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Blog log from R19 of 2016: Adelaide vs Essendon

Blog log for Adelaide vs Essendon, R19 of 2016

McGovern marks a Sloane centre clearance kick over Langford near the hotspot and steers through the first goal. (Q1 0:35)
Francis taps to McDonald-Tipungwuti who misses a snap from the hotspot. (Q1 2:40)
Dempsey intercepts a Sloane kick from the BP to 45m out on a slight angle. The set shot drops in the square, Francis rolls a snap into the post from near the behind line. (Q1 8:15)
Talia intercepts on the wing and has Betts over the back on the HFF, Laird lays a shepherd to allow Eddie to bounce thrice down the flank and goal from 15m. (Q1 10:32)
Hams it was with the kick clanger to set that goal up. (Q1 11:16)
Rain starting to fall now. (Q1 12:16)
Another fast break around the outer wing, Betts goes to McGovern at the hotspot but he misses. (Q1 15:18)
Lyons is front and centre for a long ball to a pack at the hotspot, he snaps around the corner off his left boot for a nice goal. (Q1 16:15)
Sloane dives back with the flight and marks a long Brown ball to the square under heavy pressure for an easy goal. (Q1 18:40)
Daniher flies across a pack and juggles a mark from a Fantasia ball to 45m on the flank. His set shot hooks way right. (Q1 19:46)
Fantasia marks a quick Merrett ball up the guts to the square over Brown running back with the flight, for the first Bomber goal of the evening. (Q1 21:26)
Thompson gives to Smith for a flying snap after a stoppage from 50m on the flank… across the face. (Q1 25:08)
Laverde marks 40m out on the flank. His set shot drops in the square, mad scramble, the crumb falls for Cooney to goal from the line! (Q1 27:47)
Betts soccers through a classic opportunist goal from the hotspot after not bothering to bend ot pick up the crumb from a pack. (Q1 29:34)
Betts roves a pack 35m out on the HFF and rolls through a sensational snap for his second goal off the left boot while being tackled. (Q2 1:06)
Mackay misses a quick snap from the hotspot after some good Crow frontal pressure. (Q2 2:53)
McGovern takes up the challenge and produces an even prettier party trick with a volley from near the behind post for another highlight reel goal. (Q2 3:15)
Atkins passes to Cameron at the hotspot on the end of a fast break from the HBF. Charlie goals. (Q2 7:54)
Daniher marks 50m out on a slight angle, no one ahead of him, two Crows zone rather than man the mark, he plays on and bangs through a goal from 45m around the corner. (Q2 12:36)
Laverde chases a long ball to the pocket, has a man on his hammer but manages a dribbling left foot snap from 15m near the behind post that rolls right thoughr! (Q2 14:42)
Betts marks easily over McDonald-Tipungwuti 30m out on the flank, but misses. (Q2 17:45)
Seedsman joins the party with a snap off a step from 50m on a slight angle after a give by Lynch. (Q2 18:45)
Cameron marks on the behind line and kicks his second goal. (Q2 21:10)
Fantasia marks on the boundary 45m out and misses. (Q2 23:20)
Lyons marks a centring Betts ball 45m out in the corridor, but misses. (Q2 24:45)
Seedsman intercepts Goddard just inside 50m on the flank. His set shot falls on the line, score review confirms it’s touched for a behind. (Q2 25:45)
Jenkins snaps truly from a pack 30m out on the flank after a stoppage. (Q2 28:11)
Cameron misses on the run from 40m on the flank. (Q3 0:22)
Douglas goals from the line after a tap from Betts, the Crows just about stuffed it up there with some lairising. (Q3 2:25)
This is going to be a long half for Dons fans. Crows will be showboating a fair bit. (Q3 2:25)
Daniher is paid a mark 50m out on a slight angle, and hook sit so badly that it’s marked by the Crows 10m around the boundary from the behind post. (Q3 4:54)
Adelaide goes coast to coast, Betts beats Dea one on one in the pocket, plays on and goals. (Q3 5:37)
Cameron drives through his third goal from 50m on a slight angle. Junk time at the AO. (Q3 7:42)
Talia gets back just in time to rush what would have been a very nice Fantasia snap goal. (Q3 10:43)
Hartigan steers through a set shot from the hotspot for his first goal in senior footy. (Q3 12:10)
Sloane encroaches to give away 50m and bring McKenna from the wing to 30m out on a slight angle. McKenna hits the post. (Q3 15:55)
Betts does a one-two with Jenkins and runs into an open goal. (Q3 19:13)
Cameron slams through his fourth goal from a running snap from the hotspot. Way too easy. (Q3 20:12)
McGovern marks over Dea 20m out on the flank and steers through another one. (Q3 23:56)
Daniher marks a long Laverde ball over Lever 15m out on the flank. He goals with a set shot screwing ball. (Q3 28:41)
Smith marks 50m out on the flank and misses after the 3QT siren. (Q3 32:11)
Jenkins converts a set shot from 35m on the flank. (Q4 7:54)
Betts marks over Dempsey 40m out on the flank but misses. (Q4 9:44)
Merrett passes to Daniher just inside true CHF. Daniher misses with another hook to the right. (Q4 12:13)
Douglas marks on the wing and gets a 50m penalty on Dea for encroachment to bring him to near the hotspot. He goals. (Q4 13:24)
Michael was to blame, not Dea. (Q4 14:24)
McGovern takes a contested pack mark in front of Francis at the hotspot and boots his fourth goal. (Q4 15:53)
Daniher marks and goals from near the hotspot to little reaction from the Crow crowd. (Q4 18:38)
Seedsman sails through another long range bomb for a goal. (Q4 21:58)
Daniher marks deep in the pocket 15m out and screws through his fourth goal. (Q4 26:12)
Laverde jumps in the garbage bin with a mark from a Daniher kick and goal from the square. (Q4 28:53)

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