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Blog log from R7 of 2016: Collingwood vs Carlton

Blog log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R7 of 2016

Grundy to Treloar by hand as the Pies work it out of the middle. Treloar goes long to an unmarked Fasolo, being trailed by Docherty. He streams in and nabs the first! (Q1 2:26)
Simpson to Gibbs, and Bryce searches long toward the high marking Casboult. Marking has never been the issue for the Blue, but he manages to slot the major from 20! (Q1 4:32)
Cripps finds Sumner ahead of Oxley with the chipped delivery. Liam lines up the set shot from the paint of 50, and the former Giant sends it through! (Q1 6:50)
Byrne wins the holding the ball decision after wrapping up Moore in a strong tackle. Then a 50 is paid for not delivering the ball on the full, but Ciaran misses from 40. (Q1 9:16)
Howe, Pendlebury and back again to the speeding former Dee. Jeremy waltzes through to 40, and hits the post to finish off an exhilarating play. (Q1 11:59)
Everitt, Lamb, Wright and then Gibbs all link up in the heat of the contest, before the class of Bryce wins out, finding Andrejs running back into space. From 40, he misses. (Q1 14:32)
Everitt, Tuohy and the Irish man drills it into the leading Walker, marking ahead of Howe. From 35 on the flank, Andrew trots in and misses poorly to the far side. (Q1 17:47)
The Blues send it long to the hot spot and Jones takes a ripping grab in the 5 strong pack, out leaping the desperate Reid. From 20, directly in front, Liam hammers it home! (Q1 19:17)
The Pies hammer it inside 50 via the boot of Greenwood. It bounces to Sidebottom, who flicks it over the top to Broomhead. Tim turns and makes no mistake from point blank! (Q1 23:02)
De Goey finds it at the coalface and has the presence of mind to assess his options and feed it wide to the eagerly waiting White. Jesse receives and snaps truly from 30! (Q1 24:33)
Walker gives the 50 metre penalty away after Andrew stood beyond the mark, but the decision was a harsh one. White is the recipient, but misses on the siren from 50. (Q1 29:01)
Thomas finds it on the half forward flank, swings it in board to the corridor and off a multitude of hands, it falls the way of Murphy. Marc grabs it and slots the goal from 20! (Q2 0:43)
This time the Pies send it long to the one on one, and Moore receives the free. Fasolo takes advantage, and goals from the square to the Pies faithful roar! (Q2 4:03)
Again the Pies search long for the one on one, and this time Cox receives the free after Jamison held his jumper in the contest. From 40, he misses to the far side. (Q2 4:51)
Lamb to Wright to Kerridge, with a link up as they move from the half forward flank through to the goal mouth. Kerridge receives and goals from close range! (Q2 9:14)
Tuohy takes the intercept mark off the half forward flank, and again a 50 metre penalty is paid after Fasolo encroached on the mark. From 25, he misses to the near side. (Q2 12:29)
Howe gets Everitt high in the attempted tackle, even with the Blue man starting from a low position. From 25, Andrejs hammers it home to again extend the Carlton advantage! (Q2 14:59)
Outstanding play by Blair, with a truly individual goal! Finding it on the half forward flank out of the pack, he ducks and weaves in and out of space, before finishing from 50! (Q2 19:15)
The Pies take it out of the middle through their captain in Pendlebury. He misses the handball, but it works forward through pressure acts to Fasolo, who slots it from close range! (Q2 19:45)
Pendlebury receives and finds himself in a wealth of space. Scott runs through to the paint of the arc and sets his sights for goal, but misses to the far side. (Q2 21:02)
The Blues kick a classic goal from the forward stoppage! Kreuzer taps it forward to the speeding former Swan in Everitt. Andrejs gathers at pace and goals from 20! (Q2 24:45)
Crocker finds it at ground level off the pack, and Ben then flicks it off to Treloar. Adam receives and shoots for goal from 30, but misses to the left under strong pressure. (Q2 27:45)
Sumner sets it up to the hot spot, allowing Casboult to run and jump, taking another terrific mark over the flying Howe. From 20 on the slight, Levi has his second! (Q2 30:43)
Cox goes long and finds White, who takes the strong mark in the one on one opposed to Plowman. Jesse goes back and goals from 40 on the slight! (Q3 2:19)
Cripps speeds into the forward 50, before utilising his hard working captain in Murphy by hand. Marc snaps it onto the chest of Lamb with a pinpoint delivery and Jed goals! (Q3 4:33)
The Pies win it from the centre stoppage, moving through Sidebottom who drills it to the leading Moore. Darcy marks ahead of Jamison, and goals from 55 via the set shot! (Q3 6:30)
Thomas to Armfield who moves it centrally to Gibbs, the Blues speeding the ball from one end to the other. From 35, directly in front, Bryce goals! (Q3 8:12)
Aish turns it over at half back, allowing Murphy to find Casboult at half forward. Howe then encroached on the mark, giving away the 50. From 25 on the angle, Levi misses. (Q3 10:45)
Coming out of defence, Reid turns it over, kicking into the hands of Wright. The ball falls Tuohy’s way, who chips it over the top to the hard working Sumner. Liam misses from 30. (Q3 12:30)
Out of the pack, White grabs it off the turf and immediately hacks it on the boot goalward. The shot misses to the near side from 40, under immense Blues pressure. (Q3 16:33)
The Blues speed it from one end to the other, going coast to coast. Allowing Armfield to flick it over the top to the unmanned Gibbs, who turns and goals! (Q3 17:31)
Make that three in a row for the Blues star, Bryce Gibbs! Bryce received deep in the forward pocket from Cripps, and Gibbs managed to dribble it through from the acute angle! (Q3 22:01)
Gibbs, Kerridge, Casboult to Plowman, Levi producing a phenomenal raking delivery. Lachie chips it to the leading Everitt, and Andrejs sends another through from 40 on the flank! (Q3 23:54)
Toovey goes long to the Moore/Rowe contest and Darcy takes the terrific leaping mark over the top of Sam. From 35, directly in front, he nabs the major! (Q3 25:36)
Moore whacks it onto the chest of Fasolo, leading out ahead of his direct opponent in Tuohy. For two in a row, Alex slots it from 50! (Q3 26:32)
The Pies begin the final term with a BANG! The black and white force the turnover with strong tackle pressure, allowing the opportunity for Greenwood to finish from 45! (Q4 1:05)
Thomas gets a second chance after Wright found him with the short pass. Frost then gives away the 50 for encroaching on the mark and Dale slots the goal! (Full Time)
The Pies send it long to the Moore/Tuohy matchup and Darcy receives the free for illegal contact in the marking contest. He goals from 25! (Full Time)
Blair moves it wide to Sidebottom by hand as the Pies begin to mount the pressure. From the acute angle, Steele just pulls it to the far side.
(Full Time)
Murphy moves it centrally through the corridor to the unmakred Casboult, who marks 35 out from goal. Levi sends it home to extend the margin once more! (Full Time)

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