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Blog log from R10 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda, R10 of 2017

Suckling gets caught holding the ball across half back via the Gresham tackle. Billings is quickly found unopposed inside 40. He marks, turns and goals with ease! (Q1 1:49)
Bontempelli marks across the wing and receives the 50 metre penalty after not receiving the ball at time of asking. He shoots from 55 on the slight and misses to the right. (Q1 3:34)
Bontempelli, Wallis and Dahlhaus link through the middle after the Saints lose it at half forward with a tackle on Longer. Stringer marks out the back and goals from point blank! (Q1 4:34)
McCartin darts the entry to the leading Gresham and finds Jack ahead of Biggs. Jade takes the shot from 35 on the slight and horribly shanks the kick for a minor score. (Q1 6:19)
Gresham grabs the loose pill out the back after both McCartin and Adams misjudged the flight of the ball. McKenzie pushed forward and received to finish truly from close range! (Q1 17:05)
Macrae laces the forward 50 pass directly onto the chest of Stringer, who powers away from Brown to take the leading mark. Jake shoots from 45 on the flank and nails the shot! (Q1 25:10)
Stringer gathers the ball inside 50 and waltzes away from the speedless Brown. Jake centres by hand to Dale. Bailey shoots from 30 out and manages to hit the post. (Q2 3:14)
The Saints nail the first of the second term. Acres forces the turnover with a strong tackle on Murphy. McCartin forces it forward by hand to Membrey.Tim gathers and goals from 30! (Q2 5:07)
English, Murphy, Dickson all link up by foot before Tory finds Stringer on the lead. Jake marks on the arc and thuds his effort into the post from the flank region. (Q2 6:54)
Daniel provides the spoil across half back, an inconceivable concept given his stature. The pill is forced forward and Stringer is found on the lead. Jake goals from 40! (Q2 15:07)
Macrae whips the ball across his body and finds Bontempelli unmarked inside 40. Marcus lines up from the slight angle but he poorly misses the set shot to the left hand side. (Q2 16:42)
Suckling sends it long to the hot spot and Stringer gathers the pill in congestion. He hooks it across his body for a minor from 30. (Q2 20:07)
Picken sends the wobbly punt inside 50 and Stringer manages to find space out the back once more. Jake marks and kicks his fourth! Still the only WB goalscorer. (Q2 21:06)
Bontempelli takes the intercept mark on the wing and flicks off to the unmarked Wallis. Mitch dabs the pass and finds Dickson on the lead. Tory shoots and goals from 45! (Q2 23:33)
The Saints have the first of the second half! Carlisle forces the ball to ground against Morris. McCartin gathers the crumbs and flicks to Gresham. Jack finishes from 20! (Q3 2:05)
Billings dabs the pass inside 50 and Gresham takes the lead up mark. Jade shoots from 40 on the sharp angle and misses to the near side as the Saints enjoy a fast start. (Q3 3:05)
Picken produces the around the corner effort to the hot spot and Dale is first to gather the loose pill. Bailey has little difficultly in sending it through from close range! (Q3 8:22)
Weller forces the turnover as the Bulldogs fail to rebound defensive 50. Roberton receives in acres of space. He runs his full measure but misses the basic effort from 30. (Q3 9:21)
The miss proves costly as the Bulldogs stream it from the kick in to an out the back major. Dickson finds Murphy by hand and Bob has no issue sending it through from 25. (Q3 10:23)
Boyd to Bontempelli as the Dogs stream from the resultant stoppage. Marcus receives and shoots from open play. 40 metres out on the flank, he scores a minor. (Q3 11:23)
The former Giant in Steele sends it to the top of the square. McCartin gets his hands to the footy but drops the mark. Newnes gathers the crumb and goals from point blank! (Q3 12:20)
Hunter to Suckling through the middle of the ground as the Bulldogs power into open space once more. Matt receives the free for in the back via the tackle and he goals from 55! (Q3 15:20)
Dale sends the tumbler inside 50 after Daniel forced the win off the deck. Picken gathers the bouncer and flicks it off to Bontempelli. Bonty goals from point blank range! (Q3 19:50)
Roughead takes the strong lead up mark as the Bulldogs continue to exert their dominance on proceedings. The defender come ruck come forward misses from 45. (Q3 21:50)
Biggs hunts the ball carrier and forces another turnover within the Saints defensive 50. Johannisen is the recipient, gliding past a couple and missing from 40. (Q3 29:24)
Macrae to Hunter by hand as the two wingers link up through the corridor. Lachie pulls the punt and finds Stringer at the top of the square. Jake kicks his fifth of the afternoon! (Q3 30:17)
Daniel dabs the pass onto the chest of the hard running Johannisen, with Jason marking on the arc of 50. The Norm Smith medallist hammers it through! (Q4 3:14)
Johannisen takes another mark inside 50 as we continue to play out time in this affair. Jason shoots from the flank region and misses to the near side. (Q4 10:30)
Bontempelli misses the goal with four teammates running into goal unopposed. From one of the better decision makers of the generation, that was a rare occurence indeed. (Q4 12:45)
Weller takes the grab on the lead ahead of Johanissen and the former Sun has the opportunity to shoot from 30, boundary side. He slots it with the high quality snap! (Q4 13:54)
The youngster in McCartin takes the strong lead up grab with Adams trailing in behind. Patrick shoots from 50 on the flank and sends it through post high! (Q4 16:16)
Weller leaves a couple of teammates high and dry as he shoots for goal from 25. His snap attempt misses to the right hand side. (Q4 16:16)
Montagna wins it at the coalface from the forward 50 stoppage. The veteran Saint throws it on the boot and floats it through for a minor score. (Q4 23:28)
Dale, Bontempelli and Marcus finds Picken in an acre of space. Liam marks and has little trouble in running his full measure and finishing truly from 25! (Q4 24:30)
Hunter chips the pass over the top and Boyd takes his second mark of the day. Tom splits the middle from the 30 metre set shot! (Q4 24:30)

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