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Blog log from W3 of 2017: Carlton vs St Kilda

Blog log for Carlton vs St Kilda, W3 of 2017

McCartin runs down Buckley on the HFF 50m out to win a free. His set shot mongrel drops short, Weitering is pinged for a push in the back on Gresham for the first goal from 15m. (Q1 3:15)
Armfield passes to Palmer in the pocket 30m out, who misses. (Q1 5:47)
Stevens is pinged for a throw under pressure in a maelstrom at defensive hotspot. Kerridge takes the free, and converts. (Q1 9:11)
Cuningham marks a blind kick from a pack at the hotspot by Brown. He lines up 40m out on a slight angle, but misses as well. (Q1 10:46)
Sinclair rolls a behind from 20m on the flank under pressure. (Q1 12:38)
A long ball to the Blue square is spoiled back towards the line, Charlie Curnow performs a Jackie Chan flying kick and the goal umpire says it was good for a goal! (Q1 15:31)
Stevens roves a stoppage 40m out on the flank and gives to Minchington who somehow has space to steady and snap for a nice goal. (Q1 20:34)
Minchington gets another feed outside CHF and tries for a supergoal from 55m with teammates calling for it, bit of a rush of blood to the head there, he shoots wide. (Q1 21:01)
McCartin it was with the give. (Q1 21:17)
Billings sends a high ball to the square, Macreadie is pinged for a block near the behind line, Bruce takes the free and kicks the goal. (Q1 22:17)
Gresham gets a bit of a lucky free on the hapless Macreadie after hatching it on the HFF, he plays on and hits Bruce leading up in front of White 20m out. Bruce goals again. (Q1 24:11)
Dempster concedes a free for a push on McKay 45m out on the flank just before the QT siren, but McKay’s set shot is a shank for no score. (Q1 25:47)
Sinclair goals from the square after marking on the HFF and getting the benefit of a very soft 50m penalty for encroachment. (Q2 1:47)
Another 50m penalty and another goal from the goal line, this time against White on McCartin following a push off the ball and some backchat. (Q2 3:07)
Williamson is pinged for falling with his knee into the back and head of Steele 40m out in front. Steele kicks truly. (Q2 10:43)
Thomas kicks OOTF from the last line to 40m, McCartin just misses. (Q2 15:48)
Bruce busts open a pack to take a screamer flying for a long Stevens ball to the hotspot, the crowd loved that one. He goals, three for him now. (Q2 20:04)
Big pack on the wing, Carlton has numbers when the ball flips forward, Pickett burns off Webster down the boundary with two bounces and gives a Joe the Goose special to Cuningham. (Q2 23:21)
Thomas is dispossessed in a tackle after a stoppage in the BP, Dunstan is Johnny on the spot to gather and goal from near the behind line. (Q3 1:11)
Steele catches Plowman HTB 40m out in front, and delivers another fabulous finish for his second goal. (Q3 2:51)
Steven marks a Blue kick in and passes to Bruce leading to 40m on a slight angle. Bruce misses. (Q3 4:42)
Sinclair marks 40m out on a slight angle after a Marchbank dropped mark in defence, his set shot drops and is rushed on the line. (Q3 9:12)
Another turnover at half back by Carlton, Bruce marks again 40m out on a slight angle and boots goal number four. (Q3 13:27)
White it was with the clanger. (Q3 13:27)
Rowe just misses with a nice looking set shot from 40m near the boundary. (Q3 15:57)
The Saints go coast to coast from the kick in, Newnes passes to Wright 45m on the flank who kicks his first goal. (Q3 16:38)
Cuningham catches Newnes high on the HFF and gives away 50m for pushing him in the back very late, another goal from the line for the Saints. (Q3 19:08)
Wright kicks another one for the Saints from a stoppage 15m out despite a tackle by White. (Q3 23:28)
Two Blues smash into each other spoiling Bruce in the pocket, Bruce has time to butter up and go inboard to Stevens 40m out on a slight angle. Stevens misses. (Q3 26:57)
Bruce kicks a very easy goal from the square after the Saints scythe through the Blue defence with a series of handballs after the first centre bounce of Q4. Too easy. (Q4 0:52)
Long catches White HTB 30m out on the flank and kicks his first goal in Saint colours. (Q4 4:18)
McCartin misses a very long-range supergoal attempt from CHF. (Q4 5:36)
Bruce passes to Minchington leading to the boundary in front of Rowe 25m out. Minchington misses. (Q4 10:22)
The Blues have a rare loose man on an attack, McKay gives the Joe the Goose special to Graham. (Q4 12:27)
McKay marks 30m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q4 14:03)
Marchbank misses a long snap from a slight angle. (Q4 15:51)
Lonie marks 40m out on the flank and hoofs it well wide. (Q4 17:16)
Kerridge turns the ball over by foot to Gresham in the middle, who goes directly to Bruce 45m out on a slight angle. Bruce roosts goal number six. (Q4 21:34)
Steele’s snap from half forward bounces the wrong side of the post. (Q4 23:06)
Bruce sits on Weitering’s back to mark a Dempster ball to 25m on the flank just before the final siren. He steers through his seventh major. (Q4 24:03)

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