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Blog log from R20 of 2016: Richmond vs Collingwood

Blog log for Richmond vs Collingwood, R20 of 2016

Aish loses Houli running back with the flight to mark in front of a pack at the hotspot from a long Smith ball from midfield. Aish goals. (Q1 1:19)
Grimes isn’t looking at the footy and gives away a free for interference on Cox as he tries to mark 40m out on the flank. Cox’s set shot is marked by Rance but over the line, goal. (Q1 7:01)
Hampson marks in relief at the top of the Pie goalsquare but Astbury is pinged for slinging Cox to ground off the contest, bit soft. Cox duly converts again. (Q1 10:40)
Riewoldt gets pinged for encroachment after a free in the centre to bring Adams to the hotspot for an easy goal. (Q1 12:26)
Vickery marks at the hotspot on the end of a laboured build up and belatedly kicks the first Richmond goal of the evening. (Q1 16:05)
Cotchin intercepts a Reid centring ball from the wing to start a fast break, Moore marks 30m out on the flank and makes Reid pay with a nice set shot. (Q1 17:56)
Marcon is front and centre for a Hampson fly to a Grigg ball to the front of the square, doesn’t have a left boot but manages an ugly right foot checkside for his first goal. (Q1 24:07)
Varcoe gets a downfield free near the hotspot on Riewoldt for contact on Pendlebury after disposal, starting a melee. Varcoe misses. (Q1 28:24)
Treloar passes to Cloke on the boundary 40m out. Cloke sails through a quality set shot as the QT siren blows to lift the Pie crowd! (Qtr Time)
Collingwood dominated the clearances 13-3 in Q1, and edges contested ball +5, but Richmond’s outside game started telling later in the quarter. (Qtr Time)
Vickery juggles a big grab in front of Howe from a long Rioli ball from the wing to 20m out in front. Tyrone goals, two for him. (Q2 2:02)
Riewoldt, who didn’t touch the footy in Q1, beats Marsh one on one to mark a long Hunt ball to near the hotspot. But he misses. (Q2 4:29)
Houli gathers a panicked Marsh kick on the HFF and centres to Grigg 45m out on a slight angle. Grigg kicks truly. (Q2 6:21)
Riewoldt marks 40m out on the flank on the end of a rebound around the outer wing from halfback, he plays on and screws through a goal. Tigers hit the lead! (Q2 9:59)
Grigg roves a Riewoldt drop at the hotspot and gives wide to Ellis, who checksides wide. (Q2 10:57)
Varcoe marks a Marsh ball on the lead behind Vlaustin at 40m on the flank, he goes to the pocket for Sidebottom 25m out. But Rusty doesn’t score. (Q2 12:29)
Crocker fumbles near CHF and ducks his head into a Moore tackle, the ump pays a free anyway, much to the disgust of Tiger fans. Crocker goals from 40m. (Q2 15:12)
Drummond converts a set shot from 30m on the flank to put the Tigers back in front. (Q2 19:13)
Sidebottom passes to Cox just before the HT siren, Cox draws a free kick on Grimes 45m out near the boundary for minimal contact. The big American doesn’t score. (Q2 26:27)
Varcoe catches Martin HTB trying to fend off 40m out on the flank, as the Tigers overpossess in defence. Varcoe goals. (Q3 3:18)
Cotchin passes to Grigg 45m out on the flank after the next centre bounce. Grigg shoots straight but the ball drops on the line and is rushed. (Q3 4:59)
Markov intercepts a Reid rebound kick on the wing and goes to Riewoldt on his own near the boundary 40m out. Riewoldt hits the post. (Q3 5:52)
White can’t mark at half forward, butters up and snaps from 45m… the ball bounces up in the square for Grimes to rush. (Q3 7:39)
Riewoldt passes to Martin in the pocket 25m out, plays on but screws it too far and misses near side. (Q3 8:08)
Cloke is over the back to gather a Greenwood bouncing ball on the lope on the HFF, he reaches 40m but sprays the snap horribly. (Q3 10:18)
Riewoldt gives to Rioli who snaps under perceived pressure (but not actual pressure) from the hotspot but checksides wide. (Q3 12:33)
Treloar hoofs an ugly snap from 40m on a slight angle for a behind. (Q3 15:22)
Lloyd can’t mark a long ball to the top of the square but regathers on the ground and gives to Martin who wheels and goals from 15m. (Q3 16:14)
Adams spoils a long ball to the square but goes to ground, Riewoldt keeps his feet and volleys home from the line despite a Howe lunge. (Q3 18:45)
Cloke marks in the pocket 30m out, his set shot drops on the behind line, Greenwood roves and misses under a heavy tackle. (Q3 20:50)
Sidebottom catches Markov HTB on the HFF and passes to Wills 45m out on a slight angle. The second gamer kicks his first senior goal. (Q3 21:36)
Riewoldt leaps in front of Marsh and clunks a long Houli ball near the hotspot for his third goal. (Q3 24:24)
Cloke wheels after marking outside CHF and goes long to the square, two Tigers spoil Cox but Pendlebury is all on his own over the back to crumb and goal. Dumb footy, Richmond. (Q4 2:23)
Short is was there who was too short to compete and should have kept an eye on the Pie captain. (Q4 2:53)
Cox marks outside CHF, wheels and chooses to go short, it comes off as White outmarks Hunt 40m out in front. White makes no mistake. (Q4 4:04)
Moore centres after a stoppage in the pocket, big pack flies but Rioli is the only one down to slink away into the open goal. (Q4 7:43)
Houli passes short to Vlaustin 50m out on the flank. Vlaustin looks but has to go back for the set shot…. falls in the square and is rushed. (Q4 10:13)
Aish is over the back for a quick Wills ball from the pocket to the square, he plays on into an open goal. (Q4 13:56)
Ellis gathers a loose ball and tries to fend Treloar but fails as Williams assists on the tackle. Treloar takes the HTB free from 45m on the flank… touched on the line! (Q4 16:04)
Hampson it was who had the important touch. (Q4 16:04)
Howe misses from the HFF after a HTB free on Cotchin for dragging the ball in. (Q4 17:52)
Ellis is on his own on the HFF, he marks 30m out from a Marcon pass from half forward on the other side. He goals, Tigers back in front. (Q4 19:10)
White roves a Cox contest at the hotspot, fends off Astbury and bounces a snap… just wide of the post. (Q4 20:56)
Martin roves a long ball to a pack at CHF and goes quick and long to the square for Lloyd to mark in stride and goal! (Q4 21:51)
Riewoldt barges onto the crumb from a Lloyd contest 25m out on the flank, busts a tackle and kicks a big goal over his left shoulder! (Q4 24:09)
Less than four minutes of play left, that was most likely the sealer. (Q4 25:07)

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