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Blog log from R1 of 2017: North Melbourne vs West Coast

Blog log for North Melbourne vs West Coast, R1 of 2017

Brown storms onto a Ziebell ball near the boundary 25m out, well in front of Mackenzie. He boots the first goal. (Q1 1:15)
Thomas runs down the HFF after a stoppage and gives, Atleyy is at the front of a convoy to goal from the hotspot. Roos have the jump! (Q1 2:31)
Hurn drives up the guts to 20m out, Kennedy draws an obvious holding free on Tarrant for his first goal. (Q1 3:10)
Mitchell does a one-two with Jetta on the HFF, dithers 40m out and goes himself… wide. (Q1 7:05)
Masten passes to Kennedy for a hardfought mark against Tarrant on the boundary 45m out. JJK doesn’t score. (Q1 8:42)
Waite marks near the boundary 30m out but misses. (Q1 10:16)
Gaff is corralled on the HFF by Swallow and goes inboard to Cripps 40m out on a slight angle. Cripps boots his first goal of the season. (Q1 11:45)
Kennedy turns rover for a long Wellingham ball to a pack 20m out on the flank, his man Tarrant had flown so he has oodles of time to turn, measure and goal. (Q1 14:15)
Jetta beats a man in the pocket and gives to Hill who baulks and hits the post from 20m. (Q1 16:16)
Brown marks with three Eagles nearby 40m out on the flank, and misses. (Q1 21:31)
Waite traps a grubbing inside 50 by Higgins at CHF, turns and goes short to Thomas 35m out on a slight angle. LT hits the post. (Q1 22:46)
The Eagles again can’t rebound past halfway, Turner passes to Swallow at the hotspot. Swallow misses as well. (Q1 24:16)
The Roos are all over the Eagles after a stoppage on the HFF, the scrum moves to the North hotspot where Atley gets clear but misses with a snap around the corner. (Q1 26:03)
Atley gives to Turner for a goal from the hotspot to break the run of misses. That was almost inevitable, Roos are swarming in great numbers! (Q1 26:58)
Higgins releases Dumont to run away from the next centre bounce and hit Waite 45m out on the flank. Waite sits it up to the square, no score results. (Q1 28:01)
Waite gives to Ziebell after the next Roos inside 50 by Tarrant to the hotspot, Jay-Z screws through another one in the last minute before QT! (Q1 29:56)
Priddis passes after the first centre bounce of Q2 to LeCras leading up to true CHF. The Frenchman runs right but shoots straight. (Q2 0:23)
Kennedy drifts across a pack at the top of the square to mark and give a Joe the Goose special to Jetta. Eagles back in front, that was too easy! (Q2 2:03)
LeCras beats McDonald to mark a diagonal Darling ball 40m out on a slight angle. He goals again, Eagles have begun Q2 like a house on fire! (Q2 3:13)
Cripps marks unopposed 20m out on a slight angle after another fast break from half back, but he shanks a behind. (Q2 4:58)
North have a convoy running through the middle on a rebound started by Hansen, Goldstein is behind the defence to mark 20m out and goal. (Q2 7:22)
Nelson roves a pack in the BP 25m out but gets claimed by Thomas, either HTB or a high fend free. LT misses everything. (Q2 11:30)
LeCras takes a one-handed mark running back with the flight to 40m on the flank, plays on and screws through his third goal of Q2. (Q2 13:22)
LeCras tries a standing snap around the corner from the hotspot but that one is well wide. (Q2 14:52)
McGovern marks 50m out on the flank and misses. (Q2 16:52)
Hill roves a Kennedy contest 20m out on the flank but his snap around the corner is wide. (Q2 17:03)
North almost get in trouble on the rebound as Ziebell coughs it up by hand, but he gets it back and finds Brown with a long kick to the hotspot. Brown goals. (Q2 18:06)
Hill passes to Darling in front of Macmillan 35m out on the flank. Darling makes no mistake. (Q2 19:33)
After Brown strips Sheppard in a tackle, Mountford bombs long from the HFF for Waite to mark over the outmatched Yeo in the square. Waite goals, North back in touch. (Q2 23:07)
Waite misses an unlikely banana on the run from deep in the pocket 15m out. (Q2 24:51)
