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Blog log from R10 of 2016: West Coast vs Gold Coast

Blog log for West Coast vs Gold Coast, R10 of 2016

Lynch marks on the behind line under Mackenzie pressure, confirmed after video review. He misses. (Q1 2:08)
Ablett catches Butler HTB on the wing and goes to Lynch on the HFF, he centres to Nicholls 45m out in the corridor. Nicholls gives to May who bangs through the first goal! (Q1 3:55)
Lycett goes to Darling on the end of a halfback rebound started by McGovern on the HBF. Darling lines up from 40m in front, and misses left. (Q1 6:08)
Darling flies behind a pack 20m out in front and marks for his first goal. (Q1 7:25)
The Eagles boss the next centre bounce, Jetta to Hill who passes to Redden at 40m on a slight angle. Redden misses badly. (Q1 9:10)
Naitanui misses from a stoppage at 40m on a slight angle after grabbing it out of the ruck. (Q1 12:56)
The Suns go coast to coast from the kick in, Davis has Russell over the back but he plays on and misses from 15m! (Q1 13:46)
The Eagles go coast to coast from the next kick in, finishing with Duggan short to Kennedy near the hotspot for his first goal. (Q1 14:38)
Russell runs to CHF and hits the post with a tougher snap. (Q1 15:57)
Redden passes to Kennedy 40m out on the flank on the end of another fast break down members’ wing. JJK steers through number two of what should be yet another bag. (Q1 17:37)
Matera volleys wide from near the behind line. (Q1 21:56)
Darling marks a high Duggan ball 25m out on the flank and kicks his second major. It’s already clear that this is going to be another very easy home win for West Coast. (Q1 23:40)
Cripps draws a high tackle free on Schade 40m out on a slight angle with a classic uppercut move, and kicks a wobbly set shot for a goal. (Q1 25:32)
Lemmens is out of position and gives away an obvious contact free on LeCras 20m out in front sitting under a Jetta ball. The Frenchman gets the skis out but crashes with a shank! (Q1 27:43)
Davis has a set shot after the QT siren from the pocket 25m out, he kicks truly! Fine goal by the ex-Eagle. (Q1 30:33)
Shuey earns a high contact free on Tape 20m out for the first goal of Q2. (Q2 3:14)
Cripps is paid a free as Harbrow challenges him with a bump while prone, even though no contact was made. He goals from the hotspot. (Q2 6:38)
Kennedy marks 45m out on a slight angle and makes no mistake with the set shot, three for him. (Q2 10:49)
Lycett marks on the wing, 50m penalty on Wright for a slightly late spoil that catches him high. He lines up from 45m on a slight angle and doesn’t score. (Q2 12:18)
Kennedy marks near the boundary 35m out and misses. (Q2 14:32)
Kennedy marks in front of the hapless May 35m out on the flank, and squeezes in his fourth goal. (Q2 16:10)
Priddis marks 45m out on a slight angle, and gives to Duggan who misses from 50m. (Q2 18:25)
Wright marks near CHF and misses left. (Q2 27:11)
LeCras begins second half junk time with a soccer goal from 15m after crumbing a Kennedy contest. (Half Time)
Martin marks in front of Schofield 45m out on the flank and misses. (Half Time)
Kennedy dives and marks a LeCras pass near the boundary 40m out. JJK runs around and slots his fifth. Not much May can do about any of it. (Half Time)
Hurn marks on his own at CHF and plays on for his first goal. Ski ramps are fully open, all ramps operational. (Q3 6:37)
Ablett marks at 50m on a slight angle, his set shot drops on the line and is off hands for a behind. (Q3 6:37)
Davis gives to Hall who just misses from the HFF. (Q3 12:33)
LeCras is over the back to mark in the square and shows excellent form off the ramp, 9.5 from the Estonian judge, two goals for him. (Q3 12:33)
Lycett marks a Sheppard pass on the lead 40m out in the vortex pocket, and misses. (Q3 13:54)
Naitanui marks a Cripps ball on the behind line over two Suns and goals with ease. (Q3 15:53)
Hall snaps his first goal from a pack at the hotspot. (Q3 23:34)
Lynch takes a contested grab against Schofield at the top of the square and boots his first goal. (Q3 26:00)
Rischitelli misses a long snap from near CHF. (Q3 26:00)
Lynch beats Butler in the air 25m out on the flank, turns and bounces through another goal. (Q3 27:55)
After Lonergan kicks OOTF from the HBF, Lycett marks a Wellingham ball on the lead 20m out on the flank. He goals. (Q4 3:33)
Duggan gives to Hutchings after the next centre bounce, he snaps from 45m in front, it bounces past Kennedy and through for another one. Eagles crowd loved that one! (Q4 5:14)
Malceski centres from the BP but Hill cuts it off at the hotspot and makes him pay with a goal. (Q4 6:49)
Martin sails through a set shot from half forward to a desultory response. (Q4 8:53)
Lynch has Martin over the back to mark 40m out on a slight angle, but he has go to back for the set shot… and goals anyway, just. (Q4 12:49)
Darling baulks at half forward and snaps his third goal from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 16:37)
Kennedy to Lycett at the top of the square for a coast to coast goal, wild applause from the blue and gold faithful. (Q4 18:25)
Jetta runs free around the outer wing and passes to LeCras 30m out on the flank. LeCras kicks his third goal, all in second half garbage time. (Q4 22:50)
Cripps accepts a clanger kick from Schade from the BP with glee at 40m on a slight angle. He misses. (Q4 25:34)
Kennedy marks a Duggan ball 25m out on the flank, plays on and hits the post. (Q4 27:54)

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