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Blog log from R21 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Collingwood

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Collingwood, R21 of 2017

Dixon misses the first set shot of the game after Howe kicks OOTF 45m out. (Q1 0:55)
Dixon marks in front of Dunn 45m out on the flank, hits set shot falls on the behind line for Ryder to mark and goal. (Q1 2:57)
Treloar misses a running snap from the HFF. (Q1 6:09)
Fasolo marks a Langdon ball on the boundary 45m out, and misses. (Q1 12:33)
Crisp kicks OOTF on the HFF, Amon centres to Robbie Gray 40m out on the flank who misses. (Q1 18:11)
Sam Gray gives to Amon who runs at full tilt through CHF and misses from 45m. (Q1 20:12)
Fasolo has Elliott over the back on a fast break to waltz into the open goal for Collingwood’s first. (Q1 22:16)
Robbie Gray misses the lot from a set shot from 40m on the flank. (Q1 24:13)
Sam Gray dives to mark in front of Howe 40m out on a slight angle, and steers through his first goal. (Q1 26:13)
Pittard gives to Wingard on a fast break to run to near CHF and miss. (Q2 1:45)
Houston shows the forwards how it’s done with a long and accurate set shot. (Q2 6:40)
Wines runs into an open goal after Port dominates the next centre bounce. (Q2 6:40)
Pittard gives to Neade who turns and runs acorss the paint to 40m on a slight angle for a goal. (Q2 9:58)
Thomas misses on the run from 45m on a slight angle after Crisp catches Pittard HTB in the centre. (Q2 10:57)
Pittard passes to Neade 35m out on the flank who doesn’t score. (Q2 13:10)
Polec bounces a snap from outside CHF into the goalpost. (Q2 15:25)
Phillips marks a high centring Reid ball from a stoppage in the pocket for a goal from 20m on a slight angle. (Q2 17:50)
Impey gives to Boak who goals from 40m in front, after a turnover in midfield. (Q2 19:14)
Hartlett intercepts a Scharenberg kick to the HFF and goes inside to Ebert 40m out on a slight angle. Ebert misses. (Q2 21:27)
Reid draws a contact free on Houston in a marking contest 20m out on the flank, and goals. (Q2 26:44)
Moore marks the next centre clearance in front of Clurey 40m out on a slight angle for another one for the Pies. (Q2 28:46)
Ryder taps forward from ruck in the pocket, Robbie Gray gathers and gets tackled but gets his checkside on line from 20m. (Q2 30:28)
De Goey roves an Elliot contest and snaps form the pocket 30m out, but narrow. (Q3 0:24)
Reid wins a wrestle with Jonas to mark an Adams ball to 45m on a slight angle. He just misses left. (Q3 3:03)
Robbie Gray marks a Ryder pass in front of Maynard 35m out on a slight angle, he misses too. (Q3 4:33)
Ah Chee finally kicks the first goal of Q3 with a set shot from 25m on the flank. (Q3 5:18)
Dixon passes to Sam Gray 45m out on a slight angle, whose set shot falls on the line for Cox to rush. (Q3 7:17)
Robbie Gray finally gets a set shot on line after a short pass from Sam Gray to 40m on the flank. This is not much of a contest. (Q3 10:33)
Reid marks a Sidebottom wobbler from a stoppage on the HFF to near the behind post. He misses. (Q3 12:18)
Reid marks 40m out on a slight angle for his second goal. (Q3 15:03)
Phillips passes to Hoskin-Elliott on the boundary 30m out. WHE screws through a nice set shot for his first goal. (Q3 16:17)
Sidebottom kicks from the next centre bounce, Reid stages a bit and gets a free on Jonas 45m out on a slight angle for contact. Reid roosts goal number three! (Q3 18:03)
Treloar hits the post with a snap on the run from near CHF. (Q3 18:58)
Sidebottom sharks a pressured Jonas handball and turns onto his left for a snap off a step from 40m in front… that one’s through too! (Q3 22:29)
Dixon marks a high Amon ball from a stoppage in midfield in front of Goldsack 40m out on a slight angle. He goals to steady the Power. (Q3 25:58)
Wingard marks at half forward and gives to Pittard for a miss. (Q3 27:44)
Dixon passes to Impey 40m out on a slight angle for the first goal of Q4. (Q4 1:51)
Dunn smothers what looked like being a certain goal from Sam Gray at the top of the square, Pies clear. (Q4 3:27)
Ebert misses a snap from outside CHF. (Q4 3:52)
Howe intercepts in the centre and goes to Reid to mark in front of Hartlett 35m out on the flank. Reid boots goal number four! (Q4 5:42)
Sam Gray is behind the Collingwood defence for a long Robbie Gray ball to the top of the square for his second major. (Q4 10:09)
Blair converts a set shot from 35m on a slight angle. (Q4 20:06)
Treloar runs away from the next centre bounce, his kick from CHF is a chaos ball that dribbles wide. (Q4 20:57)
Brown marks 45m out in front after a series of repeat inside 50s for the Maggies. The kid just can’t get distance on the kick, off hands for a behind. (Q4 23:10)
Polec gives to Boak for the sealer from the hotspot. (Q4 25:27)
Howard gets a classic garbage time goal with half a minute to go with a running snap from the hotspot. (Q4 28:21)

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