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Blog log from R11 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Richmond

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Richmond, R11 of 2016

Nahas roves a long ball from the HFF to the square, the Tigers can’t touch him, he gives outside to Wells who does the rest off the right boot. (Q1 0:49)
Nahas bounces through a snap from the pocket as North get some repeat inside 50s early. (Q1 3:15)
Atley passes to Petrie on the lead 35m out on the flank but the Dish drops a sitter, he gives back to Atley who tries a very low percentage snap from the boundary 40m out… good! (Q1 4:49)
Vickery marks on the lead 40m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q1 5:39)
Griffiths gives outside to Corey Ellis who saunters to 30m on the flank and snaps under no pressure… well wide. (Q1 9:21)
Harvey runs down the flank ahead of Corey Ellis to 35m and shows the kid how to finish with quality with a bouncing goal! (Q1 10:13)
A lull as Morris is stretchered off. (Q1 11:45)
Grigg passes to the lead of Riewoldt 10m ahead of his man Tarrant at 35m on the flank. Li’l Rooey starts it left but swings it right and through. (Q1 14:35)
Petrie baulks Deledio at CHB to start a rebound up the guts, Ziebell passes to Thomas 40m out in the corridor. LT kicks truly. (Q1 18:06)
Lambert goes back with the flight and marks despite a Dal Santo spoil attempt 30m out on a slight angle. He misses right. (Q1 20:06)
Firrito picks up a loose ball on the HBF and torpedoes to space, Vlaustin and Chaplin fumble, Harvey roves and goes short to Thomas who plays on from 25m on the flank, goal! (Q1 21:51)
Waite marks a Swallow ball on the lead 40m out in the corridor, no Tigers nearby. Waite misses. (Q1 23:36)
Griffiths is caught HTB on the wing, Harvey scoots away and hits Brown on a diagonal lead at 40m on a slight angle. He misses as well. (Q1 24:49)
Correction, it was Hampson not Griffiths with the FA. (Q1 26:19)
Rance roves an errant kick in at the hotspot and gives to Edwards but Titch misses on the turn. (Q1 30:21)
Gibson roves a long Ziebell ball to a pack at the hotspot and gives outside to Wood who screws a sensational finish off the left boot for a fine goal! (Q2 4:51)
Lambert misses from a pack 20m out around the corner off his left boot. (Q2 6:31)
Lloyd takes a contested grab over Atley 45m out on a slight angle. He kicks truly. (Q2 8:44)
Harvey passes to Petrie on the lead 40m out on the flank. He clunks a lovely set shot for his first goal. (Q2 11:30)
Lloyd runs across CHF and misses from 45m. (Q2 12:47)
Petrie marks a Wells ball at half forward, turns and finds Daw on his own 25m out on the flank. Daw goes back for the set shot, and hangs it right. (Q2 16:30)
Miles roves in traffic at half forward and pokes a kick under a tackle to Deledio at 40m on a slight angle. Lids kicks truly, finally. (Q2 17:47)
Wright goes short to Gibson 40m out on a slight angle, he misses right as well. (Q2 20:30)
North have a big overlap on a rebound from the HBF, Rance spoils Waite on the flank 25m out but straight to Thomas, who runs to 15m and… misses, disappointingly. (Q2 23:17)
Dal Santo kicks the first goal of Q3 from a set shot from the HFF after a fairly soft free for a hold by Lambert at a ball up 40m out. (Q3 2:35)
Daw gets a free at the next centre bounce and bombs long, the kick sails over the pack at the hotspot for Wells to rove and grubber from 20m for another one. (Q3 2:49)
Wood roves a Thomas contest 30m out on the flank, breaks a tackle and grubbers through another one! (Q3 6:37)
Daw snaps truly from a pack at 35m on the flank. Junk time looming in this one. (Q3 8:07)
Harvey goes long from outside 50m on a slight angle, it bounces behind Batchelor, who chases but can’t beat the ball over the line for another one! (Q3 9:23)
Vickery sails through a lovely set shot from true CHF to Bronx cheers from the remaining Tiger fans. This one’s over. (Q3 14:59)
A lull as Griffiths is stretchered off. (Q3 25:35)
Brown marks 20m out in front and steers through his first goal, only fantasy coaches and Roo fans still interested in this one. (Q3 29:19)
Riewoldt gets a free on Thompson for a push in the back 50m out on the flank. Riewoldt shanks it OOTF going for extra distance. (Q3 31:20)
Macmillan kicks off Q4 garbage time with a cheap goal from a snap. (Q4 1:56)
Vickery marks at the hotspot and boots his second goal, to the boos of the North faithful. (Q4 3:41)
Riewoldt volleys home a Rioli roller to the square for his second goal. (Q4 6:17)
Wells fights for a ground ball near CHF and gives a hard won footy outside to Harvey who runs around and kicks truly from 45m. (Q4 8:02)
Rance kicks across halfback but Nahas intercepts, and has Harvey to run to the square for his fourth. (Q4 10:42)
Correction, the clanger kick was from Deledio towards Rance. (Q4 10:51)
Cunnington roves a Waite contest at the hotspot and goals quite easily. (Q4 12:40)
Miles pops through a goal from 25m out on the flank to little reaction. (Q4 19:28)
The goal assist came from Rioli. (Q4 19:57)
Wells glides onto a Daw ruck tap in the pocket 25m out and snaps across the body for his third goal to underline his BOG credentials. (Q4 24:51)
Petrie passes to Thomas on the flank 25m out in the last minute. LT misses. (Q4 28:53)

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