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Blog log from R1 of 2017: Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Sydney vs Port Adelaide, R1 of 2017

Wingard to Wines and back again as the Power stars link up through the middle. Chad lets fly on the run from 45, but misses to the right hand side. (Q1 1:40)
Franklin chips it to the leading Reid. Sam marks and flicks back to the rampaging big man. Lance lets fly from 60, but hooks it through for a minor. (Q1 2:48)
Parker, Kennedy and the gentle prod finds Jack. Jack goes to the pocket, where Kennedy again finds it. Josh spins and pulls his shot to the near side. (Q1 2:48)
Florent powers away onto the loose ball and then slams it to the top of the square. Reid takes the strong mark ghosting in from the side and finishes from 20! (Q1 4:29)
Broadbent takes the leading mark out ahead of Cunningham. Matt wastes little time, darting the pass to the marking Trengove. Jackson slots it from 40 on the slight! (Q1 6:27)
Hartlett takes the intercept mark across the half back line and then darts the effort to the leading Dixon. Charlie marks ahead of Grundy and misses the set shot from 45. (Q1 9:57)
Dixon is proving a handful early, this time gaining a free via the Rampe bump. Charlie lines up and hammers Home his first for the season from 40 on the slight! (Q1 13:21)
Robbie Gray sends it long to the one on one with Dixon winning the free kick opposed to Grundy. Hot early, Charlie finishes with his second in a minute! (Q1 14:44)
Mills, Towers and then off to Franklin who launches with the highest of kicks to the top of the square. Robinson crumbs the Naismith contest and Daniel snaps truly from 25! (Q1 19:29)
Jones hovers it to the one on one between Clurey and Franklin. Lance holds front position and takes the two grab mark, before finishing with ease from 25! (Q1 21:49)
Laidler drives in low and hard allowing Reid to mark out ahead of the desperate Jonas. On the sharp angle, Sam snaps it through for his second of the afternoon! (Q1 23:44)
Kennedy from the stoppage out to the speeding Lloyd. Jake hammers it to Franklin who gets the cheap free via the Clurey arm chop. Lance misses to the far side from 55. (Q1 26:16)
Ebert bullets the pass to Powell-Pepper who marks out ahead of the desperate Smith. Sam slots his first major from outside 50 on the slight angle! (Q1 27:58)
Parker’s lack of knowledge proves costly, grabbing the ball from the ruck contest before it hits turf. Ryder is the recipient, but the former Bomber misses everything post siren. (Q1 29:31)
Parker soccers it away but it falls into the welcoming arms of Ebert. Brad floats it forward and Young is first to the falling pill ahead of Mills. Young slots it from 35! (Qtr Time)
Rampe lacked clean hands as the rain begins to take its toll. Wingard grabs it and handballs it to the speeding Boak. Travis chips it through from close range! (Half Time)
Jones, Jack and the former captain chips it to the leading Reid who takes the uncontested mark. 55 out, on the flank, Sam hammers home his third of the day! (Q2 3:49)
Parker with a picture perfect kick to dissect the Power defence and find Naismith trotting into an opening of sorts. Sam kicks from 40 and misses to the far side. (Q2 9:54)
Parker takes the contested intercept mark and then hammers it inside 50 where Franklin is first onto the scene. The former Hawk takes the grab and slots it from 45 on the flank! (Q2 11:28)
Kennedy kicks the prototype inside midfield goal. Hits the stoppage at pace, pushes off his opponent and thumps it on the right from outside 50 to split the middle! (Q2 17:26)
Hannebery, Jack and Foote, all by Jordan’s namesake. The second gamer misses to the near side from 35, boundary side. (Q2 19:07)
Wines powers through the congestion and darts the handball through to Wingard. Chad pushed through the corridor and finished truly from 25! (Q2 21:25)
Young takes the strong contested grab in the isolated contest opposed to Mills. Aaron lines up from 45 on the slight angle but misses poorly for a minor score. (Q2 22:50)
