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Blog log from R20 of 2017: Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Brisbane vs Western Bulldogs, R20 of 2017

McLean receives out of congestion and throws it on the boot with urgency. The young Bulldog sends his shot to the far side of goal, registering a minor score. (Q1 2:43)
Walker thumps it forward off the deck with the limber Hipwood grabbing the crumb. They move it forward through Taylor and Lewis is able to settle and send it through from 45! (Q1 4:43)
Cloke wins it at the coalface ahead of the undersized Rich. Travis flicks it to the unmarked Picken. Liam receives and provides the quick reply from 30! (Q1 5:38)
Rich took the strong intercept grab after Picken made the severe error in the heart of defence. Daniel shoots from a step outside 50 with the set shot, missing to the right. (Q1 7:58)
McLean flicks it out of congestion to the wide receiver in Macrae. Jack receives on the tight angle and is unable to skew the ball through with the punt, missing to the far side. (Q1 15:23)
Daniel receives through the middle of the Gabba and powers away. He runs his full measure, takes a bounce and finds Redpath on the lead. Jack hits the post from 45. (Q1 18:13)
Cox misses the target coming out of defence and the skill error proves costly. Williams mops up and dabs the pass to the unmarked Picken. Liam goals from 45 on the slight angle! (Q1 20:04)
The Lions have the quick reply through Rich! Walker marks at half forward and chips the pass to the marauding half backer. Daniel marks and goals from 50 on the flank! (Q1 21:53)
Another goal, this time coming from a man in red, white and blue. Dahlhaus reads it off McStay’s marking attempt. He takes the pill at pace and goals from close range! (Q1 22:58)
Williams launches to the isolated contest between Cloke and Andrews. Travis gets the sit and takes the strong grab. Travis goals from 25 out on the slight! (Q1 24:12)
Dahlhaus, Bontempelli and Redpath combine, allowing Marcus to find the key forward unmarked inside thirty. Jack shoots from the sharp angle and splits the middle! (Q1 27:29)
Macrae, Wallis, Liberatore, Murphy and Hunter link inside the attacking arc as the Bulldogs search for the best possible avenue to goal. Lachie receives and snaps it truly from 35! (Q1 30:39)
Macrae kicks to the leading Bontempelli and Marcus receives the free kick for high contact against McStay. Marcus hits the post from 40 on the flank with 20 seconds left. (Qtr Time)
Cordy, Murphy, Daniel and Williams pace the ball from half back to within the attacking arc. Bailey sets his sights on goal and shoots, missing to the left hand side. (Q2 2:01)
Hipwood throws it on the boot out of congestion and to the hotspot. Zorko loses Liberatore and Dayne takes the simple chest mark out the back. He goals from 25 on the slight! (Q2 4:01)
The Bulldogs win the resultant stoppage and Macrae is the man bursting away with it in hand. He chips the pass to the leading Redpath and Jack drives it through from 50! (Q2 5:16)
McStay takes the intercept mark on the arc after the errant Young pass hits his chest. Daniel shoots from the arc and sends his effort into the post. (Q2 8:18)
Walker throws himself at the pill and brings the ball to ground. Rockliff waits out the back and gathers. He flicks to the speeding Zorko and Dayne goals from point blank! (Q2 9:16)
Dale off to Suckling as the Bulldogs look to provide the speedy reply. The former Hawk shoots from inside the square, knocking his effort into the post. (Q2 10:19)
Berry runs a kick ahead of the play and manages to take the diving scoop mark, with Allison providing the pass. Jarrod shoots from 50 on the flank and nails it! (Q2 12:13)
Liberatore wins a trademark, bollocking stoppage. Tom shoots out the speed of light hand pass. Dahlhaus receives and dribbles it through from close range! (Q2 14:01)
Redpath, Cloke and Picken combine before Liam darts the handball to Smith. Clay shrugs the attempted tackle from Robertson, but misses from deep in the pocket. (Q2 18:48)
Allsion launches to the goal mouth where Rockliff and Suckling battle. Tom out bodies the former Hawk, wins the pill and dabs it through from close range! (Q2 19:32)
Bastinac powers his way through the stoppage, grabbing the pill and flicking out the ball with two hanging off him. Barrett receives and snaps it through truly from the pocket! (Q2 22:02)
Cloke takes the mark inside the attacking arc, taking the grab on the lead as the Bulldogs search for a reply of sorts. Travis shoots from 30 on the slight and misses. (Q2 27:49)
