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Blog log from R3 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Hawthorn, R3 of 2017

Stratton kicks OOTF on the HBF, Lynch pumps it back in and the crumb falls for Martin to snap the first goal from 30m on the flank. (Q1 1:11)
The Suns rebound from the last line around the outer wing through Harbrow, Sexton has Ablett running to the square for the second goal. Suns have the jump! (Q1 3:09)
Lynch misses a snap from near the hotspot. (Q1 3:41)
Long ball from the HFF to the square by Lynch, three Hawks go up to spoil Wright, Martin is front and centre for the easy crumb and goal. (Q1 5:38)
Smith passes short to Gunston 45m out on the flank as the Hawks slow down the play with some chipping around the key. Gunston shanks it for a behind. (Q1 8:16)
Miller mark at CHF and gives to Sexton who misses. (Q1 11:54)
Lynch catches Miles HTB 40m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q1 13:16)
Hodge baulks two on the HBF and hits Breust on the wing, he switches and it’s a footrace, Roughead has Puopolo over the back to run into the open goal. (Q1 14:30)
Rioli catches Rosa HTB after a stoppage 45m out on a slight angle, and delivers his first goal of the evening. (Q1 17:00)
Gunston marks a Burgoyne ball on the HFF, then goes to Roughead who goes back to Gunston at the same spot 50m out. Bit weird. Gunston misses. (Q1 22:01)
Gunston snaps from a huge pack at the top of the square, but he tells the ump that it’s touched off the boot and the umps agree. (Q1 26:57)
Hall boots the first goal of Q2 with a snap from the HFF after the first centre bounce. (Q2 0:25)
Whitecross catches Saad HTB next to the behind post. He tries a set shot screwing ball, and misses. (Q2 1:57)
O’Meara marks near true CHF on a slow play, the crowd hoots their former player. Jaeger’s set shot falls on the line, video review confirms it’s a goal! (Q2 4:51)
Sexton plays on to set up Miller with a Joe the Goose after Gibson catches Lemmens high. (Q2 7:10)
Hall bursts away from a stoppage in the middle after a feed from Fiorini, busts a Burgoyne arm tackle and rams through a trademark finish from CHF. (Q2 9:55)
Martin plays on and goals from a Lynch free against Frawley for contact over the shoulder 15m out. (Q2 14:11)
Vickery tries a very low percentage snap from the pocket 15m out, it bounces through but was touched off the boot. (Q2 20:09)
Saad takes four bounces rebounding up the wing ahead of Puopolo, the Martin pass goes to Lynch 50m out on the flank whose set shot is rushed. (Q2 25:41)
Hall misses a mid range snap from the HFF. (Q2 25:41)
Joyce volleys the crumb from a Hall contest through for a behind from 15m out on the flank. (Q2 27:49)
Lynch draws a holding free on Frawley 50m out on a slight angle, but misses in the last minute before HT. (Q2 31:11)
Roughead gets a set shot near the hotspot for the first goal of the second half, after drawing a holding free on May as they sat under a long Gibson ball. (Q3 1:01)
Swallow misses a mid range snap. (Q3 1:43)
Ablett misses on the run from near the boundary 40m out. (Q3 2:11)
Mitchell turns the ball over at CHB as Martin smashes him in a tackle, Matera rolls through a goal from the hotspot. (Q3 3:23)
Matera snaps his second goal in half a minute as a long ball goes over the back of a pack. (Q3 4:42)
Lynch beats Frawley one on one to take an impressive contested grab 15m out for his first goal. (Q3 11:29)
Harbrow snaps a nice goal from 40m on the flank. This is a procession at the moment. (Q3 14:12)
Martin passes to Ablett leading to 40m on a slight angle. GAJ strokes through another one, this game is well past over. (Q3 16:03)
Breust roves a Vickery contest but misses from 40m in the corridor. (Q3 17:28)
Vickery roves and gives to Rioli for a miss from 25m out on a slight angle. (Q3 18:15)
Fiorini is behind a Lynch contest on his own for the crumb and easy goal from the top of the square. Again, three Hawks all went to Lynch. Dumb footy. (Q3 22:43)
Fiorini is in exactly the same spot in his own for another crumb and goal. Hawk defenders nowhere. (Q3 26:00)
Smith misses a long snap from the HFF. (Q3 27:34)
Roughead goals from the square after roving a Mitchell ball to the square for which two Suns spoil each other. (Q3 28:33)
Lemmens roves a Lynch contest at the hotspot, baulks Hodge with flair and goals with contempt. (Q3 29:22)
Burton skids through a snap from the hotspot after a smothered ball falls nicely for him. It is well and truly junk time now, though. (Q3 30:33)
Matera goals from the square from yet another crumb from a long ball. (Q3 32:14)
Lynch converts a set shot from 45m on a slight angle. It’s a cakewalk. (Q3 33:19)
Hall passes to Wright 45m out wide on the flank, who misses
. (Q4 2:34)
Roughead marks and goals from the square, to muted reaction from the remaining Suns fans. (Q4 5:52)
Burton catches Matera high 40m out on a slight angle, who boots his fourth goal. (Q4 11:55)
Martin gives to Matera for his fifth goal from the top of the square. (Q4 14:49)
Matera is Johnny on the spot for a blind Barlow kick out of a pack on the HFF 35m out. He boots goal number six, if you don’t mind. (Q4 16:18)
Miller marks at the hotspot for another one. Hawthorn’s 8-0 run against the Suns since inception is coming crashing down in no certain terms. (Q4 20:35)
Lynch marks and/or gets a free on Frawley on the flank 45m out, but hits the post. (Q4 22:05)
Burgoyne misses a quick snap from near the behind post. (Q4 25:05)
Lemmes runs free down the wing and hits Barlow on his own 25m out on the flank. Barlow lines up as the full time siren sounds, and misses. (Q4 27:20)

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