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Blog log from R19 of 2017: Collingwood vs Adelaide

Blog log for Collingwood vs Adelaide, R19 of 2017

Sidebottom and Greenwood link by hand as the Pies enjoy the first clearance of the afternoon. Levi hammers to the top of the square and the kick bounces into the post. (Q1 1:05)
The Crows pace down the other end with precise foot skills out of defence. Walker marks across half forward and darts the pass to the leading Lynch. Tom rounds the angle and goals! (Q1 1:38)
Keath smothers the Moore set shot but is towelled up by Hoskin-Elliott and the free is paid. Will shoots from 50 on the flank for a minor score. (Q1 5:32)
Maynard darts the pass inside the attacking arc. De Goey throws himself at the pill, unable to mark but gathers at ground level. He flicks off to Reid who snaps truly from 40! (Q1 7:28)
Scharenberg, Crisp and Adams combine through the middle of the MCG as the Pies flood forward. Taylor sets eyes to home and sails it through from 55! (Q1 11:19)
Make that two for the former Giant. The Pies pace off half back and Wells is the recipient. He flicks to the unguarded Adams. Taylor runs his full measure and goals from 40! (Q1 14:39)
Milera demonstrates his skill, gathering off the deck and brushing Howe aside. The youngster dabs the pass wide to Smith. Brodie goals from 40 on the slight via the set shot! (Q1 16:18)
Treloar and Thomas combine across the half forward flank, eventually leading to the dab pass by Josh to find the leading Blair. Jarryd shoots from 45 and hits the post. (Q1 20:19)
Otten drops the intercept mark, losing his footing at the inopportune moment. Blair grabs the crumbs and finishes truly from close range! (Q1 23:58)
Cameron gathers the loose pill, breaking the Goldsack tackle and launching himself into a scoring position. Cameron settles on the shot, missing from 45 on the flank. (Q1 26:49)
The Pies have the first of the second term! From the coalface the black and white surge forward. Hoskin-Elliott intercepts the Smith soccer and converts from 25! (Q2 1:14)
Atkins develops the forward play off half back, linking and overlapping, eventually thumping it to the leading McGovern. Mitch shoots from 55 and misses to the right hand side. (Q2 2:41)
Cameron gathers the loose pill inside the attacking arc as the Pies fail to clear their lines. He dabs the pass to the unmarked Walker. Taylor goals from 40 on the flank! (Q2 3:21)
Sloane forces the pill forward from the marking contest. Sidebottom gathers, Rory dives to his boot. Steele side steps, but misses the snap from the sharp angle. (Q2 6:31)
Wells builds the play with his fluid movement off the wing, working his way between the lines to find Pies further afield. Thomas marks inside the arc and nails the shot from 45! (Q2 8:28)
The Pies surge forward through the wing. Adams reads it off the marking contest and urgently throws boot to ball. He bounces through his third from 45 on the flank! (Q2 10:42)
Smith, Crouch, Milera and Mackay combine by foot, David marking boundary side, 40 metres out from goal. The Crow lines up and misses to the near side. (Q2 13:52)
Reid gathers out the back as the Pies break the lines with ease. Ben bangs it out the back to the onrushing Wells. Daniel marks and goals from point blank range! (Q2 15:12)
Jenkins to Cameron by hand out of the resultant centre stoppage. Charlie paces beyond the arc, but misses his attempt to the left hand side of goal. (Q2 15:47)
Lynch makes a fatal error, the former Saint knocking backward and into the path of the speeding Goldsack. Tyson gathers and shoots, missing to the right hand side from 45. (Q2 18:16)
The Pies bound off the half back in waves once again. Elliott is released into space and Jamie takes three bounces from the wing to forward 50. He settles and hammers it through! (Q2 20:57)
Collingwood appears to be on top in every facet of the game. If this continues, the margin may be rather significant. (Q2 26:28)
The second half begins much like the first unfolded. Moore gathers off the deck, under immense pressure. The mercurial key forward snaps truly ahead of the desperate Keath! (Q3 1:01)
Treloar receives at pace as the Magpies continue to barrage the goal mouth. Adams slams it through from 45 on the flank, Wells providing the assist! (Q3 3:14)
Lynch intercepts in the forward 50 from the errant Goldsack handball. Walker gathers the crumbs and darts the pill into the arms of McGovern. Mitch goals from close range! (Q3 5:11)
Wells and De Goey combine through the wing as the black and white power to the arc with ease. Jordan lets fly from 45 on the slight and misses. (Q3 7:13)
Jenkins sends it long to the McGovern/Howe matchup after winning a ground ball duel opposed to Goldsack. Mitch takes the lead up grab and nabs his second from 25 on the slight! (Q3 8:11)
Brodie Smith paces down the guts in trademark fashion. The Crows link up before finding Jenkins on the lead. Josh shoots from 50 on the slight and nails the major! (Q3 13:26)
There has been a clear shift in ball movement strategy the last ten minutes. The Crows are taking big risks up the corridor. So far, it’s working. (Q3 14:11)
