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Blog log from R10 of 2017: Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R10 of 2017

Lynch forces the turnover with a tremendous tackle on Frost. The pill falls loose and Lemmens is first on the scene. He hammers it onto the goal umpires face for a major! (Q1 2:18)
Aaron Hall waits out the front of the pack and Swallow extracts the pill to find him on the outside. Aaron receives and sends it through from a step inside the arc! (Q1 7:03)
Tom McDonald wins an off the ball free kick and Petracca will be the recipient, essentially guaranteeing a major from a 50 metre set shot position.Christian goals from point blank! (Q1 8:33)
Kolodjashnij finds Matera unmarked on the arc of 50, with Vince the nearest opponent. Brandon decides on the set shot but misses the opportunity. (Q1 17:02)
Matera receives by hand from Lynch after the Suns captain roved his own marking contest to aplomb. Brandon throws it on the boot and bounces it through from the arc! (Q1 19:33)
Watts sends it long to the contest between Harmes and Harbrow, with James taking the strong mark inside 40. The Dees number 43 slots the major via the set shot! (Q1 21:03)
Jetta misses the corridor target and Hall gathers the loose pill, using it speedily to find Martin ahead of Hibberd. Jack shoots from 50 out, directly in front, but misses. (Q1 21:46)
Lynch wins another ground ball after crashing the pack, this time flicking off to his fellow key tall in Wright. Peter snaps from 25 on the slight and misfires. (Q1 26:19)
From the short throw in, Witts taps it down the throat of Matera who receives pressed up on the boundary line. He steps this way and that before executing truly via the snap! (Q1 29:28)
Tom Lynch is playing the role of crumber to aplomb this quarter, once more finding it at ground level and feeding his fellow forwards.Tom found Matera but Brandon misfires from 30. (Qtr Time)
Tom McDonald attacks the loose ball at pace after the Dees forced it forward from the coalface. Tom took two with him, allowing Hannan to gather out the back and goal! (Q2 1:20)
Petracca, Neal-Bullen and Watts link up by hand before the former number one draft pick lays eyes on goal. Jack shoots with the snap from 30 but misses to the far side. (Q2 4:35)
Bugg attempts the dribble attempt from deep in the pocket as the Dees move it fluidly from wing to forward 50. Tomas hits the post. (Q2 8:04)
Scheer takes the lead up mark as the Suns power it from the kick in to an inside 50 mark. Brad shoots from 45 on the flank and misses to the far side. (Q2 8:30)
The miss proves to be of little consequence as Lewis duly turns it over to Lynch in D50. Tom gathers off the turf and sends it through from 30! (Q2 8:50)
Harbrow finds Hall on the lead inside 50 as the Suns pace it from one end of the ground to the other. Aaron dabs it over the top of Kolodjashnij who goals from point blank! (Q2 14:05)
Garlett takes the lead up mark with a trademark dash of pace. The former Blue lines up from 45 on the slight angle and sends through the fifth minor score for his side. (Q2 17:22)
Petracca is the latest player to commit the cardinal sin of turning it over through the corridor. Brodie sends the pill forward and Wright takes the grab. Peter snaps truly! (Q2 21:05)
Hunt bounds off the half back flank, running all of 40 metres before flicking over the top to Tyson. Dom sent the long ball to the Garlett/May match up and Jeff goals off the deck! (Q2 28:51)
Fiorini, Miller, Martin all link up by hand before Jack finds Matera bounding into the forward 50. Brandon lets fly for his third of the afternoon but misses to the right. (Q3 2:53)
Wright thumps the ball inside 50 and Oscar McDonald misjudges the flight, allowing Matera to polish up at ground level and find Barlow by hand. Michael receives and goals! (Q3 4:07)
Martin, Lemmens and Fiorini all link up by hand with Jack involving himself in a scoring passage once more. Brandon finds Wright with the dab pass. Peter marks and goals from 45! (Q3 6:42)
Barlow misses his target by hand through the middle of the ground and the Dees waltz it out the other side. Watts finds Garlett out the back and Jeff dribbles it home! (Q3 13:08)
Jones darts the pass into the hard running Oliver and Clayton hangs onto the mark. The star youngster takes the set shot from 40 on the slight and misses. (Q3 14:35)
