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Blog log from R13 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Carlton, R13 of 2017

Gibbs misses the first shot of a night, a snap from the HFF. (Q1 0:57)
Petrevski-Seton gets a free for a hold by Hanley and goals from point-blank range. (Q1 3:45)
Sexton rolls through the first goal for the Gold Coast after a feed by Peter Wright. (Q1 5:28)
Silvagni passes to Casboult on the boundary 20m out, who misses. (Q1 6:13)
Thomas holds his position against Joyce to mark a long Casboult ball from the wing to the pocket 15m out, he runs around and goals. (Q1 7:56)
Sexton gets pinged for hands in the back in a marking contest with Charlie Curnow 40m out in the corridor. Curnow goals. (Q1 15:43)
Joyce is pinged for high contact on Lamb in the pocket 30m out, bit unlucky as Lamb had ducked the head. Lamb misses, that’s a turducken bad set shot by Lamb, footy gods smile. (Q1 17:42)
Leslie gives Matthew Wright a big slap across the chops to give away an obvious free in broken play 20m out in the pocket. Wright gets up and misses. (Q1 20:28)
Charlie Curnow roves a long Gibbs ball up the guts to the hotspot, he gives to brother Ed who snaps truly off the left! And the brothers tousle each others’ hair. (Q1 20:53)
Charlie Curnow flies over May to clunk a Plowman ball 20m out on a slight angle, but he misses. (Q2 1:21)
Rosa delivers a swinging arm to the jaw of Thomas as they wait for a ball in 20m out in the pocket, but Daisy sprays the free. (Q2 6:01)
Hall passes to Martin who dives in front of Docherty to mark 40m out on a slight angle. Martin, who has been quiet, gets that one on line. (Q2 10:17)
Saad grubbers a handball to Lyons on the boundary 25m out, he has not much on so tries a screwing snap off a step… and threads it! Suns have no right to be this close. (Q2 12:28)
Gibbs roves a loose ball after a stoppage and centres from the HFF to Boekhorst 40m out in the corridor. Blaine joins the Blue train with his first goal. (Q2 16:02)
Lemmens is rewarded for a monstering tackle on Boekhorst at the top of the square, bit red hot but it turned into a chicken wing tackle so technically there. He misses, though. (Q2 19:02)
Predictably, Carlton rebounds after the kick in and Silvagni marks 40m out on the flank… but he misses badly. Not as badly as Lemmens, mind you. (Q2 20:33)
Matthew Wright receives from Plowman on the HFF and goes to the square where Thomas marks and goals, Hanley was out of position and could do nothing about it. (Q2 24:48)
Jones is pinged for a block on Lynch 20m out on the flank, started contact just a little too early. But Lynch sprays it. (Q3 1:33)
Barlow misses a set shot from the boundary 40m out. (Q3 5:28)
Leslie coughs the ball up by hand on the last line under a Cripps tackle, the crumb falls for Matthew Wright to gather and goal from mid air near the behind line! (Q3 9:13)
Casboult takes a big pack grab in front of three Suns at the hotspot, but misses. (Q3 9:45)
Lemmens sets up a rebound from half back, Ablett to Sexton to Matera for a snap under not much pressure from 20m on a slight angle, that one is good. (Q3 12:47)
Lemmens marks and gets a 50m penalty to put him on the goal line for another one for Gold Coast. (Q3 14:28)
Charlie Curnow is pinged for a throw 35m out on a slight angle, but Lemmens misses. (Q3 16:25)
Ablett strips Matthew Wright in a tackle near the hotspot, Hall roves and gives to Lyons who snaps the goal! (Q3 17:34)
Swallow marks at half forward and gives off to Saad who blasts wide from 55m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:37)
Barlow snaps another big goal from a pack in the pocket, Suns back within a kick all of a sudden! (Q3 22:04)
Casboult marks on the lead 40m out wide on the flank, but shanks the set shot OOTF, quite embarrassingly. (Q3 23:58)
Martin has Lynch one out with Docherty on a fast break but misses the target, the opportunity is lost. (Q3 26:14)
Hall roves a long ball to the hotspot that is spoiled by Kreuzer, but misses from 30m on the flank. (Q4 0:49)
Thomas passes to Silvagni 40m out on a slight angle, on the end of a switch play. He makes no mistake, that’s a steadier for Carlton. (Q4 4:09)
Martin plays on to advantage from a slightly soft free on Plowman at the hotspot as they contest a Lyons centre clearance, and runs into the open goal. (Q4 6:14)
Fisher roves on the HFF and starts a handball chain, but Boekhorst tries a grubber from the hotspot which Hanley dives and knocks away, no score. (Q4 9:01)
Simpson intercepts at half forward and goes short to Gibbs 40m out on a slight angle, who sails through a typically quality finish. (Q4 9:44)
Barlow bangs high and hopeful from the wing to a big pack at the hotspot after the next centre bounce, Swallow flies in front of Plowman to mark and goal. (Q4 11:14)
Ablett baulks clear on the wing and hits Martin to mark in front of Marchbank 30m out on the flank. This for the lead nearing halfway through Q4…. it’s good! (Q4 13:44)
A lull as Barlow is stretchered off. (Q4 19:29)
Cripps gives to Gibbs who baulks clear, bobbles the footy, has time to gather and steady off a step from 40m on a slight angle… and kicks the big go ahead goal! (Q4 20:45)
Silvagni centres from the HFF to Casboult who is well in the clear 30m out but he drops a sitter, stoppage results. (Q4 22:15)
Silvagni does it all himself with a gather and snap after the stoppage off the left boot from 30m on the flank, 7:56 left at the next centre bounce (Q4 23:12)
Lamb receives from Cripps and gives to Charlie Curnow on a run down the flank, but Curnow tries a banana grubber that skids wide from 20m. (Q4 25:11)
Casboult misses a snap from near the hotspot. (Q4 26:30)
Clock under 3:00 and the Suns haven’t really threatened lately. (Q4 30:45)
Gibbs goes long to Lamb who is one out with Saad and marks in front 20m out for the sealer with 1:47 left. (Q4 31:45)
Peter Wright roves a long ball to a pack 20m out and goals, but 19 seconds left so it’s too late. (Q4 34:12)

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