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Blog log from R19 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Richmond

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Richmond, R19 of 2016

The Giants are dominant early around the stoppages, with Ward winning the free kick for holding against Grigg. Callan lines up from 30 out on the slight and kicks the first! (Q1 1:15)
This time Vlastuin is the one caught in the tackle and the frees begin to mount, Dylan Shiel applying the tackle. The 23 year old trots in and kicks truly from outside 50! (Q1 3:46)
Smith to Johnson who enjoys all the time in the world before picking out Lobb on the lead. Rory kicks from 45 on the flank, but misses to the near side via the set shot. (Q1 6:16)
Vlastuin again is the key perpetrator as the Giants add another to the scoreboard. Nick gave away the free for holding to Greene, who finished the set shot from 35 on the flank! (Q1 13:51)
Mesmerising by Johnson, who attacked the centre stoppage at pace and took it in one swift move. Steve picked out Patton on the lead, but Jonathon missed the opportunity from 40. (Q1 15:47)
The Giants maintain it inside their forward half, and the opportunity eventually falls the way of Scully via the Shiel pass. From 50 on the flank, Tom sends it straight through! (Q1 17:03)
Add another major to the Giants score! This time they stream from defence to midfield with ease, picking Greene out the back who finishes the effort from 40! (Q1 20:17)
Kelly is the next Giant to power through the midfield unopposed, and Josh picks out the best option, finding Johnson unmarked. Steve sends it through from 25! (Q1 22:17)
Ward now is the one to find Johnson out the back of his matchup with Vlastuin, with Steve taking the simple grab. He goes back and snaps another with ease from 25! (Q1 24:02)
Cotchin takes it out of the stoppage, moves it off to Ellis and Brandon chips it to the leading Lloyd ahead of Himmelberg. From 45 on the slight, Sam hooks it for a minor. (Q1 25:12)
The man of the moment, Steve Johnson, now turns provider, chipping over the top to the hard running Reid. Sam marks, kicks and goals from 40 on the sharp angle! (Q1 26:58)
Hunt makes the first disastrous kick of the second quarter, turning it over inside defensive 50 to Kennedy.Lining up from 30 on the slight angle, Adam nails another for the Giants! (Q2 3:34)
Martin produces a stunning kick from the centre of the ground, bouncing it out the back and enabling Riewoldt to run onto it ahead of Davis. Jack finished from close range! (Q2 8:29)
Riewoldt goes long to the Patfull/Lambert contest and Joel gives away the free for holding. Kane has a rare opportunity from 40 on the flank and Kane pulls it to the near side. (Q2 9:21)
Greene hacks it off the deck after classically waiting at the feet of the flying pack. His hack tumbles through for a minor score. (Q2 14:10)
Himmelberg sends it to the hot spot and Reid marks ahead of the desperate Grimes. Sam takes on the set shot, finishing with ease from 35 on the slight angle! (Q2 19:46)
Coniglio belts in the daisy cutter to Johnson, who leads ahead of Markov. Oleg gives away the free kick for high contact. Steve was unable to take the free and Griffen missed. (Q2 23:31)
Coniglio again plays the role of provider, finding Smith with a perfectly weighted effort on the boundary line. From the boundary, Devon sends it through on the siren from 40! (Half Time)
Coniglio to Smith by hand and then Devon picks out Cameron, the only playing powering towards the footy. Jeremy sets for the 30 metre shot and makes no mistake! (Q3 1:27)
Kelly finds himself in acres of space off a slow play, and Patfull makes sure the Tigers pay the consequence. Josh shoots from 40 on the slight, and misses to the near side. (Q3 8:02)
The Giants again flight one to the hot spot and this time Lobb was able to grab it off the deck. Rory did just that, flicking it off to Reid who goaled from 20! Sam has 3! (Q3 9:46)
Houli to Hunt by hand before Taylor darts in the effort to the leading Riewoldt ahead of Davis. Jack marks, kicks and misses to the far side from 45 on the flank. (Q3 14:42)
Davis holds Riewoldt in the one on one contest and the free is paid to the Tigers key forward. Jack trots in and sends it through from 40 on the slight! (Q3 16:15)
The Tigers are having some repeat inside 50s and this time Lloyd is the one to take the contested grab. Sam lines up from 35 on the flank, and manages to work it through! (Q3 22:45)
Cameron has his second!The Giants again manage to press from defence to offence in a a matter of moments, and this time Jeremy was found out the back. He finished from close range! (Q4 4:03)
Johnson chips it over the top to the unmarked Greene, who takes the simple mark. Lining up on the sharp angle, 25 out, Toby splits the middle for his third! (Q4 7:15)
Scully, Shiel and back to the former Dee, who belts down the middle of the ground and sends it goalward from the arc. One bounce and through it goes! (Q4 10:34)
Hampson marks out on the lead as the Tigers get a rare inside 30 mark. The former Blue lines up on the tight angle and misses to the near side. (Q4 12:14)
Himmelberg shoots for goal after receiving a 50 metre penalty, which brought him into scoring range. Kicking from 40 on the flank, he misses to the far side. (Q4 20:40)
Johnson adds a third to his bag. Steve lines up from 35 on the slight angle, hooking it through with a level of ease rarely seen! (Q4 23:55)

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