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Blog log from R7 of 2016: Richmond vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Richmond vs Hawthorn, R7 of 2016

The Tigers win the first centre clearance, long kick to the hotspot, Griffiths roves and gives to Rioli who has Vlaustin running on from the centre to kick the first goal! (Q1 0:45)
Brandon Ellis releases Batchelor to run down the wing and pick out Riewoldt 25m out on the flank. Riewoldt goals as well, the Tigers have the jump! (Q1 4:20)
Quick long ball from the HFF to the square, Riewoldt has position and draws an obvious holding free on Gibson. Li’l Rooey boots goal number two. (Q1 6:52)
Daniel Rioli passes to Vickery with Brand out of position 40m out on a slight angle, on the end of a fast break. Tyrone misses. (Q1 11:31)
Breust marks 35m out on a slight angle and steers through the first Hawthorn goal. (Q1 13:12)
Following a recent trend, the Hawks are again getting completely smashed in clearances. (Q1 13:46)
Cyril Rioli strips Castagna in a tackle near CHF, Ceglar roves and gives to Breust who thinks thrice and eventually goals himself from 20m. (Q1 14:15)
Cyril Rioli beats Houli in a ground battle on the wing, runs on and hits Breust over the back near the hotspot. Three goals for Breust in Q1, Hawks are back level. (Q1 17:31)
Duryea finds Puopolo on his own deep in the pocket 20m out. Poppy screws through a classy set shot to give Hawthorn the lead. (Q1 19:51)
Miles bounces a running snap from 50m on a slight angle for a behind. (Q1 21:14)
Riewoldt roves a pack on the HFF with Gibson corralling, and finds Vlaustin on the opposite flank 40m out. Vlaustin misses. (Q1 23:00)
Lloyd passes to Daniel Rioli at 40m in the corridor after Hawthorn can’t clear CHB on the kick in. Rioli also misses. (Q1 24:00)
Puopolo takes a screamer on his chest over Chaplin from a long Hill ball to 40m on a slight angle. He misses this one badly. (Q1 27:23)
Richmond are bossing clearances and contested ball, but they haven’t converted, and the Hawks are getting them on the outside on the rebound. (Qtr Time)
The Hawks get a rare clearance and spread to the flank where Hartung hits Gunston on the lead 40m out. Gunston runs right and hits the left goalpost. (Q2 1:25)
O’Brien tackles McIntosh on the HFF and McIntosh inexplicably kicks OOTF. O’Brien goes inboard to Gunston at 35m on the flank. Gunstall splits the middle this time. (Q2 6:12)
The Hawks rebound from the last line around members wing and have the loose man, Hill to Rioli who has Gunston over the back for the Joe the Goose special. (Q2 9:32)
Edwards clears from the next centre bounce, Brand is all over Lloyd at 50m on the flank to concede a free. Lloyd tries a pass, and hits Short near the hotspot for the goal. (Q2 10:22)
Sicily turns the ball over by foot in midfield straight to Menadue, who quickly goes to the hotspot where Vickery pushes Gibson away to mark and goal. (Q2 15:08)
Martin marks a Vlaustin centre clearance kick on the HFF, turns quickly and has Vickery just inside the hotspot for another easy mark and goal. Tigers in front! (Q2 16:38)
Lovell kicks high and rather hopefully down the flank to 20m out, O’Brien contests and the crumb falls to the square where Puopolo volleys home with the left boot! Hawks lead. (Q2 21:48)
Hartung catches Brandon Ellis HTB at the next centre bounce and gives to Langford, whose long ball in marked unopposed by Cyril Rioli 30m out on the flank. Cyril goals. (Q2 23:04)
Langford bullocks his way through a stoppage near the hotspot but grubbers wide. (Q2 24:41)
Griffiths dives and marks a Vlaustin ball to 40m on the flank. He misses. (Q2 28:09)
Brand goes long to the hotspot from the wing, Gunston takes a strong contested grab with McIntosh all over him. Gunston pops through his third goal of the quarter. (Q2 29:54)
Morris is tackled by Langford on the wing but gets his kick away in time for Riewoldt to mark 40m out on the flank. Riewoldt misses left. (Q3 4:59)
McIntosh catches Gunston HTB at half forward and hits Lloyd on the lead 35m out near the boundary. Lloyd misses as well. (Q3 7:47)
