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Blog log from R3 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R3 of 2017

Hansen gives away the free for arm contact on Cameron. Jeremy chips it inside 50 and finds the leading Johnson. For number 500, Steve misses to the near side from 40. (Q1 1:23)
Turner, McDonald and finally Goldstein as Luke passes with precision as Todd marks on the lead. Todd goes back and sends it through from 25 out! (Q1 7:23)
Shiel, Cameron and back again with Dylan finding Lobb running back into space over his direct opponent in Tarrant. Rory finishes from the sharp angle, 20 out! (Q1 9:05)
Kelly finds it in defence but throws it on the boot without glance and pays the consequences, hitting Ziebell on the chest. Jack slots it from 40 in his 150th! (Q1 10:48)
Shaw flicked it over his back after Thomas applied the pressure near the goal line. The handball floats directly to Brown, but Ben misses the snap to the far side. (Q1 13:08)
Cameron skids through his first of the afternoon after the Giants power from one end to the other after a Durdin turnover. Greene fed it forward and Jeremy finishes from 45! (Q1 15:03)
Dumont finds Preuss playing a kick ahead of the play. Brandon marked uncontested, spun on a dime and sent it through from all of 60 metres! (Q1 19:09)
North send it long and Preuss is the one to bring it down, marking ahead of Lobb in the one on one. Braydon misses to the far side from 30 out on the flank. (Q1 21:02)
Cameron, Smith and Devon sends it to the hot spot. The kick is largely uncontested and falls to the back of the pack. Reid is first onto it but misses the opportunity from 25. (Q1 23:26)
Johnson forces the ball forward with a slap after Cameron brought the ball to ground with a fly. Greene grabs the opportunity, snapping truly from deep in the pocket! (Q1 25:54)
From the forward pocket stoppage, Preuss is first to the throw in ahead of Mumford. Braydon throws it on the boot and it takes an incredible bounce over a couple and through! (Q2 1:20)
Swallow makes it two in a minute for the Roos! Preuss moves it forward from the bounce, Ziebell and McDonald send it forward. Thomas flicks it off to Andrew who finishes from 25! (Q2 2:20)
Cameron spins on a dime and rolls past his opponent after the Giants search for the quick reply. Jeremy misses the resultant effort from 35 on the slight angle. (Q2 3:20)
Smith sends it long to the top of the square and Greene juggles the mark after Mullett lost his feet in the one on one. Toby finishes with ease for his second of the day! (Q2 3:55)
Cunnington sends it inside 50 with a dribbler. Turner reads it best of the bunch, but is unable to finish the job from 35 on the flank. (Q2 14:59)
Thomas takes the diving mark ahead of Wilson as the Roos power it from end to end. Kicking against the wind from a step outside 50, Lindsay misses poorly to the left hand side. (Q2 16:20)
A fight breaks out on the HF flank and enables the Giants to push forward unopposed. Tarranto produces the fend off and flicks it inside to Hopper. Jacob settles and goals from 40! (Q2 19:00)
Reid pulls out of the stoppage with ball in hand and manages to dribble it through to the Giants favour. Cameron receives unopposed but misses poorly from 35. (Q2 21:22)
Durdin fumbles outside 50 and provides the Giants with an opportunity. Greene is first on the scene and sends it goalward from 55. He bounces it through for a minor. (Q2 23:19)
Scully darts the pass to the leading Cameron after the Williams turnover and Jeremy marks unopposed. He shoots from 40 on the slight and slots his second! (Q2 25:06)
Reid flicks it out of the stoppage and manages to hit Ward as his captain speeds away from congestion. Callan has time on his side but fails to use it, missing from 35. (Q2 27:05)
Hopper receives out of the forward 50 stoppage from Kennedy. Jacob hooks it across his body from the flank region, 45 out. His shot misses to the far side. (Q2 29:36)
Shiel grabs it at ground level as the Giants again send it forward via the stoppage scenario. Dylan shoots from the sharp angle, 25 out, but misses poorly to the far side. (Q2 30:41)