Knight dabs the pass to the pacing, unmarked Douglas out the back. Richard holds the ball and assesses the options, allowing McGovern the time to mark on the lead… (Q3 16:51)
Mitch lines up from 40 on the slight angle and hammers through the Crows fourth in a row! (Q3 16:51)
Blair worked it out of congestion to Sidebottom. Steele looks further afield and darts his pass onto the chest of the resting mid, Wells. Daniel marks and converts from 40! (Q3 18:21)
Knight grabs the loose pill across half forward, dabbing the pass to the hard running Cameron. Charlie shoots from 40 on the flank and splits the middle! (Q3 22:42)
The Crows accurate kicking is making this a potentially exciting final term. (Q3 23:27)
The Magpies win it at the coalface and hammer it forward. Moore gathers off the deck and has the opportunity to convert from 30, but alas he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 24:47)
Wells receives deep in the forward pocket and is met by desperate Adelaide pressure. The former Roo throws it on the boot and thuds his snap effort into the upright. (Q3 27:15)
Supreme forward pressure by the resurgent Crows, for a good twenty second period, enables Knight to flick off to Mackay. David receives and snaps it through post high from 35! (Q3 29:42)
Otten, Walker and Jenkins combine, Josh marking within close range. He goals as the Crows demonstrate their phenomenal scoring ability! (Q3 30:52)
Crows have seven of the last eight majors, seven of those goals coming from just 11 inside 50 entries! Incredible stuff by the first placed side. (3 Qtr Time)
Jenkins gathers deep in the forward pocket, spins on a sixpence and sends a couple of Pies to the ground. He flicks to McGovern and Mitch misses to the near side. (Q4 1:59)
Lynch dabs the pass over the top to the hard running Knight, Riley marking inside the attacking arc. He shoots from 45 on the flank and sends it through! (Q4 2:22)
McGovern gathers off the deck, standing strong after contending the marking contest. He flicks to Cameron and Charlie misses from 25. (Q4 5:59)
Horrendous error from the ensuing kick in. Cameron intercepts the short dab pass, flicks to Jenkins and Josh snaps truly from 25! (Q4 6:55)
Phillips wins the pill at the coalface and urgently throws boot to ball. Reid stands ahead of Keith and takes the chest mark. Ben shoots from 45 on the flank and nails it! (Q4 10:11)
The Magpies win the stoppage and send it forward. Kelly mishandles the ball, Blair gathers off the deck and the rest is history, with the small forward finishing from 40! (Q4 12:25)
Make that three in a couple of minutes for the resurgent black and white! Talia is caught with ball in hand, then Keath. The pill is worked out to Wells and Daniel goals from 20! (Q4 13:45)
Keath produces a near fatal error, sending his kick directly to Treloar with the rebound 50. Adam flicks to the pacing Crisp, and Jack hits the post from 45. (Q4 15:14)
The black and white have complete control over all stoppage scenarios. (Q4 15:48)
The Crows finally find a way to reply. Lynch motors away from Langdon and marks on the boundary. He paces towards goal, flicking to Otten. Andy receives and goals from point blank! (Q4 16:25)
Smith makes it two in a minute for this topsy turvy clash! Smith intercepts, Otten and Douglas combine by hand. Richard back to Brodie and he slams it home from 45 on the flank! (Q4 17:40)
9:00 left to play. Scoring is being quickly generated from both sides. 9 point ball game, this is anyone’s game. (Q4 18:29)
Reid receives pressed up on the boundary, 40 out from goal. Ben shoots from the sharp angle and thumps his effort into the base of the post. (Q4 18:55)
Adelaide pace through the corridor once more, Walker marking across half forward and gently dabbing the pass to the unmarked Otten. Andy shoots from 30 on the flank and goals! (Q4 19:58)
This has been nothing short of an exceptional conversion rate by the Crows since half time. 7:36 left to play. (Q4 20:25)
Adams and Wells combine with one another, enabling the efficient Daniel to dart the pass to the lead of Moore. Darcy marks and misses from 45 on the flank to the near side. (Q4 23:46)
4:33 left to play as Smith takes the kick in. 5 point margin. (Q4 24:26)
Crisp, Wells and Adams link prior to Taylor sending it long to the goal mouth. The Crows surrender a behind, knocking it through. 4:00 left. (Q4 25:00)
1:41 left to play. A boundary throw in on the Pies offensive side of the wing. SLoane applies the tackle and another stoppage ensues. (Q4 27:59)
The ball is knocked out of bounds with exactly a minute left to play. The Crows have a forward 50 boundary throw in. (Q4 29:22)
Blair is caught holding the ball by Lynch. Tom shoots from 55. It drops short. Jenkins is caught holding the ball. (Q4 29:46)
Langdon was the tackler. He goes long, Kelly takes the intercept mark with six seconds to play. He goes long and McGovern takes the huge grab… (Q4 30:26)
Mitch shoots from 35 out, directly in front and converts! Ladies and gentlemen, we have another DRAW! This incredible season continues! (Q4 31:11)
For those interested, the McGovern clunk was taken in a seven strong pack. (Full Time)

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