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Blog log from R4 of 2017: Carlton vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Carlton vs Gold Coast, R4 of 2017

Wright passes to Weitering 45m out on a slight angle on a fast break. Weitering boots the first goal of the evening. (Q1 4:36)
Lynch marks 45m out on the flank and answers Weitering with the first Sun goal. (Q1 7:00)
Kolodjashnij rushes a quick Ed Curnow snap after a stoppage from 20m on the flank. (Q1 8:53)
On his third involvement in a single passage of play, Murphy passes to Kreuzer 50m out on a slight angle. Krooze misses. (Q1 10:30)
Charlie Curnow kicks an ugly sack inside 50 from the HFF, it falls into the breadbasket of Casboult 30m out on a slight angle. Levi kicks truly. (Q1 13:00)
Wright gets a free for Leslie falling in his back after disposal 40m out on the flank. Wright runs in crooked but kicks straight… not long enough though, touched. (Q1 14:50)
Sexton passes to Lynch 25m out on the flank on a fast break up the guts, Hall the one to break the lines with run. Lynch boots his second goal. (Q1 18:31)
Pickett roves Weitering and gets chased by the speedy Saad down the flank, his snap from 25m is wide. (Q1 20:25)
Pickett marks 40m out wide on the flank, his set shot drifts and is cleared. (Q1 21:51)
Matera marks a Swallow ball near CHF and puts the Suns in front with his first goal. (Q1 24:16)
Silvagni roves the crumb from a Casboult contest and goals from near the hotspot. (Q2 1:12)
Lynch marks in front of Rowe on the lead just inside true CHF. He boots goal number three. (Q2 3:51)
High ball to the Sun hotspot, two Blues jump against Lynch and the ump pays a blocking free against the hapless Rose. Four for Lynch already, five minutes into Q2. (Q2 7:31)
May spoils Weitering on the HFF but slips and fumbles the crumb, Fisher swoops and tries a low percentage snap from 40m near the boundary… beautiful finish off the left! (Q2 9:01)
Harbrow passes to Lynch 40m out on a slight angle for goal number five, as easy as shelling peas. (Q2 13:16)
Fisher roves the crumb from a hard Charlie Curnow tackle on Leslie near the behind line, he gives inside for Pickett to snap truly from 5m. (Q2 17:04)
Charlie Curnow marks in front of Leslie 20m out on the flank, but misses. (Q2 18:32)
Rowe catches Lynch HTB after marking on the wing, fast break for Carlton started by Silvagni, Casboult marks 40m out on the flank. But Levi kicks OOTF. (Q2 20:12)
Thomas roves a Witts drop at CHF and goes wide to Charlie Curnow 40m out on a slight angle. Curnow misses again. (Q2 21:17)
Ed Curnow snaps a goal from the hotspot after Weitering roves a long ball and gives outside. (Q2 26:34)
Lemmens passes to Wright 20m out on the flank after Blue fans boo a questionable advantage call in the centre following a Harbrow FA. The HT siren sounds, Wright misses. (Q2 29:32)
Lynch drops a pud, Rowe roves but Bowes catches him HTB 35m out on a slight angle and steers through his first senior goal. (Q3 1:10)
Murphy breaks a tackle on the wing and passes to Wright to mark in front of Kolodjashnij 40m out on the flank. Wright slices it right. (Q3 3:41)
Lynch passes to Swallow wide on the flank 40m out. Swallow, who did not touch it in Q2, doesn’t score. (Q3 5:01)
Simpson marks unopposed 40m out wide on the flank, looks inside but goes back for the set shot… and punches it low and straight! (Q3 7:15)
Wright stands tall in front of Marchbank to clunk a mark at the hotspot for his first goal. (Q3 10:54)
On the end of a very patient rebound switch play, Wright marks a Fiorini ball on the behind line, plays on and goals. (Q3 14:15)
Macreadie marks in relief on the behind line but kicks straight into Lyon on the mark who says thank you very much and goals from the square. Oh dear. (Q3 15:45)
Matera roves but his snap from a pack 25m out on the flank is touched and dribbles wide anyway. (Q3 17:00)
Lyons misses from the pocket 20m out. (Q3 17:54)
Matera roves a Lynch contest and runs into the open goal. Suns now running away with this. (Q3 18:59)
Lynch marks a Matera ball in front of Plowman 40m out on the flank, and kicks as straight as a die for his sixth major. (Q3 20:45)
The Suns have the overlap on a fast break started by Saad with two bounces up the guts, Sexton has Lemmens over the back of Weitering to mark and goal from the square. (Q3 23:33)
Lynch marks a Lyons clearance from the wing to 45m wide on the flank. Why not line up for your seventh from that tough spot? But he doesn’t score. (Q3 25:46)
The crumb from a Casboult contest 40m out on a slight angle falls perfectly for Silvagni to gather and roll home a goal. (Q4 3:22)
Wright marks a Matera ball in frWright marks a Matera ball in front of Marchbank near the hotspot, he sails through another one for the rampaging Suns. (Q4 5:15)
Ablett plays on to advantage from a ruck free at the next centre bounce, everyone else stands still as he waltzes to CHF and rams another one home! Garry’s back. (Q4 7:04)
Matera screws through a left foot set shot from the boundary 30m out from an OOTF free. The Suns can do no wrong! (Q4 8:19)
Murphy gets a free on Sexton in a pack near the hotspot but hits the post. (Q4 9:49)
Matera passes to Fiorini 30m out on a slight angle, he gives to May who misses. (Q4 10:33)
Fiorini passes to Lyons 45m out on a slight angle, he plays on and misses. (Q4 12:18)
Docherty runs through the HFF and misses from 40m. (Q4 13:52)
Docherty leaps and touches an Ablett snap from 40m in front. (Q4 16:48)
Rowe draws a holding free in a marking contest 20m out on a slight angle. He goals, deep in junk time now though. (Q4 18:13)
Casboult outmarks Kolodjashnij 20m out on a slight angle, he boots his second goal. (Q4 21:30)
Rowe passes to Casboult who leaps in front of Kolodjashnij and marks again 45m out on a slight angle. He goals again. (Q4 23:41)
Plowman passes to Marchbank 40m out on the flank after a Joe the Goose attempt to Pickett comes unstuck. Marchbank misses. (Q4 26:25)
Matera to Witts over the back on a fast break, he gives the biggest Joe the Goose special you’ll ever see for Lynch to boot his seventh goal. (Q4 28:35)
Simpson gives to Silvagni on a fast break through the middle, he goes long to the square from outside CHF, the ball lands behind the contest and through for a goal! (Q4 29:48)

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