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Blog log from R18 of 2017: Adelaide vs Geelong

Blog log for Adelaide vs Geelong, R18 of 2017

Jenkins snaps the first goal in the first 20 seconds from a pack near the hotspot, after the first centre bounce is bossed by the Crows.
Kolodjashnij kicks around the 50m arc to Tuohy on the flank. The Irishman goes back for the set shot… falls in the square for Keath to rush. (Q1 2:46)
Duncan misses with a snap from a stoppage 40m out near the boundary. (Q1 3:36)
Blicavs passes to Dangerfield leading in front of Talia to 40m on the flank. The Adelaide crowd boos their former hero, then cheers as his set shot falls short and is rushed. (Q1 5:51)
Parsons forces an errant handball by Talia from his back under a tackle, Dangerfield pounces on the loose ball and checksides the first Cat goal from the hotspot. (Q1 7:42)
Sloane catches Stewart HTB 45m out in front, the young Cat bouncing off a first tackler into Rory’s grasp. Sloane kicks truly. (Q1 8:46)
Blicavs is late to the drop at a stoppage 40m out on the flank from the Adelaide goal and catches Cameron high. Ball to the square… Walker to Douglas for a snap goal from 20m! (Q1 13:17)
Credit to Betts for stripping the ball off Lonergan in a tackle in the pocket on that play to set it up. (Q1 13:51)
Greenwood roves a long Jenkins ball to McGovern 20m out and gives back to McGovern but the latter snaps too quickly and misses when he had more time than he knew. (Q1 15:32)
Jenkins rushes a Blicavs ball to the Cat goalsquare in a contest with Dangerfield. (Q1 18:37)
Douglas takes a contested mark at the hotspot for another one for the Crows. They have the jump, though it is a pretty even contest. (Q1 21:32)
Brodie Smith bangs the ball from the wing to a big pack at the hotspot, the crumb falls to the front, Greenwood has three Cats around him and tries a volley that sails through! (Q1 25:56)
That is an indication of Adelaide’s Q1, they are on top of their game. (Q1 26:32)
Matt Crouch goes long after a free to Sloane at the first bounce of Q1, the ball shaves the goalpost on the bounce, noticed on video review. (Q2 1:05)
Matt Crouch gets a HTB free on Cam Guthrie on the wing and passes to Betts 40m out on the flank, Eddie gives to Brodie Smith who snaps OOTF. (Q2 3:04)
Taylor kicks blind from defensive hotspot to a one-on-three, Jacobs marks and goes back to the hotspot where Douglas roves and snaps truly. It’s one-way traffic. (Q2 4:12)
Crows getting clearance dominance and repeat inside 50s, very worrying signs for the Cats. (Q2 4:46)
Laird is pinged for a push front on to Blicavs 40m out near the boundary. Blicavs threads the needle with a big time kick, the crowd boos. (Q2 6:34)
Hawkins flies 20m out on a slight angle and draws a very soft free on Talia for his first goal. (Q2 8:52)
Adelaide bosses the next centre bounce, Betts to Douglas to Sloane running forward to snap from 40m in the corridor, that’s the steadier the Crows needed. (Q2 10:01)
Greenwood it was with the centre clearance kick for that score. (Q2 10:01)
Tuohy beats Mackay to mark an errant Brodie Smith rebound kick 40m out on the flank from the Geelong goal. He doesn’t score. (Q2 12:02)
A few melees in the build up for a slow Adelaide attack down the outer wing, long ball to the hotspot, Cameron draws a pushing free on Zach Guthrie and goals. (Q2 13:41)
Crows are halving the fight but, more importantly, winning on the scoreboard. (Q2 14:16)
Brad Crouch clears from a stoppage on the wing, Cameron marks at half forward, turns and hits Walker leading down the flank to 30m. Tex steers through his first goal, crowd cheers. (Q2 16:46)
Hawkins is behind Talia and uses his hand and/or arms to push him away from the fall of a Tuohy ball 25m out in the pocket. The Tomahawk misses, to the sounds of merriment. (Q2 18:34)
Sloane to Greenwood at a stoppage at half forward, Hugh shoots off the left boot from 45m on a slight angle but it’s well wide. (Q2 25:41)
