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Blog log from R3 of 2017: Richmond vs West Coast

Blog log for Richmond vs West Coast, R3 of 2017

Kennedy marks a Mitchell pass 45m out on a slight angle, but his set shot drifts right. (Q1 1:14)
After a turnover near CHB following a Barrass free, Castagna misses a snap from 40m in front. (Q1 4:29)
Hill passes to Masten near the boundary 40m out, who looks but has to go back for the set shot… no score. (Q1 6:14)
McIntosh turns the ball over at half back, LeCras marks at much the same spot as Masten’s a few minutes ago, his set shot falls on the line, video review confirms a goal. (Q1 8:24)
Darling misses a long snap from half forward after Elton turns the ball over by hand on the wing. (Q1 12:01)
Darling gets another chance after the kick in goes OOTF 40m out. He misses again. (Q1 13:01)
Cotchin runs into trouble on the HFF, pack forms but Vlaustin feeds out to Lambert who screws through a nice finish from 30m. (Q1 15:59)
Riewoldt crumbs his own contest to a Cotchin ball on the behind line but his left foot snap over his shoulder is wide from 10m. (Q1 17:25)
Butler picks up the crumb from a contest on the wing and scoots away with three bounces, no one in front of him, Rioli shepherds McGovern to release him for the open goal! (Q1 20:28)
Hutchings is over the back to mark a long Mitchell ball from outside CHF to the square and run into the open goal. (Q1 23:59)
Priddis passes to Darling 40m out on the flank after Short catches Gaff high on the wing to start an Eagle attack. Darling starts his set shot straight, it veers right, no score. (Q1 25:14)
Rance’s pressured rebound kick from the BP lands in the breadbasket of LeCras 35m out on the flank. He misses. (Q1 26:21)
Masten drops a difficult mark at CHF but follows up and snaps across the body from 40m… OOTF. (Q1 28:29)
Shuey passes wide to Hill near the boundary 40m out, who misses. (Q2 0:50)
Martin clears from a stoppage in the centre to Lennon at half forward, he goes to the flank 35m out for Riewoldt to mark in front of Barrass. His set shot doesn’t score. (Q2 2:41)
McIntosh snaps a behind off his left boot from 35m on a slight angle after roving a stoppage. (Q2 3:08)
After a head-high free against Darling to Astbury at half back, Martin can’t mark a long ball to the pocket, gets corralled but slots a lovely snap from 30m! (Q2 6:41)
Kennedy beats Astbury to mark a Jetta ball from the wing to 40m out on a slight angle. JJK sails through his first goal. (Q2 10:26)
Houli marks 40m out on a slight angle and delivers a professional finish to bring the Tigers back within a point. (Q2 13:30)
Hutchings marks on the HFF and gives to Wellingham whose long ball to the square is off hands for a behind. (Q2 14:52)
Darling gets a free on Rance for a ruck infringement next to the hotspot and boots his first goal, to the boos from Tiger fans who are sick of cheap frees to the Eagles. (Q2 18:07)
Butler gets a free for Redden falling into his back outside CHF, he gives to Martin who misses. (Q2 19:27)
Conca marks 45m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q2 19:55)
Martin turns the ball over to Darling on the wing, the Eagles switch to end with Cripps marking 20m out for the turnover goal. (Q2 21:24)
Rioli beats McGovern one on one on the wing and gives to Butler whose long ball over the top to Castagna 20m out results in a goal. (Q2 24:11)
Jetta marks 35m out on the flank and misses. (Q2 26:23)
Riewoldt marks 45m out in front after Rance starts a rebound from a huge pack at half back. Li’l Rooey misses. (Q2 27:52)
Hurn just manages to get a touch on a Conca snap from a pack 40m out, Riewoldt didn’t do enough to shepherd it through. (Q3 6:43)
Rioli beats two Eagles in the air, does a one-two and performs a party trick from the pocket, a checkside that brings the home Tiger army to their feet! (Q3 8:36)
Cotchin soccers a behind from the pocket as the Tigers are up and about, the Eagles have to deal with a big emotional surge. (Q3 11:30)
Castagna marks on the HFF, wheels and goes short to Martin 40m out, he plays on and screws through a nice finish, Richmond on the rampage! (Q3 14:02)
Hutchings gives to LeCras who snaps off the left from 25m on the flank for a steadying goal. (Q3 15:32)
Vardy to Priddis to Kennedy at the next centre bounce, an easy mark 45m out in front. The goal umpire doesn’t move, Eagles regain the lead. (Q3 16:22)
Grigg catches Nelson HTB 50m out on a slight angle. He sails through a lovely set shot to restore the Tiger lead! (Q3 18:38)
A storm has arrived at the G, thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening! (Q3 26:07)
Castagna leaps and marks a nice Nankervis pass to a lead up the guts to 40m. He kicks into the man on the mark, Eagles clear. (Q3 27:27)
Riewoldt marks on the boundary 25m out and tries a screwing set shot that goes OOTF. (Q3 28:26)
Heavy rain falling now. (Q3 28:58)
Castagna roves a Riewoldt ball to the pocket, his snap bounces up in the square for Butler to gather and goal from mid air with a Jackie Chan despite a Nelson challenge! (Q3 29:55)
Shuey passes to Darling to mark unopposed on his chest 40m out in the corridor. He kicks after the 3QT siren, the crowd roars as he misses. (Q3 33:52)
Barrass intercepts a Caddy inside 50 at half back and starts a rebound around the outer wing, Darling finds LeCras deep in the pocket, who misses from 25m. (Q4 11:23)
Mad scramble at the Tiger hotspot after Ellis bombs long, Butler gets a free on Yeo for high contact as Jetta tackles him. But he shanks it for a behind. (Q4 20:06)
Riewoldt marks a Short ball on his chest in a contest with Wellingham at the hotspot. He steers through the goal to put Richmond two kicks up with 4:15 to play. (Q4 21:41)
Eagles in attack as the clock ticks under 3:00, Cotchin is pinged for deliberate OOB next to the behind post. Hill misses the lot, crowd cheers. (Q4 23:58)
Rioli roves a Nelson spoil at the hotspot and seals the deal by running into the open goal! Tigers start the season 3-0. (Q4 26:11)
LeCras catches the cake of soap and snaps truly from a big pack 20m out after the Eagles boss the next centre bounce. (Q4 28:17)

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