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Blog log from R8 of 2017: Adelaide vs Melbourne

Blog log for Adelaide vs Melbourne, R8 of 2017

Jones, Hunt and Tom McDonald link up by foot and the defender come ruck takes the mark inside 50. Tom shoots from the slight angle, 45 out, and misses. (Q1 1:01)
Long bomb to the hot spot and Jacobs loses T.McDonald, taking the strong contested grab. From 30 out directly in front, Sam misses the relatively basic set shot opportunity. (Q1 7:13)
Brown produces the poor turnover inside defensive 50, managing to pick out the Dees captain. Jones takes the mark and sends it through from 45 on the slight! (Q1 9:00)
Pedersen makes it two in a row for the fast starting Dees. Watts sends it to the hot spot and Kent’s fly forces the ball to the back. Cam runs onto the loose ball and finishes! (Q1 10:29)
Douglas grabs the pill out of the forward 50 stoppage. Richard throws it on the boot and heads goalward. His opportunistic effort misses to the near side. (Q1 15:41)
Crouch of the Brad variety gathers the scrap effort in the contest opposed to Hunt. He flicks off to Betts. Eddie swivels and predictably finishes with class from 40! (Q1 19:29)
Jacobs takes the strong contested grab at the HF flank and flicks it centrally to Sloane. Rory, tagged by Vince, sets sail for home from the arc but misses to the far side. (Q1 30:16)
Hibberd and Betts battle it out at the top of the square. Eddie holds his feet, spins out of traffic and snaps truly from 15 out!Add another incredible major to the highlight reel. (Q2 2:03)
Tom McDonald turns the pill over coming out of defence. The Crows take advantage with Hampton finding Laird inside 50. Rory takes the mark and finishes truly from 35! (Q2 6:07)
Sloane receives a dubious free kick at the resultant stoppage and sends his side forward. Menzel wins the free in the marking contest but helicopters his effort for a minor. (Q2 8:18)
Milera marks ahead of the desperate Hunt, taking the grab a step inside the arc. He dabs it short to the leading Walker ahead of Hunt. Taylor slots his first from 35! (Q2 10:18)
Hunt found wanting twice in that play! (Q2 11:05)
The Crows extend their margin with a maximum once more! Atkins receives out of the stoppage and bounds goalward. Rory runs his measure and punts it through from 30! (Q2 15:48)
Brad Crouch moves it out of the stoppage to Mackay. David sends it long to the top of the square where Frost infringes Walker. Taylor snaps truly from the forward pocket! (Q2 17:33)
Viney, Salem and Lewis link through the middle to force the stoppage win. Garlett receives and finds Bugg unattended inside 50. The former Giant marks and goals from 35! (Q2 19:48)
Jones has his second major as a direct result of a turnover. Atkins turns it over through the corridor to Petracca. Christian flicks to Nathan who steadies and finishes from 50! (Q2 21:48)
Jones has his second major as a direct result of a turnover. Atkins turns it over through the corridor to Petracca. Christian flicks to Nathan who steadies and finishes from 50! (Q2 26:05)
Viney takes it directly out of the pack after the Dees send it forward once more. Jack throws it on the boot out of the droves of bodies. It bounces through for a minor. (Q2 27:18)
Oliver hammers the floater out of the stoppage and the floater floats the way of Lewis. Jordan throws off Laird, flicks to Bugg and Tomas goals from point blank! (Q2 28:58)
Three in a row for the Demons and Melbourne is forcing as good a contest as the Crows have had at home this season. (Q2 29:34)
Smith takes the intercept mark from the Salem rebound 50. Brodie darts the pass to Jenkins and Josh marks 8 seconds prior to HT. He shoots from 40 and hooks his effort. (Q2 32:22)
Hunt forced it forward with pressure opposing Jacobs. The Dees pounce and power the pill forward at pace. Tom McDonald receives out the back unopposed and goals! (Q3 4:46)
Petracca wins it at the coalface from the resultant centre stoppage and the youngster sends it to the isolated one on one. T.McDonald takes the grab opposed to Hartigan and goals! (Q3 7:46)
Sloane dabs the pass over the top and Walker leads back into space, taking the grab opposed to Frost. Taylor attempts the hook from 45 on the boundary, missing to the near side. (Q3 10:16)
Another soda for the Dees, making that six in a row for the away team. Bugg took the high fly grab and sent it down the throat of the unmarked Petracca.CP off to Pedersen who goal! (Q3 13:59)
Smith gives it away inside defensive 50 as the Dees force the turnover once more. Tyson is the recipient, but he misses the open play effort from 25 on the flank. (Q3 17:12)
CLAYTON OLIVER take a bow! The Dees win it back through tackle pressure once more and then Oliver produces the banana from the boundary under arms and legs. Fantastic! (Q3 18:32)
That major makes it seven in a row for the red, blue and white. Can the Crows provide a reply? (Q3 19:47)
The defender come ruck come forward Tom McDonald dabs the inside 50 to the unmarked Pedersen and Cam marks. He shoots from 50 and sends through his third! (Q3 22:50)
Tom McDonald takes the mark at HF ahead of Talia and sends it forward to the contest between Garlett and Otten. Andy throws away Jeff and pays the penalty. Jeff goals from 25! (Q3 29:32)
Make that a lazy 9 in a row for the rampant Demons! (Q3 30:17)
Jenkins takes the strong sliding grab after anticipating at the front of the contest and thus creating his own opportunity. Josh shoots from 20 out, directly in front and goals! (Q3 32:17)
Demons grab the instant reply! Petracca outbodies Laird and wins it off the turf, flicking inside to Viney. Jack receives and snaps truly from 25 on the slight! (Q3 34:16)
Garlett floats over the top of Brown and takes the strong contested grab just seconds prior to the siren. Jeff shoots from 20 on the slight and misses poorly. (Q3 36:40)
The umpire decides Otten’s soccer was deliberate, with Garlett receiving the free from deep in the pocket. Jeff makes no mistake via the snap for his second! (Q4 5:47)
Garlett sends it over the top and Kent marks just a step outside of the goal square. To place the nail in the coffin, Dean finishes with ease from close range! (Q4 6:20)
Atkins punts onto the chest of Jenkins, with Josh marking strongly on the lead ahead of O. McDonald. Josh shoots from 35 on the slight and snaps it through with ease! (Q4 12:05)
Kent throws it on the boot out of the thick of congestion and finds the unmarked Hannan out the back. It was as if he was wearing an invisibility cloak… Mitch goals! (Q4 13:50)
Walker roosts his shot from the best part of 60 on the turn. His thumping effort misses to the right hand side. (Q4 17:03)
Smith takes the corridor mark inside 40 after Douglas centred the ball out of congestion. Brodie shoots from directly in front and the former All Australian slams it through! (Q4 18:02)
Oliver is the next Dee to throw it on the boot out of congestion to aplomb. Clayton finds Petracca playing in front, with Christian marking ahead of Hartigan. He goals from 30! (Q4 19:43)
Lynch sends it to Otten who ghosts out the back and Wagner is unable to contest. Andy shoots from 45 on the slight and thuds his set shot into the post as we play out time. (Q4 23:17)
Otten takes another contested grab as the swing forward appears to have reaped some benefits. Andy shoots from 20 on the slight angle and manages to miss the soda. (Q4 26:33)
With just 30 seconds left to play the Dees add some icing to a very tasty cake. Kent gathers at ground level via the aerial contest and snaps truly from 25! (Q4 27:05)

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