Insane Crow frontal pressure after a stoppage at the hotspot, Kolodjashnij coughs it up near the behind line, Greenwood gets a shot off but it’s off hands into the goalpost. (Q2 27:43)
Dangerfield feeds Murdoch to run away from a ball up on the wing and have a ping from 50m on the flank… well wide. (Q2 29:02)
Otten turns the ball over by foot on the HBF, Motlop gives to Duncan who snaps an important goal from 40m in front. (Q2 30:19)
Stewart passes to Parsons after the first bounce of Q3. Parsons shoots from 45m on a slight angle, and doesn’t score. (Q3 0:23)
Brown chips in front of Cam Guthrie to intercept a Motlop rebound kick to the Cat HBF, he runs away to 40m and bangs through a big goal! (Q3 3:51)
Menzel takes a fine contested grab in front of Kelly from a speculator down the flank by Stanley, using strength and good hands. He goals from 15m after a very quiet first half. (Q3 8:31)
Sloane catches Kolodjashnij HTB at a ball up 40m out on a slight angle and underlines his BOG credentials with his third goal. (Q3 13:53)
Greenwood floors Dangerfield after a free in the centre, the long ball from the reversal goes to Taylor 35m out on a slight angle for a goal. (Q3 15:21)
Lynch marks a Cameron ball near the behind line after a Stanley fumble in the centre for the quick answering goal. (Q3 17:33)
Walker gives to Douglas who runs to 50m on a slight angle and kicks long to an empty square… bounces on the line and through for his fourth goal! (Q3 21:17)
Matt Crouch marks at half forward and goes to Walker 45m out on a slight angle. The crowd all bay for a Texan howitzer, the captain misses. (Q3 24:02)
Duncan runs away from congestion at CHB through an empty centre square, he hits Hawkins leading to 40m on a slight angle. Hawkins misses. (Q3 25:37)
Atkins marks 25m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 27:22)
Mackay rolls through a behind from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q3 28:31)
Taylor beats Keath to mark a Menegola kick from a stoppage at CHF to the top of the square for his second goal of Q3 after switching forward. (Q3 30:47)
McGovern has the sit on Henderson and takes a speccy from a Brad Crouch ball from the centre to 30m out on a slight angle. He shoots after the 3QT siren, and misses. (Q3 32:52)
Zac Smith pokes a short pass to Dangerfield at true CHF after the first centre bounce of Q4. Dangerfield walks in to boos… then wild cheers as he sprays it OOTF. (Q4 0:25)
Hawkins gets a free on Talia for hands in the back as he goes for a Cam Guthrie ball 40m out on a slight angle. He misses, disappointingly. (Q4 1:40)
Duncan fumbles a chaos ball near CHF, Betts challenges and Duncan catches him high. Betts gives off to Sloane for a snap from CHF that goes wide. (Q4 2:54)
Lynch forces a turnover in midfield, Betts marks at CHF and goes to Walker 40m out on the flank for a poster. (Q4 6:55)
Otten is pinged for a hold on Taylor 15m out on the flank, Taylor kicks his third goal. (Q4 8:25)
Three Crows contest with Taylor for a long Murdoch ball near CHF, Hawkins stays back to crumb and give back to Taylor for the goal from 15m. (Q4 10:10)
Dangerfield gets a free on the wing and releases Duncan to run around the boundary, he goes to Taylor one out with Keath in the square to mark and boot goal number five! (Q4 14:13)
Surely not. Geelong are a very good Q4 team but not that good! (Q4 14:13)
Crowd starting to turn the volume up, they are a bit restless. (Q4 14:40)
Walker monsters Murdoch trying to baulk clear on the Cats HBF to win a free 45m from goal. Tex centres, Geelong rebounds. (Q4 17:38)
Adelaide running the clock down towards 5:00 to ice the game. (Q4 20:25)
Tuohy receives from Joel Selwood after a stoppage at the hotspot and snaps from deep in the pocket.. just wide. That was the last chance. (Q4 22:55)
Sloane has a set shot near the boundary 45m out, but misses. (Q4 25:55)

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