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Blog log from R14 of 2017: Richmond vs Carlton

Blog log for Richmond vs Carlton, R14 of 2017

Inform ruckmen Matt Kreuzer is first to the pill in the forward 50 stoppage. He wins the knock and then produces the second effort. He throws it on the boot and through it bounces! (Q1 3:53)
Riewoldt takes the strong lead up mark and wastes little time in finding Grigg. Shaun marks and the former Blue misses to the right hand side from 45 on the slight angle. (Q1 5:08)
Wright wins the pill at the coalface and the former Crow receives high contact from Cotchin in the attempted tackle. Matt shoots from 30 on the slight and goals! (Q1 6:41)
Bolton, Butler and Rioli join forces to provide the tackle pressure, eventually resulting in a free kick to Rioli. Daniel shoots from 25 and sends through the minor score. (Q1 10:10)
Castagna has the Tigers first of the contest. He took the shot from the flank region and sent it straight through the middle! (Q1 16:58)
Charlie Curnow took the strong contested grab on the wing and sent it further afield to the hotspot. Kreuzer took the grab, but was unable to kick accurately from 40. (Q1 17:29)
The Tigers are back in the lead. Castagna takes the strong lead up mark as Richmond move it swiftly from defence to attack. Jason wheels around and goals from 40! (Q1 19:54)
Gibbs launches to the isolated matchup between Casboult and Grimes. Dylan gives the free away for illegal contact in the contest. Levi hammers it through from 45! (Q1 21:54)
Caddy, Riewoldt and Rioli link by hand inside forward 50 as the youngster receives and powers away. Daniel shoots from 35 on the flank and misses with the hook effort. (Q1 23:29)
Charlie Curnow sends it long to the hotspot and Casboult takes a dubious mark against Astbury. Levi flicks to Thomas who goals from point blank range! (Q1 26:39)
Lambert, Cotchin and Ellis stream forward by hand as the Tigers draw the ball from half forward to scoring range. Brandon receives and sends it through from 40! (Q1 30:39)
Houli takes the mark on the arc as the Tigers gain territory through a series of short passes. Bachar shoots and hammers his effort into the post. (Q2 1:27)
Lambert, Lloyd and Riewoldt link by foot as the Tigers begin to demonstrate their foot skills. Jack marks inside 40 and the famous Tiger notches the major! (Q2 3:39)
Kreuzer knocks it down from the resultant stoppage and finds Cripps at ground level. Patrick darts the effort low and finds Casboult on the lead. Levi misses from 50. (Q2 4:39)
Riewoldt takes the strong lead up mark via the Martin pass. Jack dabs it inside 50 to the unopposed Edwards. Shane marks, kicks and misses from directly in front. (Q2 9:17)
Lambert gathers from the stoppage and speeds away at a rate of knots. Kane sets his sights on goal and launches from the paint of 50, with his shot sailing through for a minor. (Q2 11:54)
Martin receives on the boundary as the Tigers win possession from the forward 50 stoppage. Dustin swings his shot back from the paint of the boundary for a minor score. (Q2 16:42)
Smedts is caught holding the ball after the former Cat attempted to charge out of defence with ball in hand. Caddy takes advantage and Lambert slides it home! (Q2 20:54)
Martin is starting to stamp his authority on this match, waltzing out of the middle once more and sending it down the throat of Castagna. Jason marks and misses from 40. (Q2 21:54)
Houli receives and is immediately met by the boos of the Blues faithful. Bachar picks out the pass, finding Cotchin deep in the pocket. Trent misses to the near side. (Q2 26:40)
Kreuzer kicked the first and now has the first of the second half. Matt pounces on McIntosh’s fumble. Kreuzer wastes no time, sending it on his boot and through the big sticks! (Q3 1:50)
Fumbles have proved decisive in the first minutes of this term. The Blues pounce on another and unleash Cripps unopposed inside 50. His running shot misses to the left. (Q3 3:15)
Edwards, Lambert, Houli and Bachar finds Castagna running back to goal with a precise pass. Jason marks and misses the regulation set shot from 25 on the slight angle. (Q3 4:37)
Jones turns it over within defensive 50 after an attempted switch of play. Ellis and Edwards mop up before Shane finds Lambert unmarked. Kane misses from 45 on the flank. (Q3 7:16)
Effort after effort the Tigers forwards provide as their desperation for the score proves decisive. Caddy sends it forward and Bolton grabs the crumbs. Shai hammers it through! (Q3 10:15)
Simpson releases Wright unattended on the half forward flank. Matt marks and eyes the prize of the big sticks. He sets flight from the arc and misses to the left hand side. (Q3 14:19)
Ed Curnow moves it short and wide to the unattended Gibbs. The pass does not travel the requisite distance and Bryce is ordered to play on. He shoots from 45 and scores a minor. (Q3 18:02)
Martin takes the towering one out grab opposed to Jones. Dustin plays on and flicks off to Riewoldt. Jack goals from point blank range and the Tigers have five of the last six! (Q3 23:32)
Astbury gives it up by hand. Charlie Curnow is the recipient, finding Silvagni by hand and Jack chips to the marking Casboult. Levi goals from 30 on the slight angle! (Q3 27:17)
Grimes produces a terrible error deep in defence, sending it over the fence when a rushed behind was a possibility. Gibbs takes the free kick and misses to the far side. (Q4 1:20)
Martin, Prestia and Dion darts the ball onto the chest of Butler. Daniel trots in and makes no mistake from 35 metres out on the slight angle! (Q4 2:50)
Cotchin wins the pill from the resultant stoppage and manages to float the mongrel punt into the arms of the unmarked Riewoldt. Jack shoots from 45 on the slight and nails it! (Q4 4:57)
Cripps to Graham and the fringe Blue sends it inside 50 where Simpson manages to track the flight of the ball and take the grab. Kade shoots from 40 on the slight and misses. (Q4 6:32)
Murphy to Graham and Nick creates a second score assist in the matter of moments, finding Charlie Curnow. Curnow took the strong grab and goals from 35 on the flank! (Q4 9:05)
Pickett drops the uncontested mark inside 30. The Tigers waltz it down the other end and Butler marks in the goal square. He finishes truly and that was an emphatic 12 point swing. (Q4 12:21)
GIbbs, Smedts and Murphy link by hand through the middle of the MCG before Marc sends it long to the one on one against Martin. Patrick takes the strong mark and goals from 30! (Q4 17:05)
Ellis, Grigg and Caddy link by hand after Jones’ kick was unable to clear the danger. The former Cat shoots from 45 on the sharp angle and misses to the near side. (Q4 21:21)
Menadue launches to the hotspot and Riewoldt takes it down on the second grab. Spectacular grab from the Tigers key forward. Jack misses the sharp angle shot. (Q4 23:19)
Kreuzer gives away the free kick for holding Nankervis in the marking contest. The former Swan lines up the simple shot from 20 out and makes no mistake! (Q4 26:16)

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