Scully flicks to Kelly who sends it out the back to the speeding Johnson ahead of Durdin. Steve is caught in the tackle and post review it appears he kneed the ball through. (Q3 3:04)
Johnson had little longer to wait as Cameron fed him a cheapie to the former Cat who was alone in the square. That’s five hundred majors for the champion! (Q3 4:10)
The Roos move it from defence to attack in one swift movement, finishing with Cunnington guiding it onto the chest of the leading Turner. Kayne misses from 40 out. (Q3 6:10)
Hrovat off to Dumont out of the stoppage and Trent immediately sends ball to boot. The ball flies through and Dumont has his first! (Q3 7:40)
Reid sends it to the hot spot after receiving the sling free kick against Tarrant. Lobb then receives the free for holding and slots from close range, directly in front! (Q3 10:19)
Williams launches to the one on one between Davis and Brown. Phil gives away the free for having eyes for the man during contact. Ben goals from 25 via the questionable free kick! (Q3 12:56)
Tomlinson provides the act of desperation, forcing a bit of contact as Garner waltzed into the open goal. The contact proved vital with Taylor missing the opportunity. (Q3 16:27)
Clarke turns it over with an errant kick moving through the corridor. The price is paid as Cameron marks uncontested inside 50, but he only manages to hit the post. (Q3 20:51)
Reid marks on the lead as the Giants take advantage of the Higgins turnover. Sam shoots from 40 on the flank and he manages to pick out the post for a minor score. (Q3 24:56)
Johnson takes it out of the forward 50 stoppage and immediately taps it out to the onrushing Cameron. Jeremy gathers and sends it through from 20 on the run! (Q3 26:06)
Taranto gets caught holding the ball and the Roos pace it down the other end. Brown brings the pill to ground, Clarke receives it at ground level and sends it through on the snap! (Q3 27:56)
Taranto shows his quality with speedy hands off the turf. Kelly receives, runs his full measure and shoots for home from deep in the pocket. He finds the post as well! (Q3 28:56)
Shiel receives outside of congestion as the Giants again pace it from one end to the other. Dylan continues his poor kicking day, missing the opportunity from 50 to the left. (Q4 4:46)
The Giants switch the pill via Ward’s kick. Kennedy flicks it off to Wilson, who bounds his full measure and sends it through with a 55 metre punt! (Q4 9:10)
The Roos send it long out the back as Brown heads back to it with Shaw desperate in the chase. The former Pie makes the dive and on video evidence he managed to touch it through. (Q4 11:57)
Kelly sends it to the top of the square where Cameron and Hansen battle. Reid gets to the contest and manages to soccer it through ahead of his onrushing opponent. (Q4 14:10)
Turner gets out the back and slots through a simple major after a huge collision on the wing between Ziebell and Davis. The pill falls North’s way and the rest is history! (Q4 16:40)
Taranto reads it off the pack after the Giants win yet another centre clearance. Tim immediately dribbles for goal but misses the opportunity from 45 to the right hand side. (Q4 17:44)
Cameron finds Kelly working hard into the forward 50 and Josh completed the play with the mark. The man in demand goes back from 45 on the sharp angle and slots it! (Q4 21:44)
Poor turnover from North as they attempt to push out of defence once more. Reid takes the intercept mark and slots the major from 35 on the slight angle! (Q4 24:42)
Ward sends through another as the Giants begin to push the margin out! Callan works it from the stoppage and sends it through from all of 60 metres! (Q4 25:43)
Garner slots the consolation prize from 40 out, directly in front as the match reaches its penultimate period. The Roos won a rare stoppage and Taylor took full reward! (Q4 28:00)
Kelly darts the ball to the top of the square as Greene powers into the open space. Toby marks, kicks and goals to complete the victory for the Giants! (Q4 31:10)

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