Kennedy draws another holding free on Tarrant 40m out on the flank. JJK’s set shot starts way right but swerves wickedly to the left and over the goal umpire’s peaked cap. (Q2 26:35)
Shuey centres from the HFF to Gaff 45m out on a slight angle, he gives to Gaff who hits the post from outside 50m. (Q2 28:51)
North rebounds up the guts from the kick in, Dumont picks out Turner running back to the hotspot to mark over Mackenzie. Turner kicks truly. (Q2 30:04)
Waite roves a Preuss contest but screws just wide from 20m on the flank. (Q2 31:04)
Darling strips Thompson in a tackle at CHF, Kennedy giveson to LeCras who breaks a Williams tackle and rolls through his fourth goal from the hotspot. (Q3 1:39)
Hurn runs around the HFF and bombs long to the top of the square where Tarrant has lost Kennedy, JJK marks and goals with ease. (Q3 3:58)
Kennedy marks in the centre, turns and goes long to Cripps who beats Macmillan one on one at the hotspot to mark and goal. (Q3 5:42)
The story of this game is that North has a big ruck advantage and provides excellent pressure on the ball, but their forward line is far inferior to that of the superstar Eagles. (Q3 6:45)
Preuss beats Mackenzie to mark a centring Ziebell ball to the hotspot, falling on his back. He boots his first goal in the seniors. (Q3 7:43)
Kennedy marks unopposed 40m out in front, again beating Tarrant on the lead. He hooks it again, another goal for him to make it five. (Q3 11:00)
Waite draws a free on Nelson 35m out on the flank but misses again, causing some North fans to start booing. (Q3 11:54)
Yeo sails through a snap from 50m on a slight angle. Eagles in control now. (Q3 14:45)
Goldstein beats Mackenzie to mark 35m out on a slight angle with his left hand. He shows the forwards how to do it with a quality finish. (Q3 15:30)
Brown passes to Simpkin near the boundary 40m out, one of a number of very tough shots the North forwards have had with wide leads. Simpkin’s set shot drops, Thomas high free! (Q3 17:28)
Nelson was the culprit there with the FA. But LT misses from 20m, that was terrible. (Q3 18:00)
Shuey goes short on a fast break to Kennedy at true CHF, Hansen made him earn it. The goal umpire does not have to move, six of the best from JJK. (Q3 19:45)
Yeo boots his second goal of Q3 after receiving from Priddis at the hotspot. (Q3 24:34)
Thomas gives to Hrovat who finally gets a snap on target from near the hotspot after a tortured passage of play. North’s scores are so much more difficult than those of the Eagles. (Q3 30:16)
Gibson misses a running snap from near CHF, the Roo fans are definitely booing this one. They are sick of the wasted opportunities. (Q4 0:24)
McGovern drops a defensive mark 20m out on the flank, Brown roves and gives to Waite who sprays it horribly. Yep, that is well worth a boo. (Q4 2:53)
Hansen is pinged for HTB 40m out on a slight angle, ruled that he dragged it under himself. Petrie goals, the Roo fans don’t boo him. (Q4 4:24)
Goldstein marks and goals from 15m to keep the Roos somewhere within touch. They are getting well beaten today, though. (Q4 5:57)
Kennedy marks on the boundary 35m out and screws through a magnificent set shot for his seventh goal! What a player. (Q4 9:54)
Hill joins the party with a goal from close range after pouncing on a bouncing handball after a stoppage by Yeo. (Q4 13:08)
Darling marks 50m out on a slight angle and sails through another one for the Eagles. Their forward conversion today has been elite. (Q4 17:32)
Waite has a set shot 45m out on a slight angle, and sprays it again. At this point I am booing too, this is very disappointing. (Q4 21:09)
Cripps gets a set shot 40m out on the boundary, and threads the needle. That sums up the day. (Q4 25:12)
Higgins misses a long snap. (Q4 27:43)
Tarrant boots a rare goal from 55m on the flank. The Roo fans boo even more loudly, as that is just taking the mickey! (Q4 28:35)

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