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Blog log from R17 of 2016: Richmond vs Essendon

Blog log for Richmond vs Essendon, R17 of 2016

Fantasia catches Riewoldt HTB with a classic chicken wing tackle at the hotspot for the first goal. (Q1 0:51)
Correction, Vlaustin not Riewoldt. (Q1 1:41)
Goddard just misses a snap from a ball in 35m out on the flank. (Q1 4:03)
Grimes coughs the ball up by hand trying to run from the BP and hitting traffic, Zach Merrett it was who forced the turnover and is able to rove and goal himself from 10m! (Q1 6:03)
Fantasia clunks a long Leuenberger on the behind line behind Rance with a clever chest mark. He goals as well, Essendon has the jump! (Q1 7:05)
Grigg passes to Griffiths on the lead at 40m on a slight angle after Cotchin clears from a ball up at CHB. Griffiths misses. (Q1 10:52)
Lloyd misses a flying snap from just inside CHF. (Q1 11:20)
Hampson is unopposed in ruck from a throw in next to the behind post, he grabs the ball and snaps truly from 20m! (Q1 17:41)
That one was McKernan’s fault, way out of position. (Q1 18:02)
Grigg marks in space 35m out on the flank, decides to play on but misses, much to the disappointment of the Tiger fans at the Punt Road end. (Q1 19:27)
McDonald-Tipungwuti marks unopposed near the boundary 35m out, and misses near side. (Q1 22:48)
Lloyd chases a long ball to the pocket, gathers and tries a Daicos special from 20m just before Hartley runs him OOB… the bounce is true, fantastic goal! (Q1 24:48)
Daniher turns the ball over at halfback, eventually Cotchin passes to Menadue at 30m on the flank. Menadue makes no mistake, scores level. (Q1 26:03)
Essendon started brightly, with tackle pressure the highlight of their game, but it wasn’t long before the Tigers’ slick ball movement on the outside got going. (Qtr Time)
Markov steers through a running snap from 35m on the flank for his first goal in senior footy, after Griffiths got a very soft free in the middle against Hartley for a hold. (Q2 2:44)
Parish gets a free for high contact by Rance 45m out on the flank, a sling around the neck. He misses. (Q2 4:47)
Griffiths storms onto a long ball from the HFF to mark in front of Hartley 20m out in front and goal. (Q2 6:14)
Fantasia roves the crumb from a McDonald-Tipungwuti tackle on Short 20m out in front but hurries the snap and it goes wide. (Q2 10:22)
Hunt runs down the wing, reaches HFF and has a few options that are covered, goes himself from 50m to an empty square… and rolls it through! (Q2 11:46)
Laverde marks on the HFF, wheels and goes to the pocket, Fantasia can’t mark but beats Grimes to the crumb, breaks a tackle and goals from the line! (Q2 16:02)
McBean gives to Miles for a snap off a step from near the hotspot, it’s a wobbler but it sneaks inside the right goalpost for a goal. (Q2 17:48)
Brown marks a Dea ball to the flank 25m out in front of a flat-footed Markov. He hits the post. (Q2 19:48)
Laverde dives and marks a quick Kelly ball to 35m on a slight angle. He goals. (Q2 21:18)
Martin charges down the wing but goes short to Griffiths on the HFF, who centres to Castagna 45m out on a slight angle. Castagna misses, no soup for him. (Q2 25:28)
Griffiths marks a short Lloyd ball on the HFF and misses to kick off Q3. (Q3 0:25)
Castagna mops up a pressured Dea rebound kick on the wing, receives it back after a handball chain and passes to Riewoldt 50m out on the flank. Li’L Rooey misses. (Q3 3:40)
McKernan marks unopposed 20m out with Astbury well out of position after Parish clears from a stoppage in midfield. Smack smacks that one through, Dons within a kick. (Q3 8:35)
Rioli passes to Martin who gets a few steps on Dea and marks easily in the pocket 20m out. Dusty goals to steady the Tigers. (Q3 10:35)
Leuenberger misses from a big pack 10m out near the behind line. (Q3 11:40)
A ruck free 35m out on the flank on McKernan and a 50m penalty against Goddard gifts Griffiths a goal on the line. (Q3 13:40)
Laverde marks a Daniher ball on the square over the back and goals, off the back of a long rebound by Essendon around the outer wing. (Q3 15:53)
Lloyd marks a Rioli ball in the pocket, has McBean on over the top for the Joe the Goose but decides to play on and go himself from 20m… and goals. (Q3 18:26)
Dempsey catches Lloyd high after the Tiger roves a pack at the hotspot to give away an obvious free. Lloyd kicks truly for his third goal. (Q3 20:11)
Ellis slips over running out of defence and gets claimed HTB by Hams just outside the hotspot. Hams slices through the goal. (Q3 22:42)
Leuenberger marks a Parish ball 30m out, turns and hotfoots it to the square but Grimes mows him down for a HTB free before he gets boot to ball! Oh dear. (Q3 26:27)
Leuenberger marks on the boundary 30m out, this time he doesn’t play on. The set shot is narrow. (Q3 28:11)
Daniher bends down for the crumb to a Laverde contest to a Leuenberger ball to the hotspot, Rance slams into his head to give away the free. Daniher gets his first score, a goal. (Q4 0:57)
Rioli gives a nice little handball from a pack at the hotspot to Grigg who does the rest off the left boot across the body. (Q4 3:02)
Griffiths marks a high centre clearance by Martin in front of Brown 45m out in front and goals as well, three for him now. (Q4 4:16)
Fantasia marks 35m out on the flank, and tries a standing set shot snap around the corner that doesn’t work. (Q4 8:51)
Hams clears from a stoppage on the wing with a nice step, Dempsey gets a rare chance to run up the guts, his kick lands in the breadbasket of McKernan at the hotspot, who misses. (Q4 10:43)
Gleeson baulks at half forward and uses good vision to find Kelly on the HFF, he has time to steady for a snap on the lope from 45m which the old Cat bangs through. (Q4 12:16)
Fantasia rolls a snap wide from a pack at the hotspot. (Q4 14:43)
After Riewoldt gives away a free at FF, the Dons rebound up the guts, Daniher marks on the HFF, Rance overcommits, Daniher plays on and rams through a goal from 40m! (Q4 16:00)
Rioli beats McDonald-Tipungwuti sitting under a very high ball to 40m on a slight angle, with superior judgment. The goal umpire does not move. (Q4 17:31)
Grigg gets a slightly fortunate HTB free on Dea just outside the hotspot and goals to kick the Tigers away once again. (Q4 19:57)
Riewoldt clunks a big pack mark just outside the hotspot from a Hampson centre clearance, but misses. (Q4 21:02)
Tigers already playing tempo after a Zaharakis turnover in midfield. 6:00 to go. (Q4 22:02)
Zaharakis breaks a tackle running down the flank but can’t make the distance from 40m, Grimes thumps a behind. (Q4 24:28)
Martin juggles a mark in front of Dempsey near the boundary 30m out. Dusty puts an exclamation mark on a red letter day with a lovely finish from the tight angle. (Q4 28:00)

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