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Blog log from R7 of 2017: Sydney vs Brisbane

Blog log for Sydney vs Brisbane, R7 of 2017

Kennedy gets a free on Robinson after the first centre bounce, he gives to McVeigh who hits Franklin on the lead 50m out on a slight angle, Buddy kicks the first goal. (Q1 1:04)
Towers marks in front of Mayes 40m out on the flank and boots his first goal of the afternoon. Lions haven’t had the ball inside their forward 50 yet. (Q1 5:34)
Jones jets away from congestion on the HBF, bounces down the wing and hits Franklin over the back of McStay on the HFF, Buddy turns and runs but misses from 35m. (Q1 9:29)
Gardiner spoils a long ball to Hannebery at the hotspot, but Hayward follows up to gather near the behind post, baulk clear of two nearby Lions and goal from 10m. (Q1 13:49)
Lester is in best position to rove a chaos ball by Keays down the HFF which clears the Hipwood contest, he runs ahead of McVeigh and snaps truly from 15m. (Q1 15:47)
Hayward plays on to advantage from a free on the HFF, but misses from 25m. (Q1 17:04)
Franklin marks, wheels and jinks a touch pass from the HFF to Papley on his own 40m out on a slight angle. Papley misses left. (Q1 17:33)
Kennedy marks a Lloyd ball 40m out in the corridor on a slow play after Marsh intercepts on the HFF. He goals. (Q1 20:04)
Jones baulks a man on the wing and hits Hayward on the fat side flank with a lovely ball using vision, Hayward goes to Heeney near the square for another one. Swans in control. (Q1 21:31)
Berry and McLuggage made to look silly by their Swans opponents for those last two goals. (Q1 23:04)
Sinclair marks a Franklin dart from the wing 45m out in the corridor after a rebound around the outer wing, he joins the party with his first goal. (Q1 25:35)
Zorko snaps the second goal for Brisbane from the top of the square after a terrible kick by Grundy to McVeigh and a resultant fumble. (Q1 27:05)
Reid marks on the lead in front of Andrews 40m out on a slight angle, but his set shot slices right. (Q1 27:50)
Close gets a set shot 50m out on a slight angle after Naismith bumps Robinson off the ball. Naismith it is who marks the kick on the line to start the rebound. (Q1 29:35)
Sinclar gives to Franklin on the wing, he has a bounce and shoots from 65m out on a slight angle… of course it bounces through! (Q1 30:02)
Cunningham intercepts on the HFF and kicks the first goal of Q2 to keep the party going. (Q2 3:57)
Florent chases a loose footy in the pocket after another good Jones run and bounce through midfield, and gives Cunningham a Joe the Goose special for his second consecutive goal. (Q2 6:07)
Close clunks a Martin ball down the flank to 20m, the end of a decent period of frontal pressure by Brisbane. He goals. (Q2 9:13)
Schache snaps OOTF from the boundary 20m out. (Q2 11:27)
Rockliff gets a free for holding the man on Hewett at a big pack outside the hotspot. He misses. (Q2 13:06)
Hayward draws a free on Andrews 20m out on the flank for a high fend as Andrews is in possession, but misses. (Q2 15:32)
Schache gets a free for a hold by Cunningham as he chases an errant Taylor snap on the boundary 15m out. The kid delivers a sensational left foot checkside for a goal. (Q2 17:08)
Hannebery clears from the next centre bounce, Reid collects at CHF and gives to Franklin, snap from 40m on a slight angle rolls through. The quickest of responses. (Q2 18:23)
Schache passes to Berry just outside 50m on the flank, Mills gets there late and clips him over the ear, obvious 50m penalty (and melee), easy Berry goal. (Q2 19:19)
Franklin smothers a telegraphed Andrews handball at the Swans hotspot and runs into another open goal. Oh dear. (Q2 22:33)
Kennedy is pinged for a throw under a Rockliff tackle in a pack 40m out on a slight angle. Rocky gets this one on target. (Q2 25:41)
Franklin marks 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q2 28:08)
Jones marks in the pocket and gives to Franklin who screws through his fifth goal from 30m. Buddy is on FIYAH! (Q2 29:38)
Jones misses a long range snap. (Q2 30:36)
Parker volleys a point blank goal from a loose ball after a stoppage as the Swans don’t look like they are going to take the foot off the accelerator in the second half. (Q3 3:27)
Barrett threads the needle with a set shot from 40m out near the boundary after marking a Rockliff ball, his first goal at senior level. (Q3 8:42)
Jones bursts out of a pack at half forward like a bullet from a gun, bounces and baulks clear for a goal from 20m. (Q3 10:46)
Lester misses after marking 40m out on the flank. (Q3 16:58)
Mills gets a hospital handball on the HBF, Rich to Lester who gives to Schache who has time at the hotspot to measure a snap across the body, it’s good. (Q3 17:58)
Hannebery converts a set shot from 40m in the corridor after marking a highly pressured Andrews panic kick. (Q3 19:11)
Keays runs from half forward to crumb a Lester contest and goal from the hotspot. (Q3 20:43)
Franklin gets a free for a clash with Robertson 40m out on a slight angle, after the melee clears he goals, and then restarts the melee for good measure. (Q3 23:10)
Franklin marks a Papley long ball 45m out on a slight angle, his set shot just sails inside the right goalpost. Seven for Buddy, and he’s probably not done yet. (Q3 25:59)
Franklin juggles a Heeney ball at the hotspot but misses. (Q4 4:05)
Hayward is slung high by Harwood at the hotspot, he goals. (Q4 6:45)
Hipwood gives to Robertson to run through CHF and goal. (Q4 13:18)
Rockliff gets another free inside 50 on Kennedy, another goal from 20m in front. (Q4 16:20)
Mayes hits Schache leading back to the hotspot, who misses. (Q4 18:41)
Berry goes long from the centre to Lester leading back to 20m out on a slight angle for some junk. (Q4 21:51)
Sinclair intercepts a McStay kick 45m out in the corridor in the last minute, and sails through a garbage goal. (Q4 25:41)
Franklin marks 50m out on a slight angle, plays on and bangs through his eighth goal just before the final siren! That brings the crowd to their feet. (Q4 27:02)

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