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Blog log from R11 of 2017: Geelong vs Adelaide

Blog log for Geelong vs Adelaide, R11 of 2017

Dangerfield runs away from a stoppage on the wing and bombs long to the top of the square, Talia is in front but it clears him, Hawkins lets it bounce through for the first goal. (Q1 3:34)
Cameron speeds away from Motlop and misses on the run from 40m on the flank. (Q1 4:08)
Walker marks at the hotspot and boots goal number one for the Crows. (Q1 6:45)
Joel Selwood marks a centring ball from his brother Scott from the pocket after Hartigan is pinged for high contact. Jelwood goals. Stars are firing tonight! (Q1 8:04)
Cockatoo misses from a pack at half forward. (Q1 11:55)
Taylor marks a Mackie ball strongly in front of Talia 20m out on the flank and kicks his first goal of the evening. (Q1 12:34)
Blicavs rushes a Lynch snap from the HFF to the square. (Q1 14:07)
Tuony is pinged HTB after Lynch tackles him near the boundary 40m, misses the ball with his fist trying to handball. Lynch slots it from a very difficult point of the ground! (Q1 16:08)
After Cockatoo forces a Hartigan turnover on the wing, Joel Selwood marks a Dangerfield ball to the HFF and centres to Mackie 40m out on a slight angle… shot touched on the line. (Q1 18:34)
Murdoch gives to Lang outside CHF, he misses from 55m. (Q1 19:08)
Zac Smith uses his strength to hold off Brodie Smith and mark a Menegola ball to 35m on the flank. His set shot just misses. (Q1 22:25)
Dangerfield gets a free at a stoppage deep in the pocket 20m out for a hold by Douglas, but misses with a drop punt. (Q1 24:44)
Motlop gives to Menegola to run across the 50m paint and let fly from 45m on a slight angle… just wide. (Q1 27:20)
Dangerfield is paid a HTB decision after Matt Crouch tries and fails to get his arms free for a handball while being tackled 25m out on the flank. Danger goals, two for him. (Q2 0:49)
Joel Selwood passes to Hawkins leading to true CHF. The Tomahawk’s set shot falls on the line and is touched through by Talia. (Q2 3:48)
Tuohy hits the post with a trademark long bomb from near CHF. (Q2 5:07)
Hawkins is front and centre for a long ball to the top of the square which Lever drops, he snaps his second goal. (Q2 6:03)
Betts roves a long ball to a pack at the hotspot that Kolodjashnij drops, he can’t get boot to ball but fights on and stands up in a tackle to give out for Jenkins to volley home. (Q2 7:48)
The Cats handball their way out of trouble in defence and eventually sweep forward, Menzel is on the end of it to run down the flank to 40m and kick his first goal. (Q2 9:50)
The Crows get a rare clear centre clearance win, Cameron is released for a snap on the run from 40m on a slight angle which whistles through. (Q2 10:11)
Lynch takes a contested grab at half forward, wheels and finds Walker to mark on the lead 45m out on a slight angle. Tex misses. (Q2 13:43)
Greenwood starts a fast break from a stoppage behind the wing, Lynch marks 50m out on a slight angle, Cockatoo pushes him on the back, obvious 50m penalty, easy goal. (Q2 16:48)
Taylor sails a high ball to a pack at the hotspot, again it’s Hawkins who stays down to rove, turn and goal off the left boot. (Q2 18:59)
Dangerfield receives and snaps around the corner from 30m on a slight angle with two Crows up his ginger… just wide. (Q2 19:57)
Lynch marks a very high Matt Crouch ball 40m out on the flank, but misses. (Q2 21:49)
Taylor marks, plays on and snaps his second goal from 10m despite a dive towards his boot by Talia, benefiting from a shepherd by Hawkins. (Q2 23:50)
Hawkins taps a long ball to the wing down for a convoy of three Cats to stroll towards half forward, Cockatoo fends Cameron with a big strong arm but hits the post from 35m. (Q2 26:05)
Taylor passes to Motlop on another fast break by the forward-running Cats. Motlop lines up after the HT siren from 35m on a slight angle, and kicks truly. (Q2 31:04)
Walker beats Mackie to the crumb from a Jenkins contest at the top of the square, lumbers clear but misses a relatively easy snap from 15m. (Q3 1:28)
Cameron forces a Tuohy handball turnover to Lynch on the HFF, he tries a checkside from 40m but Stewart is in the square to rush it. (Q3 3:09)
Henderson starts a rebound from the last line, Zac Smith does well on the HBF, Taylor is behind the Crow defence to kick from the HFF to the square for Menzel to volley home. (Q3 5:00)
Blicavs gives to Duncan on the HFF who snaps quickly but hits the behind post on the full, OOTF. (Q3 6:00)
Stewart spoils Jenkins, receives from Henderson and scoots away down the wing, his kick to the HFF is a shank but it lands in the breadbasket of Hawkins 45m out. He misses. (Q3 7:43)
Lynch passes to Walker to marks in front of Henderson 45m out on a slight angle. Tex owes his club one or two… doesn’t get this one either. (Q3 9:00)
Blicavs gives to Dangerfield in the pocket, he baulks past two Crows and screws a snap from 30m… falls in the square for Hartigan to rush. (Q3 10:12)
Menegola centres from the HFF to the hotspot on a slow play, for some reason Dangerfield is allowed to rise and mark unmolested for his third goal. Adelaide in ruins. (Q3 11:43)
Blicavs misses a set shot from 50m on the flank. (Q3 15:28)
Parsons marks a wobbly but intelligent centring ball by Murdoch across CHF to 40m on a slight angle on the opposite side. He goals as well. (Q3 18:29)
Walker outmarks Tuohy 45m out near the boundary. Tough pocket, but Tex needs to pull the finger out to lead the team… and he does. (Q3 22:08)
Stewart receives sitting behind the play as he has most of the night, and delivers a lovely crossfield kick to Henderson 40m out on the flank. Henderson doesn’t score. (Q3 24:13)
Otten marks at CHF, dithers as Jenkins is covered, then sends a rather hopeful ball to the square that is easily killed for a behind. (Q3 26:00)
Long ball to a pack at half forward, the crumb falls inside for Betts to rove and screw through a perfect opportunist goal. (Q3 26:56)
Duncan sets up Menzel for his third goal from a rove and snap from the square, cheating out the back of a Dangerfield contest to which three Crows were sucked. (Q4 2:12)
Hawkins roves his own contest but misses off the left from 35m on the flank. (Q4 3:26)
Menegola wins a hard footy under a pack 40m out on a slight angle and gives outside to Motlop who just misses. (Q4 5:26)
Lynch hits the post with a snap from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 8:42)
Otten goals from a stoppage near the behind line, to nearly no reaction from the partisan Geelong crowd. (Q4 10:15)
Otten misses another snap from half forward. (Q4 11:28)
Betts rolls a snap from the pocket into the goalpost. (Q4 12:42)
Betts catches Guthrie HTB on the Crows HFF, the Crows play on to advantage with some handballs, Atkins goes to Walker 30m out on the flank. Tex goals. Surely not? (Q4 17:08)
8:47 left and five kicks in it. No, that’s not going to happen. (Q4 17:08)
Taylor marks near the boundary 30m out and takes his full allotment of time… then misses. 5:43 left, door closed. (Q4 21:28)
Jenkins converts a set shot from just inside 50m on the flank, a ball that starts left but fades inside the post. (Q4 27:13)
Hartigan touches a Murdoch snap from the HFF for a behind. (Q4 28:24)

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