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Blog log from R21 of 2017: Geelong vs Richmond

Blog log for Geelong vs Richmond, R21 of 2017

Lambert catches Mackie HTB outside CHF and sends a hopeful ball to a big pack at the hotspot the crumb falls for Caddy who wobbles through the first goal. (Q1 2:20)
Riewoldt has the sit for a Lambert ball down the flank to 35m and jumps on the back of Stewart to take a screamer. Li’l Rooey steers through the second goal. (Q1 4:19)
The ball has almost exclusively been forward of centre for Richmond, they are dominating inside 50s. (Q1 7:21)
Taylor gives to Menzel who screws a behind from the HFF. (Q1 8:53)
Stanley draws a rather soft holding free on Astbury 40m out on the flank, but navigates the breeze to steer through the first Geelong goal. (Q1 12:12)
Tuohy passes to the lead of Taylor in front of Rance at much the same spot, and Harry repeats the dose. (Q1 13:47)
Rance spoils a Simpson pass to Taylor on the HFF but Cam Guthrie swoops and cuts a swathe through traffic to goal from 40m. (Q1 15:06)
Riewoldt has space and marks a nice Grigg pass from midfield on the lead 30m out on the flank. But he sprays the kick into the fluky wind. (Q1 19:04)
Grigg snaps a behind from the HFF. (Q1 20:02)
Martin marks a quick Rioli ball from the HFF to near the square, nothing Lonergan could do there. Dusty kicks his first goal. (Q1 22:04)
Cotchin gives away a 50m penalty for holding Menegola after marking on the wing, but Menegola hits the post from near the hotspot. (Q1 28:02)
Smith loses possession on the wing in traffic in a nest of Tigers, Butler eventually catches Tuohy HTB 40m out on the flank and boots the first goal of Q2. (Q2 1:15)
Taylor beats Rance one on one to mark a Dangerfield ball to 20m on a slight angle. Harry trots in a bit leftish but shoots straight. (Q2 3:40)
Taylor beats Rance one out again to mark near the hotspot from another Dangerfield inside 50 kick. This set shot stays left, though. (Q2 7:23)
Parsons gets a free on Brandon Ellis 50m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q2 9:00)
Taylor roves a long ball to a pack at the hotspot and gives to Simpson who checksides a grubber home. Cats are getting reward for evening up the pressure on the ball. (Q2 10:36)
Parfitt is pinged for encroachment on the wing to bring Houli near the hotspot, but Houli kicks poorly for a behind, home Cat crowd cheers. (Q2 14:16)
Cam Guthrie kicks to space at the hotspot, Rance is first back but gets two horrible bounces, Kolodjashnij is Johnny on the spot to gather and give to Taylor for the easy goal. (Q2 15:16)
Menzel is paid a free for a complete dive in front of a pack 20m out, and kicks the goal. (Q2 21:17)
Mackie receives 50m out on a slight angle and tries his luck with a snap under some pressure, it sails through for another one! (Q2 27:00)
Thurlow it was with the goal assist give. (Q2 27:36)
Stanley marks a Kolodjashnij ball 35m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 1:05)
Dangerfield misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q3 3:05)
Tuohy gives to Parfitt for a snap miss from the pocket. (Q3 7:21)
Martin roves at half forward, fends off in classic style, turns and shoots off a step from 50m on a slight angle… wind blows it into the post. (Q3 11:32)
Finally the first goal of Q3 comes, from Martin giving to Rioli for a running shot from 20m on the flank. It was set up with a Riewoldt spoil in midfield. (Q3 12:27)
Riewoldt juggles a mark 30m out on the flank after Grigg runs away from a stoppage on the wing. He misses. (Q3 16:21)
Motlop gets caught HTB by Houli outside CHF for Richond trying to run out of defence, a 50m penalty brings the mark to the top of the square but Bachar hits the post. (Q3 18:51)
Houli marks again at the hotspot. He goes back knowing that he’s missed two sitter already in this game… it’s ugly but straight! (Q3 21:01)
Riewoldt it was with the goal assist pass from the wing. (Q3 21:41)
Stoppage at the Tiger hotspot, Houli kicks up in the air, Cotchin is there to crumb and snap the big goal! (Q3 24:37)
Richmond have gradually started winning the arm wrestle in general play. And they are getting value for it, finally. (Q3 25:06)
Lambert snaps around the corner from a stoppage 40m out on the flank, but Henderson rushes it. (Q3 29:23)
McIntosh has a lot of options running free to the HFF, and chooses the short one to Prestia 45m out on a slight angle. Prestia just misses. (Q4 6:02)
Motlop is over the back for a crumb on the wing, he turns and speeds away from chasers with two bounces, and hits Taylor on a short pass 45m out on a slight angle. Taylor hooks it. (Q4 7:52)
Motlop has a moment to measure a snap off a step from 45m in front, he also misses. (Q4 8:29)
Menegola gives to Smith for a highly pressured snap from the pocket after a ball in, it’s OOTF. (Q4 11:11)
Chain of Cat handballs through half forward, Parsons gives to Motlop who delivers a trademark flashy finish with a checkside from a phonebox near the hotspot. (Q4 11:35)
Chaos ball to the Cat hotspot flips over the back, Simpson fumbles it but Menzel is there to volley home the crumb. Cats are kicking away! (Q4 14:08)
Martin bursts clear from a big pack at the hotspot and snaps a goal to keep things interesting. 7:21 to go, three kicks in it. (Q4 17:39)
Thurlow marks unopposed 20m out on the flank as Taylor holds Rance off the ball, ump pays the mark. Thurlow kicks like a backman, only a behind. (Q4 19:38)
Lonergan intercepts on the wing and starts some tempo as the clock ticks under 5:00. (Q4 21:58)
Selwood draws a contact free on Grimes sitting under a long ball to 40m on the flank. He misses. (Q4 23:08)
Taylor marks behind McIntosh and Rance 15m out on the flank and boots the sealer, four for him on the day. (Q4 24:13)
Riewoldt marks at the hotspot and just misses in the swirly wind. (Q4 25:48)
Edwards roves on the behind line and kicks a meaningless goal from close range. (Q4 27:23)

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