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Blog log from R14 of 2017: St Kilda vs Gold Coast

Blog log for St Kilda vs Gold Coast, R14 of 2017

Hanley baulks past two Saints after a stoppage on the HFF and hits Ah Chee with a bullet pass down the line to 25m. Ah Chee misses. (Q1 1:30)
Ross baulks and misses from a stoppage 35m out on the flank. (Q1 2:45)
Steven roves a long ball to the hotspot but misses. (Q1 4:16)
Ah Chee taps to Wright outside CHF, he runs to 45m but misses. (Q1 4:46)
Fiorini kicks OOTF under pressure in the BP, Ross takes the free 30m out and somehow finds Newnes to mark unopposed 15m out on a slight angle.. who hits the post. (Q1 7:45)
Saad is pinged for HTB at CHB, Newnes has the chance and gets this one on line. (Q1 8:30)
Steven runs to 45m on a slight angle with a man on his hammer and snaps, the crowd goes up… then subsides as the ball swerves the wrong side of the goalpost. (Q1 10:14)
May spoils a long ball to the top of the square but the crumb falls behind for Membrey who gets pushed in the back by May, free kick and goal. (Q1 11:29)
Acres forces a Shaw cough up by foot on the wing, Weller marks 45m out on the flank and misses. (Q1 13:35)
Swallow receives from Lonergan after a stoppage in the pocket and snaps across the body from the hotspot for the first Suns goal. (Q1 15:31)
Broken play in midfield with a lot of pressure and spills, Saad picks up the loose footy and runs away to CHF for a long goal. (Q1 19:00)
Macpherson, who has been nervy early, delivers a lovely touch pass from midfield for Wright to run back onto 30m out on the flank. 2MP kicks his first goal. (Q1 20:16)
Membrey judges a Weller ball to the pocket 15m out best in a four man pack to mark and goal, on the end of a rebound started by Roberton. (Q1 23:51)
Another stoppage in the FP for Gold Coast, another flip out to a man at the hotspot, this time it’s Macpherson who repeats the dose to match the earlier Swallow goal. (Q1 26:56)
Newnes passes from the wing across CHF to Membrey 40m out on a slight angle on the opposite side after the next centre bounce. Membrey misses. (Q1 27:46)
Macpherson drops a sitter from Miller near the hotspot, butters up and snaps but it’s well short and intercepted as the QT siren sounds. (Qtr Time)
Swallow goes long to the square from CHF, Lynch and Brown both fall over and the ball bounces for a behind. (Q2 0:33)
Sinclair snaps off a step from the flank 40m out for the first goal of Q2, after a feed by Billings from a ball in. (Q2 0:33)
Bruce marks on a fast break near the hotspot with Harbrow well out of position. He misses. (Q2 5:39)
Wright marks 25m out wide on the flank on a slow play, with interference run by Witts to free him up. He kicks truly for his second. (Q2 7:42)
Stevens gives wide of a pack to Lonie who snaps off the left boot from 35m wide on the flank after a stoppage, that’s good. (Q2 10:58)
Lynch contests at CHF after the centre clearance kick by Fiorini, Martin gives wide to Shaw who screws through a nice finish from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 12:24)
Lonergan gives to Shaw for a very similar snap off a step from a bit closer in, that’s wide. (Q2 13:18)
Lyons roves and snaps another goal for the Suns after Brown drops a defensive mark at the top of the square. (Q2 13:55)
Acres feeds Gresham who snaps wide from the pocket 20m out. (Q2 15:51)
Gresham has the sit on Leslie and takes a screamer at the hotspot from a long Brown ball from the wing. He shanks the set shot left, though. (Q2 16:50)
Webster gives to Acres who sprays a snap on the lope from 35m near the boundary. (Q2 18:50)
Lynch marks at true CHF on a slow play, and shanks it way left OOTF. (Q2 20:35)
Ainsworth hits the crumb from a Wright contest at pace and gives to Witts who misses from 25m on the flank. (Q2 21:22)
