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Blog log from R15 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Geelong

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Geelong, R15 of 2017

Dangerfield passes to Hawkins who is behind Davis but blocks him out of the fall to mark 30m out on the flank. He boots the first goal. (Q1 1:54)
Wilson gathers a loose ball and gives to Shaw on the HFF who bombs to the square… Henderson holds Patton to give away the free and goal. (Q1 4:29)
Johnson gives to Wilson who has a ping from 50m on the flank… that’s the quality of the Giants, a goal out of not much. (Q1 13:40)
Parsons is behind Finlayson for a long ball by Motlop near CHF, he baulks clear and shoots from 50m to an empty square… it bounces on the line and through! (Q1 16:29)
Patton marks a Cameron ball 50m out on the flank, goes back for the set shot and roosts it over the goal umpire’s peaked cap! (Q1 20:45)
Stanley contests a long ball to the hotspot after Johnson gives away 50m to Taylor from defence, Blicavs roves and snaps truly. (Q1 23:33)
Cam Guthrie is one out with Davis at the hotspot, Davis spoils but Guthrie mops up and dribbles from 20m… just wide. (Q1 25:05)
Mackie gives to Zac Guthrie behind a pack on the HFF, he baulks clear but shoots OOTF from 45m. (Q1 27:06)
Wilson finds Devon Smith on his own on the wing, he bounces and runs to 50m on the flank… his snap falls short for Taylor to rush. (Q1 28:37)
Mumford decks Duncan after clearing from the first centre bounce of Q2, downfield free plus a 50m penalty against Johnson to ensure the goal for Black. (Q2 0:29)
Tuohy dithers in the BP and is caught HTB by Johnson on the boundary 25m out. Stevie J, who owes the Giants, steers through a high quality drop punt for the goal! (Q2 4:09)
Wilson intercepts a rebound kick to the flank just outside 50m, his set shot is off hands for a behind. (Q2 7:09)
Mackie is in two minds at half back and gets caught HTB by Kelly, who misses the lot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 9:40)
Duncan misses a mid range snap after a stoppage from the HFF. (Q2 14:30)
Mackie passes to Buzza 50m out on a slight angle after Shiel burns the ball by foot running from defence. Buzza bangs through his first senior goal with an impressive roost! (Q2 17:54)
Blicavs misses from heavy traffic 40m out in front. (Q2 19:59)
Murdoch gets a HTB free on Kelly under a pack 45m out on the flank and delivers another howitzer of a set shot, Cats kicking away now! (Q2 22:54)
Patton gathers a ground ball in the pocket, baulks the onrushing Tuohy and just misses off the left from 25m. (Q2 24:33)
Henderson gives to Murdoch on the HFF who turns and shoots off a step from 40m… just shaves the post. (Q2 26:55)
Scully spins out of trouble in the centre and passes to Patton who outjudges Taylor to mark 40m out on the flank. The goal ump stands still as the ball sails over his peaked cap. (Q2 28:40)
Taylor is pinged for deliberate OOB 10m out, Ward takes the free and snaps the set shot for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:53)
The Giants start a flowing rebound move around member’s wing, running in waves, but Johnson ruins it somewhat by going himself from 55m on a slight angle, well wide. (Q3 4:13)
Haynes is in the hole at the hotspot for a quick Tuohy ball from half forward but Buzza chips in front to steal the mark off him for his second goal! (Q3 5:43)
Murdoch marks at half forward, wheels and sends a low ball to the hotspot that lands in the middle of a nest of Giants for Menegola to mark untouched, he goals. (Q3 14:49)
Lobb gets a set shot on the boundary 20m after the ball bounces off Taylor’s heel OOTF. He just misses. (Q3 16:49)
Menegola passes to Stanley to mark and goal from 20m on the flank, Geelong keeping that lead at more than arm’s length. (Q3 20:49)
Lovely flowing rebound move once again by GWS, this time Johnson shepherds for Cameron to mark a Kelly ball to the square for an important goal nearing 3QT. (Q3 27:04)
Whitfield is pinged for holding onto a Dangerfield tackle too long after a stoppage 20m out in the pocket. Danger goals, four kicks ahead now are Geelong. (Q4 2:13)
Corr rushes a grubber by Cam Guthrie from near the behind post after a Hawkins handball goes to ground. (Q4 7:13)
Lobb clunks a mark in front of Henderson near the boundary 40m out and sails through a beautiful set shot to lift what had previously been a mare of an evening. (Q4 8:14)
Johnson it was with the goal assist pass. (Q4 9:13)
Tuohy is under not much pressure rebounding from the last line but passes straight to Lobb 40m out on the flank! Lobb opens his Christmas present, it’s just a behind. (Q4 10:04)
Scully draws an obvious arm chop free against Simpson going for a low, hard Whitfield ball 40m out in front. Scully misses, though. (Q4 14:29)
Ward shanks a left foot kick OOTF in defence. Buzza takes the free 40m out but is called to play on and kicks into the man on the mark, no score results. (Q4 15:29)
Taylor mops up a Mumford kick to the square but gets tackled and his handball goes to ground, Whitfield gathers and measures a left foot snap from the pocket… it’s good! (Q4 16:46)
The Giants are looking like they may pinch yet another game in which they trailed for long parts. (Q4 17:29)
Four man pack sits under a long Cameron ball to the pocket 10m out, Patton stands tall in front of Henderson to clunk the mark and level the scores with his fourth goal! (Q4 21:29)
A series of stoppage at half forward for GWS, Whitfield gives to Scully who snaps from 40m in front around the corner, drops and is rushed to get the lead. (Q4 26:02)
Black gets a bad bounce at half forward to stop a Cat rebound attack. (Q4 26:31)
Stoppage on the wing, 3:22 to go. (Q4 26:31)
Whitfield clears, another ball up in the pocket for the Giants, 3:04. (Q4 27:29)
Secondary stoppage on the HFF, 2:51. (Q4 27:29)
Reid drops a Davis inside 50 wobbler in the pocket, another throw in, 2:40. Then again a ball up, 2:34. (Q4 28:29)
Black marks a Dangerfield ball on the wing and kicks inside 50 but Cameron is back to mark in relief as the clock ticks under 2:00. (Q4 29:01)
Lobb punches OOB on the wing, ball in, 1:24. (Q4 29:01)
Secondary ball up in the centre, 1:12. (Q4 30:06)
Murdoch clears to half forward, Motlop can’t gather, Shiel kicks OOTF on the wing, 49 seconds left. (Q4 30:48)
Taylor sits it up to the hotspot the crumb falls behind for Parsons but he fumbles, another ball up. Shaw clears to the HBF, ump pays deliberate. (Q4 31:13)
Tuohy goes to the pocket for Hawkins to mark unopposed 20m out! This will be the last kick of the game, point to tie, goal to win! (Q4 31:59)
Hawkins shoots after the final siren… he misses! It’s a draw! (Q4 31:59)

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