The Lions bound toward their attacking goal mouth, Zorko the chief amongst this forward venture. Eventually Walker and Bastinac is used. Dayne receives and misses from 30. (Q2 29:33)
The second half starts much like the first. The Bulldogs win it at the coalface and Bontempelli takes the lead up mark inside the arc. He hits the post from 30 on the slight. (Q3 0:48)
The Lions pounce to the goal mouth with swift ball movement and have a plethora of options. Walker is chosen, but he misses the basic unpressured opportunity from close range. (Q3 3:12)
Dale is caught unawares inside the defensive arc and Zorko towels up the onballer. Dayne receives the free and misses to the right hand side from 45 on the slight. (Q3 6:09)
Hipwood launches out the back and finds the pacing Taylor. Lewis gathers off the deck and chips inside to Rockliff. Tom marks unopposed and nails his second from 35! (Q3 7:24)
The Brisbane Lions have hit the lead! Taylor has been an important driver from half forward and this time he receives from Beams. He paces into scoring range and sends it through! (Q3 11:20)
Murphy drops the pill under duress and the home team pounce. Bastinac throws boot to ball and finds the unmarked Mathieson directly in front of goal. Rhys finishes from 25! (Q3 13:25)
Zorko receives as the Lions continue to plunder their attacking goal. The leading onballer sets his sights on goal and throws boot to ball. Dayne misses from 40 on the flank. (Q3 17:56)
Redpath marks out on the lead with Andrews trailing. Jack considers his options before going back to line up the set shot. He shoots from 35 on the slight and misses poorly. (Q3 18:54)
Biggs grabs the pill at half forward and dashes his measure before darting the pass to the unmarked Liberatore. Tom shoots from 50 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q3 22:10)
Rockliff to Walker who out marks the undersized Hunter. Josh moves with urgency, darting the pass to the leading Berry. Jarrod flicks off to Rich who nails it from 55! (Q3 22:55)
That was an incredible moment, with no Bulldog in sight as the Lions flick to the superboot of Rich. The Lions have eight of the last ten majors. (Q3 24:25)
Redpath takes the strong lead up mark as the Bulldogs win it at the coalface once more. Jack shoots from outside 50 on the slight angle and misses to the right hand side. (Q3 24:44)
Bontempelli has taken the first mark in three of the four quarters. However, each time he has hit the post and this time is no different from a mere 25 metres. (Q4 0:50)
Perhaps something of a seven point play. Bontempelli receives by hand, spins on a dime and whacks it through off the left boot with the snap from 30! (Q4 3:21)
Schache makes the significant error, taking too much time, allowing Hunter to smother. The Bulldogs launch it down the other end and Redpath misses on the 35 metre snap. (Q4 5:27)
Martin produces the picture perfect knock out, thumping it into the path of the pacing Zorko. Dayne receives and thumps it goalward. His shot from 45 misses to the near side. (Q4 8:36)
Cloke wins it at ground level and sends it to the hotspot. Murphy blocks Rich, enabling Smith to mark uncontested. Clay marks and converts with precision from 35 out! (Q4 10:50)
Bontempelli and Macrae combine through the middle of the ground. Jackson launches to the leading Redpath and Jack takes the grab. He swings it through from 40 on the flank! (Q4 12:35)
Rockliff flicks it out of the half forward stoppage to the anticipating Rich. Daniel darts the pass to the leading Bastinac. Ryan marks and the former Roo goals from 50! (Q4 14:20)
Bastinac slams the Lions back into the lead. The former Roo works ahead of Webb and pulls the mark down on the second attempt. Ryan nails the set shot with the sharp angle snap! (Q4 21:05)
With a tick under seven minutes to play, the Bulldogs regain the lead! Mclean gains it at the front of the stoppage unopposed. He gathers cleanly off the deck and snaps truly! (Q4 23:45)
Macrae finds Cloke on the short lead up. Travis marks at half forward and launches long to the hotspot. McStay fails to play Bontempelli closely and Marcus takes the grab… (Q4 25:21)
Marcus lines up from 30 out on the flank and the Bulldogs number four has his second of the term! (Q4 25:34)
Daniel launches to the top of the square where Macrae and Robertson battle. Jackson flies high and takes the grab. He flicks to the speeding Picken and Liam goals from point blank! (Q4 30:51)
Bastinac darts the pass onto the chest of the hard running Schache. Josh marks but is unable to convert from 30 on the slight as the final siren sounds. (Q4 34:26)

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