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Blog log from R1 of 2017: Essendon vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Essendon vs Hawthorn, R1 of 2017

Kelly belts it inside 50 and Fantasia takes the leading grab out ahead of his direct opponent in Stratton. Orazio lines up from 45 on the slight and goals! (Q1 1:59)
Colyer sends it long to the isolated one on one between Frawley and Hooker. Hooker brings it to ground and snaps truly from deep in the pocket! (Q1 3:59)
Goddard receives out of the stoppage as the Bombers stream forward once more. Daniher marks ahead of Gibson, but misses to the near side from 50 on the flank. (Q1 5:20)
The Bombers have thrown the Hawks into disarray early. Turnover coming out of defence and Goddard takes the uncontested mark. From 40 on the flank, he misses to the near side. (Q1 6:49)
Tipungwuti wins an outnumbered contest and flicks it forward to the pacing Green. Josh finds Daniher unmarked, who snaps and goals from 25! Bombers put three on the board! (Q1 8:39)
Shiels finds the loose ball, turns on a dime and pushes off the trailing Langford. Liam runs his full measure and hammers Home a classy major from 45 on the flank! (Q1 11:22)
Fantasia forces the turnover with help from sidekick Tipungwuti. Orazio attempts the around the corner snap from deep in the pocket, but misses to the near side. (Q1 13:26)
Mitchell bombs it out of the forward half stoppage. Gunston runs onto the back of it and then is run through the back of. Rioli takes advantage and finishes from point blank range! (Q1 14:41)
Duryea chips it inside forward 50 and Rioli is first to the pill ahead of the trailing Baguley. The Hawthorn premiership star misses his set shot from 45 to the near side. (Q1 19:02)
The Hawks have been on top for this last five minutes and are making their dominance felt. Roughead flies and takes a quality contested grab. Lining up from 35, he misses. (Q1 20:31)
Zaharakis flicks off to Parish as the Bombers steam forward at pace. Darcy launches from outside 60, dribbling it through for a minor score. (Q1 21:27)
Fantasia gets out the back as the Bombers launch themselves forward once more. Getting to the drop zone quicker than his opponent, Orazio taps it through from close range! (Q1 29:25)
Plenty of half handballs, half throws in that passage of play. Eventually Watson flicks it off to Tipungwuti from deep in the pocket. Anthony misses to the near side. (Q2 2:08)
Rioli sends Langford out the back. Will trots in with time on his side but is unable to complete the mission from 35 unmarked. (Q2 2:42)
Pressed up on the boundary Puopolo flicks it to the speeding Gunston. The former Crow hooks it across his body and finds McEvoy unmarked. Ben lines up and goals from 35! (Q2 6:18)
Colyer sends it to the goal mouth where Hooker and Frawley battle once more. Cale holds front spot and manages to remove the Hawk. He gathers and finishes from point blank! (Q2 8:03)
Langford soccers it forward after Puopolo brought the high ball to ground. Will runs onto his effort, soccers again but misses from 20 to the left hand side. (Q2 8:53)
Vickery finds the pill at ground level after duelling in opposition to Hurley. He feeds it off to O’Meara. The former Sun hooks across his body but misses from 35. (Q2 9:35)
Henderson intercepts across the half forward flank as the Hawks press once more. Ricky finds Shoenmakers with the chip effort, and Ryan finishes from a step outside 50! (Q2 17:53)
Harsh deliberate free paid against Gleeson for knocking the pill out of bounds. Mitchell is the recipient and the former Swan misses his shot from 35 to the far side. (Q2 19:53)
Daniher receives through the corridor as the Bombers stream it from end to end. Joe whacks it from 55 but hits the woodwork. (Q2 19:53)
The Hawks hit the lead for the first time tonight! McEvoy moves it out of congestion to Hartung. Billy bursts away from Tipungwuti and slots it from 50! (Q2 22:28)
Gunston, Smith and the road runner powers into the forward 50 before centring the pill. Puopolo is first on the scene and soccers it home from the top of the square! (Q2 24:09)
The Bombers push through the corridor and Jobe Watson is the one with ball in hand. He sets himself for the major from 50, but misses to the right hand side. (Q2 26:50)
Isaac Smith powers away as this speedy encounter continues to go from end to end. Isaac finds O’Meara, but Jaeger produces a poor kick that trundles through for a minor. (Q2 28:22)
The Hawks have four in a row through Smith! Smith battled it out with Baguley at the goal mouth and the winger wins the physical battle. He turns and goals with ease! (Q3 1:57)
Fantasia stems the tide with his third of the night from deep in the pocket! The Bombers kept it alive through Zaharakis’s pressure on Burgoyne. Orazio received and finished! (Q3 3:02)
