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Blog log from R5 of 2017: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R5 of 2017

The Swans work it out of the stoppage via Rohan. Hannebery grabs it off the deck inside F50. He moves it off to Kennedy and the captain finishes truly from 45! (Q1 1:10)
Cunningham sends it long to the top of the square and the former Crow in Tippett takes the strong contested grab opposed to Tomlinson. Kurt hammers it home from close range! (Q1 1:56)
Make that three in two for the Swans! Reid grabs it off the deck in congestion and flicks it off to the speeding Papley. Tom settles and goals from 40 on the flank! (Q1 4:10)
How about 4 in 2 and a half minutes! Reid takes the inbound kick after a deliberate free. Kurt marks inside 50, flicks off to Franklin and Lance slams it through from 45! (Q1 5:25)
Greene sends it long after Scully wins the Giants first possession of the game. Jeremy marks the inside 50 but he misses the resultant shot from 35 on the slight. (Q1 6:28)
Greene sends it long after Scully wins the Giants first possession of the game. Jeremy marks the inside 50 but he misses the resultant shot from 35 on the slight. (Q1 7:53)
Wilson takes on the ranging effort from all of 60 after the Giants moved the ball via the wing. Nathan kicks but misses to the near side, distance no problem. (Q1 8:26)
Reid of the Giants variety chips inside 50 and finds Cameron on the lead ahead of Marsh. Jeremy misses his second set shot to the far side from 40 on the flank. (Q1 15:15)
Cameron makes it three minors for the term. Jeremy gets out the back after Marsh mishandles the bouncing ball. He dribbles it from 20 but misses the gilt edge opportunity. (Q1 17:14)
The Giants enjoy a repeat forward 50 entry and Patton is the recipient after Greene floated the pill onto his chest ahead of Marsh. Jeremy marks and goals from close range! (Q1 18:10)
Hannebery spears the ball to the leading Franklin and Lance marks ahead of Shaw. The former Hawk shoots from 55, boundary side, but he misses to the near side. (Q1 18:45)
Jones turns it over with the rebound 50 and Smith is the recipient, receiving the pass unmarked inside 40. Devon marks, kicks and goals from the slight angle! (Q1 22:26)
Scully darts it long to the isolated marking contest between first gamer Melican and Lobb. Rory takes the predictable grab and finishes truly via the snap effort from the pocket! (Q1 25:41)
The Giants have the lead for the first time tonight! Scully sends it long to the hot spot and Johnson is first to the scraps in the pocket. He soccers through a tremendous major! (Q1 28:26)
Shiel out of the stoppage finds Ward with the up and under. Callan dabs it inside 50 and finds Cameron on the hard lead. Jeremy kicks from 45 out, directly in front and goals! (Q1 28:56)
Make that six in a row for the team wearing orange and charcoal! Ward pounces on the crumbs of the Greene marking contest. Callan flicks to Toby who goals from close range! (Q2 3:21)
This match is becoming somewhat of a procession. Kennedy feeds it out and Ward is the recipient. Callan runs his full measure and slams through another from 40 on the flank! (Q2 7:57)
Greene has his second of the night as the procession continues. Foote misses the target by hand under pressure from Cameron. Greene gathers the crumbs and goals from 25! (Q2 19:58)
The resultant stoppage is another easy win for the Giants. Smith receives outside of the coalface and chips inside F50 to the unmarked Johnson. Steve misses from 40 on the flank. (Q2 20:28)
Devon Smith nabs his second for the half. Kennedy bounds off the half back flank and sends it long to the hot spot. Smith gathers the spill and goals from 40 on the flank! (Q2 22:13)
Parker and Jones link through the middle by hand before Zac darts a low bullet inside 50. Luke powers back inside and takes the one hander. He misses from 55 on the slight angle. (Q2 25:33)
Melican, Marsh, Lloyd and Jake spots Rohan on the short lead, with Gary marking unopposed directly in front. Gary shoots from 40 out and sends it through! (Q3 2:07)
That major breaks a run of nine straight goals for the GWS Giants. (Q3 2:07)
Parker sends it long with an up and under to the hot spot. Sinclair flies and the former Eagle takes the towering mark. Calum slots the set shot from 40 out, directly in front! (Q3 3:52)
Mumford wins the free kick from the resultant centre bounce after high contact. Tomlinson speeds away from Tippett and takes the uncontested mark.He runs through and goals from 40! (Q3 5:11)
Lloyd, Kennedy and Jack link up by foot through the heart of the midfield. Kieran goes for home from the arc but misses the chance to the right hand side. (Q3 6:33)
Greene takes it out of congestion via the forward 50 stoppage. Toby throws it on the boot and his attempt just floats the wrong side of the post for a minor. (Q3 8:38)
Parker fumbles through the middle of the SCG and the ball handling proves pivotal. Mumford, Cameron and Greene link up moving into F50. Toby gathers and goals from 25! (Q3 11:22)
Ward takes it out of the resultant centre stoppage and the Giants captain wastes little time. Callan runs his full measure and goes for home, bouncing it through for a minor. (Q3 12:08)
Cunningham, Lloyd, Jones and Zac sends it onto the chest of the leading Frnaklin ahead of Davis. Lance lines up from 45 on the flank and he splits the middle for his 799th! (Q3 16:07)
Kennedy gathers within the stoppage situated on the HF flank. Matt turns on a dime and shoots for goal from the arc of the 50. He misses to the far side via the drop punt. (Q3 19:14)
Mumford moves it off to Williams and the speedster misses his open play attempt from 50. The Giants are keeping it inside their forward half with ease. (Q3 25:20)
Mills went long to the isolated one on one between Parker and Scully. Luke takes the contested mark and slots his first goal for the season from 35 on the flank! (Q3 25:53)
Heeney dabs it inside 50 and Franklin takes the uncontested mark. Lance shoots from 55 on the slight angle for goal number 800… He misses to the far side. (Q3 30:38)
Williams receives outside of congestion by Mumford as the unlikely duo link up once more. Zac steps past Rohan, settles and hammers it through from 40 on the slight! (Q4 3:02)
Reid of the Giant variety outbodies his smaller opponent in Lloyd and takes the contested mark. Sam goes back and sends it through from 30 on the slight angle! (Q4 8:27)
Johnson takes it out of the deep forward pocket stoppage. Steve predictably shoots from the improbable angle and misses to the near side. (Q4 11:42)
Marsh has a pot shot from outside 50 but his attempt misses to the left hand side of goal. (Q4 16:54)
Kennedy turns it over with a kick through the corridor deep in the forward pocket. Greene gathers the Heeney spillage and finishes with ease from 25! (Q4 19:28)
Haynes, Kennedy and Shaw link up by foot moving from the half back to half forward flank. Shaw goes to Cameron who receives the free for an arm chop. He goals from 35! (Q4 21:46)
Rohan bounds down the wing and sends it long to the Franklin/Tomlinson contest and Lance receives the free for holding. Franklin kicks truly for his 800th at AFL level! (Q4 24:09)
Cameron takes a diving mark inside 50 and will kick post siren. The Giants have won handsomely as Jeremy misses to the near side from 40 on the flank. (Q4 31:00)

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