Garlett to Harmes and James finds his captain with a centring pass from the flank region. Nathan takes the strong grab and splits the middle from 30 on the slight! (Q3 16:20)
Bugg grabs the crumbs off the deck and moves it by hand to the resting forward in Jones. Nathan steps out of traffic and swings for home but floats it to the far side of the post. (Q3 19:38)
Jones is stamping himself on this game now, drilling the bullet into the leading Harmes. James takes it a step inside 50 and slots the resultant set shot! (Q3 19:38)
The Dees have their fourth in the last ten minutes. Jones slams it forward from the stoppage. Watts brings it to ground and Harmes gathers. James settles and goals from 35! (Q3 19:38)
May takes Bugg high in the tackle and after some deliberation, the call is made. Garlett takes advantage and finds Jones unmarked within 40 of goal. Nathan hammers it through! (Q3 28:13)
Within the thick of congestion, Neal-Bullen is able to gather and in one swift movement throw the ball on the boot. Alex’s snap from 40 floats through for a major! (Q4 1:25)
Martin dabs the pass to Hall and the lead on baller marks inside 50 on the flank region. With the wind pushing across the face, his effort is thumped through for a minor score. (Q4 3:26)
The Demons are threatening to finish this match off. Bugg takes the mark deep in the pocket after superior work rate enabled the opportunity. Tomas misses to the near side. (Q4 4:56)
The Demons are threatening to finish this match off. Bugg takes the mark deep in the pocket after superior work rate enabled the opportunity. Tomas misses to the near side. (Q4 5:42)
The Suns are unable to run with Melbourne, with most screens exhibiting three on one contests at present. (Q4 6:11)
Jones receives through the corridor and has options aplenty. Nathan finds Hannan unmarked at the top of the square. Hannan kicks the easiest of majors! (Q4 7:55)
Fiorini turns it over inside defensive 50 by hand and Petracca is the recipient. Christian finds Watts at the top of the square and Jack sends through another! (Q4 8:55)
May finds Sexton on the lead and Alex will line up for his sixth of the season. The winger come forward lines up from 45 on the flank and sends it through! (Q4 12:25)
Hannan receives from Bugg as the Demons continue to outrun their opponents. Mitch spins on a dime and hooks his effort through the middle from 40 on the slight! (Q4 15:40)
Garlett has his third of the afternoon with an excellent right foot snap from deep in the forward pocket! Watts brought it to ground at the top of the square and Jeff did the rest. (Q4 17:10)
Leslie turns it over by hand in the thick of congestion and Viney is the recipient, darting the effort to Garlett on the lead ahead of Saad. Jeff kicks his fourth from 30! (Q4 18:40)
One way traffic if ever you’ve seen it now. Oliver with a flashy handball out of the middle and the Dees waltz it forward. However, Bugg was unable to finish from 45. (Q4 20:40)
Matera has his third of the afternoon after Hunt gave away the 50 metre penalty for encroaching the mark. Brandon finishes truly from 45 on the flank! (Q4 21:41)
Hannan, Pedersen, Bugg, Watts and Jones linkup inside the forward 50 as the Suns scramble to pressure their opponents. Nathan hammers it through from close range! (Q4 23:06)
That play was akin to a training drill. (Q4 23:06)
Hibberd powers away off the wing and finds Garlett on the lead ahead of Saad. Jeff shoots from 45 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q4 24:41)
Watts gathers off the deck and flicks in board to the hard running Tyson. Dom receives and sends it through with ease from 40 on the slight angle! (Q4 25:56)
Lynch takes the predictable contested mark opposed to Lewis in a mismatch of sorts. The Suns captain shoots from 45 out, directly in front, and he goals! (Q4 27:46)
Garlett gathers out the back but Saad was able to delay the inevitable, forcing Garlett to drop the mark. Jeff gathers and snaps truly for his fourth of the term! (Q4 30:41)
Harmes is called for a throw and Barlow will be the recipient of the free kick. Michael trots in and sends it through from 30 on the slight angle! (Q4 32:36)

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