Billings passes to Riewoldt who draws an arm chop free on Thompson 35m out on the flank. Rooey gets up ruefully and roosts his first goal. (Q2 22:50)
Billings passes to Riewoldt running back to the square ahead of May on a fast break from a Wright mark drop on the wing. He goals again, Saints hit the lead. (Q2 25:56)
Billings snaps his first goal from near CHF, red time hurting the Suns as it has often this year. (Q2 28:16)
Lonergan is pinged for incorrect disposal at the Saints hotspot after breaking a Weller tackle but then getting claimed by Stevens, who misses just before HT. (Q2 30:10)
Bruce intercepts a Saad kick across the backline over Sexton 30m out on the flank from the Saints goal. He misses everything, through. (Q3 0:38)
Membrey passes to Newnes 45m out on the flank after a turnover in midfield. The goal umpire doesn’t move as she watches it sail over her head. (Q3 2:54)
Weller receives from Billings and misses across the body off his left boot from the hotspot. (Q3 5:47)
Lynch marks on the HFF, has nothing on so goes long to a pack… Wright drifts across in front of Brown and marks 20m out on the flank… then hits the post. (Q3 8:09)
Joyce gives to Lemmens who snaps under heavy pressure from the hotspot, just wide. (Q3 9:52)
Ross passes to Acres 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot falls in the square and is off hands for a behind. (Q3 11:34)
Ainsworth misses a long snap from half forward, Lynch just can’t get there before it crosses the line. (Q3 13:26)
Shaw roves a stoppage on the HFF and pokes a pass inside to Lemmens 45m out on a slight angle. Lemmens runs in right and shoots right. (Q3 17:24)
Acres drops a long ball to the square but the crumb sits up on the line for Weller to volley home. (Q3 20:42)
Ross passes to Bruce 45m out on a slight angle, who has the yips and misses again. (Q3 22:09)
Macpherson passes to Lemmens 30m out on the flank, who gets that one on target. (Q3 24:55)
Riewoldt gets a downfield free for a push by Hanley on Gresham. He lines up from 30m on a slight angle and kicks his third goal. (Q4 0:35)
Lonergan marks at half forward on a fast rebound play, wheels and goes to the fat side flank where Fiorini marks 35m out. Brayden just sneaks his set shot inside the left goalpost. (Q4 3:06)
Lonie spoils a rebound kick to Harbrow on the HFF to enable Billings to mop up for a snap near the boundary 40m out, across the face. (Q4 5:04)
Lonie intercepts in the centre and goes long to Riewoldt behind Leslie at the hotspot, Rooey plays on but Leslie mows him down, dribbles for a point! (Q4 6:37)
The Suns rebound coast to coast, Witts marks at the hotspot and steers his set shot inside the right goalpost to complete the 11-point play. (Q4 6:52)
Sexton misses from 30m on the flank after a series of Suns handballs under heavy pressure after a stoppage. (Q4 8:22)
Membrey’s kick inside from the HFF is pressured into a shank on a rebound from the kick in, but Bruce is in space to mop up, turn and goal from 30m on a slight angle. (Q4 9:03)
Lonie tries a checkside from a set shot from the boundary 30m out, but it drifts across the face. (Q4 10:07)
Carlisle marks a Lonie ball on the boundary 20m out. He tries a set shot screwing ball, and threads it! (Q4 13:52)
Ross passes to Dunstan 40m out on the flank. Dunstan runs in crooked but shoots straight. (Q4 16:08)
Ah Chee passes short to Ainsworth 40m out on a slight angle after the Suns win the next centre clearance. Ainsworth stutters and misses. (Q4 17:22)
Ainsworth passes to the lead of Lynch to the hotspot, who hoofs it wide. (Q4 18:59)
Lemmens gives to Ah Chee who has time to measure a snap from 20m but fumbles, panics and shoots OOTF. (Q4 19:52)
Webster picks up a loose footy in midfield, Steven marks 30m out on a slight angle and misses. Well into junk time now. (Q4 25:28)

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