Jack takes it out of the stoppage and flicks it off to the bypassing Jones. Zac receives and sends it over the top of the Reid contest. The pill skips through for a major! (Q2 24:41)
Hombsch sends it inside 50 and Wines was able to get to the drop zone of the S.Gray/Grundy contest. He moves it forward and Young finishes from close range! (Q2 30:04)
The Power win it from the centre once more and Smith gives away the free kick in isolation opposed to Wingard. Chad lines up post siren and goals from 35 on the flank! (Q2 30:04)
Two in a minute just before the half time siren sees the Power ahead once more! (Q2 30:04)
Parker bumps Boak when a tackle was the correct decision. Travis is bounced into the path of goal and kicks it truly from 25 via the stoppage! (Half Time)
Showtime moment from ‘The Showtime’ player. Clurey slips and Franklin is allowed to build pace over 60 metres, run on to the loose ball and slam it home from close range! (3 Qtr Time)
Powell-Pepper bulls his way through congestion, breaking two tackles in the process. He feeds it up the field where Amon finds Byrne-Jones inside 50. He goals from 40! (Q3 9:12)
Mills thumps it out of the stoppage and Tippett wins the free kick via Jonas in the marking contest. Kurt lines up 35 metres out from goal and makes no mistake! (Q3 9:12)
Jones gifts the free to Amon after tackling him too highly. Karl lines up from a step outside 50, directly in front. Karl continues the trend of quality goal kicking! (Q3 12:51)
Powell-Pepper kicks one of the goals of the afternoon! Taking a strong lead up mark, Sam heads for home. The first gamer slams it all of 60 metres to nab his second for the game! (Q3 16:53)
Trengove sends the Power inside 50 once more. Young waits front and centre, powers onto the loose pill, breaks through the gap and tumbles it through from 15 out! (Q3 26:31)
Wingard enters the 50 with a low dart, with Dixon hitting the pill at pace ahead of Grundy. Heath gives away the suspect free for an arm chop and Charlie misses from 40. (Q3 30:15)
Franklin and Clurey become isolated in the forward 50 as the Swans win it clean via a wing stoppage. Franklin pushes out Tom, marks and sends it through from 40 out! (Q4 2:08)
Polec finds the loose pill on the edge of the 50. Unmarked the former Lion has time to line up, settle and finish with a quality open play major. Quick reply for the Power! (Q4 3:58)
Franklin takes a terrific leading mark on the HFF. He sends it long and Jack produces a brilliant crumbing performance to keep the ball forward and finishes truly off the deck! (Q4 7:19)
Franklin sends it to the goal mouth. A ten strong pack fight it out and it appeared that Reid got it through on the line.Score review called for and touched behind is the decision. (Q4 8:39)
Parker, Reid and Towers link up through the middle after Hartlett appeared to make a fatal error with a dropped mark through the corridor. Dean misses from outside 50 on the run. (Q4 10:29)
Jack hits the stoppage at pace and manages to gather. Speeding toward the boundary, he hooks it back to the goal mouth but swings it to the far side for a minor. (Q4 18:00)
Powell-Pepper hammers through his third of the afternoon! Perhaps the sealer, Sam bullocks his way through the pack and on the repeat effort manages to slot it through from 25! (Q4 19:45)
Hold your horses! Very late overturn after it appears Cunningham got a finger to the ball. Behind to the Power. (Q4 20:30)
Sam Gray finds Wines in a heap of space. Ollie gathers, breaks the tackle and sets for home. His hooking effort from 25 misses to the far side for a minor score. (Q4 21:37)
HAMISH HARTLETT! The Power have sealed the game with Hamish sending it through from the centre square! The relentless attitude has paid off for the team wearing teal. (Q4 25:25)
Ryder takes the strong mark deep in the pocket as the Power win yet another stoppage. The former Bomber shoots for goal but hooks to the far side. (Q4 26:20)
Wingard flies for the mark and pulls it in as the Power are now hammering it into the forward line relentlessly. Chad shoots and slots his third from 30! (Q4 27:23)

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