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Blog log from R5 of 2017: Richmond vs Melbourne

Blog log for Richmond vs Melbourne, R5 of 2017

Viney sharks a pressured Cotchin handball after a stoppage near CHF, turns and bounces through a behind from 45m. (Q1 0:48)
Rain starts falling early in Q1 at the G. (Q1 2:54)
Smith volleys a loose ball into the goalpost from the square. (Q1 2:54)
Martin wins a clearance in a big pack on the wing, the Tigers move forward slowly in almost rugby fashion, Elton to Lambert to Riewoldt on the boundary 40m out, he screws it home! (Q1 5:30)
Riewoldt roves 25m out on the flank and has just enough time to measure a snap around the corner, he boots goal number two. (Q1 8:56)
Tom McDonald receives as the Demons get a number of repeat inside 50s, he hoofs it long form just outside 50m on a slight angle and gets a shepherd on the line, goal! (Q1 13:06)
Martin passes hard and low from the wing to Castagna at the hotspot, who misses. (Q1 16:56)
Harmes passes to Stretch 40m out on the flank, who misses left. (Q1 18:31)
Astbury is pinged for deliberately fumbling a behind, it was a bit red hot but also everyone knew what he was doing. Hogan takes the charity goal. (Q1 19:54)
Three Demons converge on Lambert on the HFF, he gives to Riewoldt who sails a lovely centring ball to Castagna at the hotspot, who is again free. Castagna goals. (Q1 21:36)
Hibberd passes to the lead of Watts 50m out on a slight angle. Tough set shot from this distance with a wet ball… but Watts roosts it all the way home! (Q1 25:46)
Rioli gives to Riewoldt who screws through a snap from 25m out on the flank for his third goal. (Q2 4:42)
Neal-Bullen’s ball to Smith in the pocket bounces behind the contest and through for a behind. (Q2 6:50)
Neal-Bullen finds Petracca with a pass from near CHF to 30m on a slight angle. Trac makes no mistake with the set shot, despite a dodgy knee. (Q2 7:44)
Elton is behind the Demon zone on the wing, he goes long to the square, but Butler can’t get boot to ball before it rolls over touched by Jetta for a behind. (Q2 11:53)
Garlet goes long from the HFF, Hogan has front position and gets a rather soft free on Astbury for not much contact. He gets another charity goal from 20m. (Q2 13:12)
Frost catches Castagna HTB at CHF to prevent what looked like a certain fast break score. (Q2 15:38)
Watts turns McIntosh on the chase on the boundary, he pokes an impressive left foot ball to Sales 40m out on the flank. Salem goals, Dees kicking away now. (Q2 16:59)
Butler soccers home from close range after a stoppage, Rioli down to Grigg who handballed to the square. (Q2 20:04)
Cotchin bombs long after the next centre bounce from near CHF, it bounces wide. (Q2 20:04)
Hibberd snaps his first goal for the Demons from 45m on a slight angle running forward of the play, his teammates get around him of course! (Q2 27:00)
Neal-Bullen is pinged for OOTF 30m out with 7 seconds to half time, Grigg plays on and goals! (Q2 31:05)
Petracca wins a hard footy and sets up Garlett for his first goal to kick off Q3. (Q3 6:24)
Salem picks up a loose footy in broken play in the centre, he gives to Hunt speeding past to run through CHF and ram through a trademark finish! (Q3 9:38)
Menadue ducks his head while picking up a loose footy 45m out on the flank, Vince comes in a bit hot and slings him around the neck. Lambert volleys the crumb into the goalpost. (Q3 14:16)
Prestia sharks a ruck tap on the wing, runs away and hits Riewoldt just inside 50m on a slight angle. Li’l Rooey misses. (Q3 17:05)
Lamberts bombs high to the hotspot where two Demons fly against Riewoldt, the Melbourne defenders go to ground but Riewoldt bobs up first to gather and goals. (Q3 18:12)
Garlett answers that goal with a snap from near CHF after Oliver bosses the next centre bounce. (Q3 19:05)
Astbury dithers over a ground ball deep in the pocket, Garlett bumps him off it to allow Astbury’s man Hogan to soccer the goal from 15m! (Q3 20:22)
Lambert gives to Prestia for a shot on the run from near CHF, bad miss. (Q3 28:08)
Prestia runs from the wing to much the same spot, but this time chooses a sideways pass to Grigg 35m out on the flank just before the 3QT siren. Grigg misses as well. (Q3 29:07)
Riewoldt marks on the behind line and screws through his fifth goal with a left foot set shot. (Q4 3:30)
Menadue roves a Riewoldt contest at half forward and pokes an intelligent kick to Rioli who had drifted goal side behind the pack to near the hotspot. Rioli kicks truly. (Q4 7:00)
Grigg spoils at the hotspot after a stoppage on the HFF, Martin roves and snaps truly to bring Richmond back within a point! (Q4 11:30)
Rioli catches Harmes HTB after Harmes had crumbed Rioli’s contest 45m out in front. But the Tiger shanks it right. (Q4 13:14)
Astbury bends over for his own crumb on the boundary 40m out, Tom McDonald catches him high. Astbury’s set shot falls in the square and is rushed. (Q4 16:00)
Tyson releases Hunt to run down the outer wing with three bounces, he goes long to Garlett in the square but it’s a rushed behind. (Q4 18:15)
Martin pickpockets Neal-Bullen on the wing and goes long to Riewoldt, Tom McDonald spoils but Riewoldt is first up, Vince puts him off the snap from 15m, it’s wide. (Q4 19:46)
Garlett is the one bombing long from the HFF on another fast break by Melbourne from half back, this time Hogan can’t mark and it’s rushed again. (Q4 21:14)
Riewoldt gives to Martin who has two steps on his man, he runs to 40m near the boundary and misses. (Q4 21:44)
Cotchin speeds away from Salem after a stoppage on the wing, he goes long to Riewoldt who juggles the mark 45m out near the boundary. This is for six for Jack… it’s good! (Q4 23:46)
5:26 at the next centre bounce but the Demons are struggling with two on the bench. (Q4 24:12)
Lambert volleys wide from a stoppage 35m out on the flank. Two kicks in it as the clock ticks under 4:00. (Q4 27:14)
Rioli releases Butler to run down the wing, he goes long to the square, Caddy can’t mark but the Dee defender goes to ground, he butters up and goals, 2:27 to go, game over! (Q4 28:44)
Hibberd it was who went to ground, was out of position anyway. (Q4 29:46)

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