Brand spoils a long ball from the wing to 40m out in the corridor but its straight to Short who snaps quickly… the ball takes a wicked off break the right side of the post! (Q3 10:03)
Miles plays on to advantage from the next centre bounce and passes to Riewoldt near CHF, who goes to Deledio 45m on a slight angle. Lids pulls it left. (Q3 11:12)
Vickery marks a Houli ball 45m out on a slight angle and goes extremely short to Lloyd about 10 metres away. Lloyd goals, scores level once again. (Q3 12:34)
Miles roves the spillage from McEvoy 40m out and throws the ball on the boot from 40m in front… it wobbles just inside the left goalpost! (Q3 14:33)
Miles intercepts Gibson 35m out on the flank, although the Hawks claim Menadue touched it on the way through. He goals, Tigers making their move! (Q3 16:48)
Gibson spoils Riewoldt on the HFF, gathers and hits Lewis at 45m on a slight angle. Lewis makes no mistake, Hawthorn back within a kick. (Q3 21:03)
Hill gives to Smith for a snap under a tackle from 40m on a slight angle, just wide. (Q3 21:48)
Puopolo roves a Gunston contest against two Tigers 20m out and runs into the open goal to put the Hawks back in the lead! (Q3 23:19)
Lloyd marks on the HFF, wheels around and hits the square but it’s an easy one for O’Brien to rush. (Q3 25:34)
Gunston roves a long Hartung ball to a big pack in the square but Houli smothers his kick for a behind. (Q3 26:50)
Richmond get in trouble trying to run around the outer wing on the rebound, the Hawks swarm, Lovell gets the kick off to 30m on the flank for Ceglar to mark and goal. (Q3 29:00)
Corey Ellis was the rabbit in the headlights as Hill ran at him to cause that turnover goal. (Q3 29:49)
Contested and clearance totals equilibrated that quarter, it’s a game of ebbs and flows so it’s a matter of who grasps the moments when they come. (3 Qtr Time)
The Hawks rebound around the outer wing after Gibson roves a stoppage at defensive hotspot, they have the loose man, Hill goes to Shiels who goals on the lope from the hotspot. (Q4 2:57)
Shiels intercepts a Grigg handball on the wing, bounces twice and passes to Sicily near the boundary 30m out. Sicily plays on and screws through a massive goal, just! (Q4 5:37)
Puopolo misses from a pack near the hotspot. (Q4 6:37)
Gibson spoils in midfield down to Langford who gives to Smith on the edge of the centre square, he slams through another one for the Hawks! (Q4 8:26)
Two vital goals created by Gibson spoiling slow kicks to Riewoldt. It should be Vickery or Griffiths doing that lead up job, not the FF. (Q4 9:38)
Deledio roves on the HFF and kicks over the top to no one in the square, but it’s intelligent because Vickery is first back to gather and goal. (Q4 11:17)
Houli runs through midfield and hits Vickery to mark behind O’Brien near the hotspot. Tyrone flushes the left goalpost. (Q4 17:50)
Of course the Hawks go coast to coast from the kick in as you knew they would, Rioli presses go for Hill to run into the open goal up the other end. (Q4 19:20)
Burgoyne kicks long after the next centre bounce to the hotspot to the advantage of Gunston to mark in front of Batchelor. Gunstall boots his fourth major. (Q4 20:40)
Burgoyne to Hartung at a stoppage at CHF, it’s champagne footy time for the Hawks, he slams through another one. (Q4 21:53)
Breust roves a Gunston contest to a long Lovell ball in the pocket, gets tackled and grubbers across the face, but has time to go and get it and goal anyway. Garbage time! (Q4 25:00)
Riewoldt drops the knees under a tackle by Shiels and gets a free for in the back, and goals for the third time from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 27:25)
Breust snaps his fifth goal after roving front and centre to an O’Brien contest at the hotspot. (Q4 29:06)
Sicily another contest at 35m on the flank, the crumb falls over the back this time and Breust is Johnny on the spot to gather and boot goal number six. Simples! (Q4 30:10)
Griffiths leaps high and beats two Hawks in the air to clunk a Riewoldt ball to 20m on the flank. He kicks his first goal in the final minute. (Q4 31:24)

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