, mark and goal. (Q3 25:08)
Daniher gets a free for a hold by Rampe as he leads 35m out on a slight angle. The 3QT siren sounds, Daniher kicks his third goal. (Q3 30:02)
Sinclair misses a snap on the turn from 30m on the flank. (Q4 2:17)
Fantasia roves a Watson contest and bounces through a goal from the hotspot. (Q4 6:03)
Cunningham passes short to Papley 40m out on a slight angle, who goals. (Q4 12:03)
Papley gives to Towers for a rolling snap from 35m that tantalises but eventually bounces through. That was champagne footy. (Q4 13:20)
Stewart is pinged for encroachment to bring Heeney from wing to near the hotspot, but Isaac misses. (Q4 17:48)
Hannebery plays on to advantage on the wing after a free against Zaharakis to Parker, he hits Sinclair in the pocket 20m out who misses. (Q4 21:34)
Begley is behind the Swan defence to mark a long Daniher ball near the behind line for his second goal. (Q4 26:06)

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