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Blog log from R20 of 2017: Geelong vs Sydney

Blog log for Geelong vs Sydney, R20 of 2017

Duncan roves a ball up on the HFF and hoofs it in ugly fashion off the left to 35m on the flank very short to Hawkins who kicks the first goal. (Q1 3:24)
Lonergan is in the hole 40m out but loses a Jack long ball in the lights to allow Reid to mark untouched for the opening Swans goal. (Q1 6:39)
Scott Selwood holds Parker in the middle, Henderson holds Reid at the hotspot, Papley plays on to advantage into the open goal. (Q1 8:24)
Parker catches Parfitt HTB at a stoppage near the boundary 50m out, he looks inside but sees no one on the goal line so goes himself quickly… it sails through! (Q1 9:42)
Parker gives to Reid for a running snap from CHF after Buzza gets a hospital ball on the HBF and the Swans swarm, but Henderson gets back to touch it right on the line. (Q1 12:09)
Another turnover at half back for Geelong, Hayward has the chance to measure a snap across the body from 30m on a slight angle… falls on an empty line and through! (Q1 13:00)
Melican bombs long from the centre after the next centre bounce, it drifts wide and bounces for a behind. (Q1 14:25)
Papley snaps the next Sydney goal from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q1 17:55)
Sydney is setting up a wall across the centre and applying excellent frontal pressure to prevent Geelong’s rebound game from going anywhere. This is barely a contest so far. (Q1 18:54)
Smith marks a very short Tuohy scrubber from half forward to 35m on a slight angle. His set shot is an ugly-looking slice, but he started it left and it stays straight enough. (Q1 20:15)
Stewart passes to Cam Guthrie to mark in front of McVeigh 30m out on the flank after the Swans get in trouble rebounding up the guts. He misses. (Q1 21:49)
Hannebery screws through a pretty picture of a snap from the HFF after a stoppage, with a feed from Heeney. (Q1 24:11)
Smith gets a 50m penalty to put him at a similar spot to his last goal, but this time he slices it right. (Q1 26:24)
McVeigh passes to Heeney 40m out on a slight angle after being called to play on at half forward. Heeney misses. (Q1 28:44)
Franklin misses a highly unlikely snap from the pocket 25m out after a stoppage. (Q1 30:28)
Rohan intercepts on the HFF and goes quick and long to the square, Reid marks over Lonergan and plays on into the open goal! Sydney are on FIYAH! (Q1 31:09)
Heeney passes from the wing to Papley 40m out on the flank for a set shot after the QT siren. This for eight goals for the quarter… no good. (Q1 33:55)
Simpson roves in the pocket and goes backwards to Murdoch near the boundary 45m out to mark despite a Rohan challenge. He misses. (Q2 3:28)
Rohan marks an exquisitely placed Newman ball from the opposite HFF on a diagonal lead 30m out on a slight angle for the first goal of Q2, belatedly. (Q2 13:32)
Centre clearance by Duncan goes long to the top of the square, Hawkins dominates the contest to mark and play on for the instant replying goal. (Q2 14:49)
Parsons gives to Duncan who misses on the lope from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 19:11)
Tuohy stands in a tackle and gives to Menegola at half forward, he baulks clear and snaps a big goal from just inside 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 19:35)
Mackie bombs long after the next centre bounce, the ball clears the pack near the hotspot for Hawkins to mark over Rampe. He goals. (Q2 21:04)
Duncan roves a rebound kick by Mills on the wing and gives to Cam Guthrie who runs to 50m on a slight angle for a poster. (Q2 24:04)
Rohan beats Tuohy to a loose ball at the hotspot with sheer speed, and jets into the open goal. (Q2 25:49)
Big ball to be won on the Sydney HFF in a pack, Jack gives out to Franklin who has a phone box to work in but the champion does what champions do, kicks the goal. (Q2 28:49)
Rain closing in during half time and probably during the second half, making this lead ominous for the Cats. (Half Time)
Hawkins marks a Menegola ball in front of Grundy 40m out on a slight angle, but shanks the set shot. (Q3 2:06)
Scott Selwood sends a chaos ball from half forward towards Rampe 20m out, Rampe gets a horrible bounce that favours Parsons who breaks the tackle and snaps truly from the pocket! (Q3 4:36)
Hawkins beats Grundy in a wrestle to mark a high Joel Selwood ball to the flank 35m out. He misses again, doesn’t even score. (Q3 5:51)
Stewart misses a snap from the pocket 20m out after roving a Hawkins contest, OOTF. (Q3 6:33)
Scott Selwood disgusts true footy fans by drawing an extremely unfair free on Parker 40m out on a slight angle with a classic arm raise to draw high contact. But he doesn’t score. (Q3 9:49)
Papley roves a long Parker ball to a pack in the pocket but misses with two Cats closing. (Q3 13:41)
Menegola marks a low, hard ball from the HFF by Hawkins to the hotspot over McVeigh. But he misses a relatively easy one. (Q3 16:53)
Rohan delivers another lovely kick across half forward to the fat side for Parker to mark 30m on the flank. Parker misses, though. (Q3 17:35)
After Parker wins a HTB free at half forward chasing down Menegola, Jack passes to Hayward at CHF, he gives off to Newman who bangs through a big goal from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:20)
Parsons gives to Cam Guthrie who snaps the next goal from the hotspot after an inside 50 kick by Mackie, with an assist in the centre by Menegola. (Q3 21:21)
McVeigh chases a loose footy on the HFF and passes short to Sinclair 30m out on the flank. Sinclair sprays it way left. (Q3 22:35)
Hewett passes to McVeigh just inside 50m on a slight angle, who hits the post. (Q3 25:58)
Another lovely kick from a good decision by a Swan at half forward, this is Rohan baulking Henderson and poking a ball to Hannebery at the hotspot for the first goal of Q4. (Q4 0:23)
Before the ball is bounced Papley gets dropped by Duncan to concede a free at the hotspot, he misses but the ump pays 50m for encroachment to ensure the goal from the retaken kick! (Q4 2:04)
Rohan props and misses from 20m on the flank after the Swans stream forward from the next centre bounce. (Q4 3:15)
A very long Murdoch goal from the HFF is nullified as the ump sees Cam Guthrie pushing Reid in the back on the goal line, free was there and paid even though the crowd boos loudly. (Q4 6:40)
Grundy is pinged for deliberate OOB 20m out, Simpson misses with a checkside. (Q4 7:50)
Heeney puts a full stop to the competitive part of the evening with a goal from 45m on the flank after a Hewett feed. The small knot of Swan fans at Kardinia get up and about! (Q4 9:13)
Hayward brings up the ton for the Swans after volleying home a ball to the square in front of Mackie. (Q4 12:11)
Menegola catches Parker HTB 30m out on a slight angle, but hits the post. (Q4 14:23)
Scott Selwood catches Rampe HTB at a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle. but misses. (Q4 18:47)
Scott Selwood catches Mills HTB in the centre and gives off to Thurlow for a pass to Menegola 40m out in front, for another miss. (Q4 21:41)
Hayward goes back with the flight to mark a Jack ball to 30m out on the flank despite getting smashed by Duncan. He misses. (Q4 23:21)
Menegola snaps his second goal from 30m on the flank, to some Bronx cheers from the remaining Cat fans. (Q4 24:40)
Sinclair boots to space at CHF for Hayward to run onto and snap a goal around the corner from near the hotspot. (Q4 26:54)

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