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Blog log from R5 of 2017: St Kilda vs Geelong

Blog log for St Kilda vs Geelong, R5 of 2017

Riewoldt runs to 50, has a shot on goal and doesn’t quite get all of it but Membrey marks in the square and kicks the goal. (Q1 2:30)
Lang gets away from Roberton, has a snap on goal but misses to the left. (Q1 3:38)
Webster has a horrible clanger across goal as he picks out Cockatoo with a kick. Cockatoo from 20m out directly in front kicks the goal. (Q1 4:45)
Ross marks forward of the wing in space, runs to 50 and kicks a nice long goal. (Q1 7:58)
Black marks strongly overhead 35m out on a slight angle, goes back and kicks his first goal for nearly two years. (Q1 15:15)
Horlin-Smith is taken high by Brown and has a set shot from 35m out directly in front. Goal. (Q1 15:30)
Selwood hands to Murdoch 55m from goal, Murdoch sprints to the 50, has a shot and it’s through! (Q1 16:58)
Long kick deep into the Geelong forward line, Taylor edges Carlisle under the ball and kicks his first goal for the season. (Q1 18:46)
Dunstan kicks a centring ball where Minchington outmarks Stewart 20m from goal on a slight angle. He goes back and slots it. (Q1 21:30)
Mackie gives away a holding free on Riewoldt who plays on around his body and kicks the goal from 30m out. (Q1 27:16)
With only a few seconds remaining Motlop kicks long into the forward line where Menzel marks and kicks a goal after the siren. (Q1 30:02)
Steven bursts out of the middle, kicks long to a contest in the forward line where Minchington roves and goals. (Q2 2:32)
Michington in the pocket handballs backwards to Weller who snaps the goal 20m out. (Q2 7:33)
Weller from 50m out kicks short to Acres on the lead 25m out on a 45 degree angle. His set shot is a goal. (Q2 10:32)
Long kick to the hotspot is knocked down by Hawkins for Lang to soccer through a goal. (Q2 12:18)
Weller held onto by Stewart at the forward 50 stoppage 30m from goal directly in front. The set shot hits the post. (Q2 16:25)
Very questionable push in the back free to Bruce called on Lonergan 25m out directly in front. Bruce misses the easy shot. (Q2 23:18)
Montagna gives away a 50m penalty in the middle of the ground and Mackie converts the set shot 40m from goal. (Q2 25:18)
Searing kick inside 50 from Ross finds Newnes on the lead 35m from goal on a slight angle. Newnes goals. (Q2 28:02)
Roberton hands to Steven 60m from goal where Steven runs another 10 and has a long shot on goal which he slots! Great goal. (Q3 3:10)
Dunstan 50m out sidesteps Black and has a shot on goal which is straight through the middle! (Q3 4:49)
Blicavs turns the ball over to Gresham who misses with a dribbling shot on goal. (Q3 5:58)
Selwood backing back takes a courageous overhead mark 40m from goal. He goes back and goals. (Q3 9:35)
Blicavs marks 40m from goal but pushes the set shot to the left. (Q3 18:26)
Minchington steps through a couple of Cats and snaps a nice goal from the pocket. (Q3 21:21)
Guthrie in traffic hands to Lang who snaps a goal on his left 30m from goal. (Q3 26:09)
Black has a wild shot on goal with his left from 40m out and misses to the left. (Q3 30:42)
Lang works through a tackle and hands to Cockatoo who snaps a goal from 20m out. (Q4 5:35)
Membrey marks 70m out and Stewart gives away a costly 50m penalty. Membrey goals. (Q4 8:34)
Ross bursts out of the middle, runs about 50m, has a shot from the arc but misses to the left. (Q4 9:20)
Long ball into the forward line where Black is an unlikely rover and kicks the goal to put Geelong over two goals clear. (Q4 16:54)
Cockatoo plays on from a mark in front of goal, thinking it was touched, and misses as a result. (Q4 19:53)
Handball from Horlin-Smith out of the stoppage to Duncan who goals with a right foot snap from 30m out. (Q4 20:50)
Hawkins outmuscles Brown in the goalsquare and kicks a goal to put the game beyond doubt. (Q4 22:05)
Roberton drops an easy mark, Guthrie pounces, hands to Black who gives to Hawkins to run into an open goal. (Q4 28:56)
Selwood marks the St Kilda kick-in 60m out, hands to Guthrie who kicks the goal from 50m just before the siren sounds. (Full Time)

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