Langford wins the free on the wing for high contact. He moves it off to Mitchell who sends it to the hot spot. Roughead beats Hurley in the one on one and slots it from 35! (Q3 4:40)
Langford wins the free on the wing for high contact. He moves it off to Mitchell who sends it to the hot spot. Roughead beats Hurley in the one on one and slots it from 35! (Q3 5:43)
Smith was unable to affect the Zaharakis kick, with the Bomber screwing it across his body and finding the unmarked Langford. Kyle kicks from 35 and misses to the far side. (Q3 8:33)
Hartung turns it over as the Hawks fail in their attempts to break the lines. Daniher receives 35 metres out from goal, but is unable to make it count. (Q3 10:23)
Goddard darts in the pass to Tipungwuti, with Anthony marking on a slight angle, 40 out from goal. He feeds it back to the anticipating Stanton and Brent finishes from 50! (Q3 11:04)
Vickery receives the free kick after Gleeson kept the former Tiger out of the marking contest. Tyrone lines up from 40 on the flank and misses to the far side. (Q3 12:38)
Roughead forces it forward from the stoppage. O’Meara grabs the crumbs and flicks it off to the speeding Breust. Luke continues his run and finishes from close range! (Q3 14:03)
Green finds Langford inside 50 as the Bombers again speed from defensive to offensive 50 in the matter of moments. Kyle swung around and misses the rudimentary shot from 25. (Q3 18:01)
McEvoy spoils his teammate, spiking the ball to the front of the pack. Fantasia gathers and throws the pill on his boot in one swift movement. Orazio nabs his fourth of the day! (Q3 18:57)
Puopolo, Smith and then Vickery on the lead as the Hawks transition up the wing. Tyrone lines up from 35 on the slight and has missed another opportunity. (Q3 20:21)
Parish grabs the crumbs after Rioli misread the Goddard miskick. Darcy drilled it onto the chest of Zaharakis, and David finishes truly from 35! One point ball game! (Q3 22:39)
Gunston gathers and flicks it off to Mitchell. Tom had Rioli running by but shot for goal instead, missing the attempt from 50 to the right hand side. (Q3 24:14)
The Bombers then frantically speed it down the other end and the play ends with Heppell marking at the goal mouth. Dyson sends it through and he sends his side into the lead! (Q3 25:25)
Gibson gives away the free kick against the taller Daniher as the Bombers manage to isolate the pair via the forward 50 stoppage. Joe goes back and sends it through! (Q3 27:28)
McKernan kicks an incredible major from the paint of 50 to make it 5 in a row for the Red and Black! Shaun receives from Ambrose and thumped it straight through without hesitation! (Q3 30:37)
Merrett blocked McEvoy during the ruck contest, although replays suggest it was debatable. Ben lines up from 30 on the slight angle and sends it through before the buzzer! (Q3 32:13)
Heppell slots one inside the opening 20 seconds to send the Bombers fans into delirium! Grabbing the spillage he snapped truly from deep in the forward pocket! (Q4 1:30)
Again the Bombers waltz through the MCG corridor unattended. Tipungwuti sends it down the throat of Hooker who takes the mark opposed to Frawley. He finishes from close range! (Q4 2:41)
Tipungwuti feeds it out to Hooker, who managed to keep his feet just moments prior where Frawley could not. Cale sends it goalward but misses from 50. (Q4 5:37)
Puopolo darts the pill onto the chest of Breust who marks unopposed. Luke lines up from 50 on the flank but misses the set shot to the near side. (Q4 6:40)
Smith chips it inside and O’Meara ghosts in to take the mark 30 metres out directly in front. The game has never been more open as Jaeger trots in and misses badly. (Q4 8:06)
Daniher marks through the middle as the Bombers run through the guts unmarked once more. Joe receives, turns and sends it through on the run from 35! (Q4 12:52)
Burgoyne finds it on the deck as the champion Hawk and Power man goes forward. He handballs it to his new captain and Jarryd makes no mistake from 35! (Q4 15:16)
Heppell takes the intercept mark wedged in between three Hawks and the Bombers man has a chance to ice the game. Ice he does, Dyson has his third! (Q4 16:01)
Smith finds Burgoyne inside 50 as the Hawks play out the final 7 minutes of the quarter. Burgoyne plays on but misses the opportunity from 40 on the slight angle. (Q4 18:51)
Gleeson slips at the inopportune moment and Puopolo is the one to lay the tackle, receiving the decision. He shoots from the sharp angle and goals via the set shot! (Q4 20:11)
Breust gets crunched and the pill falls the way of his counterpart. Tipungwuti receives it inside 50, flicks it off to Stanton and deja vu, Brent finishes another from 50! (Q4 22:46)

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