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Blog log from R2 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Geelong

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Geelong, R2 of 2016

Selwood goes long down the HFF to Hawkins who dives and marks in front of Davis 20m out. The Tomahawk steers through the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 0:47)
Bartel misses a quick snap from just inside CHF. (Q1 4:46)
Motlop passes to Hawkins at 30m on the flank, who tries to hit Kersten in the square but misses the target… and so eventually does Kersten with a pressured snap from 10m. (Q1 7:03)
Hawkins takes an OOTF free 40m out but his screwing set shot goes across the face. (Q1 13:18)
Hawkins gives to Guthrie for a snap on the run from 45m on a slight angle… OOTF. (Q1 14:47)
Enright gets pinged for deliberate OOB 40m out. Smith takes the free, his kick is straight but falls on the line and is rushed. (Q1 17:12)
Whitfield gathers a bouncing ball on the wing and gives to Wilson running up from defence, he scoots to 50m on a slight angle and bangs through the first Giant goal! (Q1 18:49)
Geelong has been well in front on general play and time in forward half, but a few errant kicks in front of goal only sees them a few points ahead. (Q1 19:18)
Ward gives to Griffen after a stoppage on the HFF, he snaps around the corner from 35m on a slight angle for another one for the Giants to give them the lead! (Q1 23:42)
Selwood keeps a ground ball alive on the wing, Caddy passes to Blicavs who leaps in front of Shaw and marks 35m out. Blicavs hits the far goalpost. (Q1 26:14)
Lang marks an inboard ball to 20m on the flank after a deliberate OOB call against Shaw. He goals. (Q2 0:46)
Patton marks on the lead near the boundary 30m out, nothing Lonergan could do there. He kicks OOTF. (Q2 3:17)
Smith receives from Ward outside a stoppage on the HFF and sails through a nice finish off the right boot from just inside 50m. (Q2 5:45)
Greene breaks a tackle after the Giants boss the next centre bounce, and gives to Johnson who does the rest from near the hotspot. (Q2 6:54)
Greene goes very short to Coniglio to mark running back with the flight ahead of Murdoch at 40m on the flank. Cogs kicks straight, the GWS kick away. (Q2 10:34)
Kolodjashnij spoils a Shiel ball from the HFF to the square in a contest with Hoskin-Elliott for a behind. (Q2 14:33)
Shaw fumbles on the HBF allowing Smith to give to Blicavs for an ungainly left foot snap from 35m… which wobbles through! (Q2 15:03)
Henderson is not paid a mark at CHB that he got a big piece of, a pack forms, Johnson gives to Shiel forward of the pack to run and goal from the hotspot! (Q2 17:03)
Greene bounces through midfield and has a flying shot from CHF… bounces into the base of the left goalpost. (Q2 17:37)
The Geelong runner Nigel Lappin gives away a free as Ward is being tackled 40m out in front. Somehow Scully gets the free… and makes the Cats pay! (Q2 20:03)
Johnson gets swamped by Cats on the HFF but the ump sees a free against Dangerfield for high contact. He decides to centre, no Giants contest, Cats clear. (Q2 21:48)
Geelong had all the stats going their way in Q1 but couldn’t convert, now they have all swung back the other way as GWS is dominating outside ball… and kicking straight. (Q2 23:05)
Scully kicks quickly after a stoppage on the HFF and goes down the line to Patton, who has too much height for Mackie 30m out. Patton misses again. (Q2 24:08)
Mumford spoils at defensive hotspot but Blicavs is front and centre for a classic rover’s goal! (Q2 25:41)
Selwood sets up Guthrie for a running snap from 45m on the flank… wide again. (Q2 26:33)
Guthrie passes short to Hawkins just inside 50m wide on the flank. The Tomahawk hooks it well left. (Q2 27:33)
Greene kicks OOTF 50m out, the Cats work it around the arc, Mackie eventually goes from the centre to the hotspot for Stanley to mark unopposed. Stanley kicks truly. (Q2 28:31)
Mumford marks a Palmer pass on the lead just next to the hotspot. The HT siren sounds as he lines up… Mummy bangs it through! (Q2 30:46)
Patton marks on the lead in front of Lonergan at 40m on the flank, and misses again near side. (Q3 3:32)
Greene has a chance forward of a pack 20m out but chooses to snap too low and Taylor touches it on the line. (Q3 6:11)
Hoskin-Elliott takes a massive screamer at the top of the square from a long Scully ball, with his knee on the shoulder of Henderson. Posterisation! And the goal. (Q3 9:13)
Hoskin-Elliott intercepts a lazy Lang ball to Bartel on the HFF and goes quick to Lobb at 45m on a slight angle. Lobb misses, just. (Q3 10:33)
Patton has a chance from 25m with a snap across the body under not much pressure, but screws it too far. (Q3 11:43)
Kelley goes to the lead of Lobb in front of Taylor 30m out on the flank, Lobb draws a free for contact over the shoulder and steers through a goal to put the Giants five up! (Q3 13:02)
Dangerfield spoils Smith on the HBF but goes to ground, Smith mops up and goes to the top of the square… Ward roves and gives outside to Johnson for another one! (Q3 15:28)
McCarthy roves a Kersten contest and has a snap off a step from 50m on a slight angle… wide. (Q3 16:02)
Blicavs gives to McCarthy running down the flank, he snaps just before being tackled from 30m… this one’s on target. Cats needed that one badly. (Q3 17:10)
Johnson fits a nice kick in between two Cats to Smith running back with the flight to 45m on a slight angle, on the end of a rebound from halfback. Devon kicks truly! (Q3 19:13)
Hawkins goes short to Caddy just outside CHF, he has nothing on so has to go himself… and roosts a massive goal! (Q3 24:29)
That goal was an indication that the Geelong forward structure has fallen down. (Q3 24:29)
Shaw turns the ball over on the HBF, Smith spoils and roves then gives to Gregson who goals from 30m. (Q3 25:34)
Ground ball on the HFF near the boundary just outside the 50m paint, has Davis on his hammer, tries a low percentage volley… it bounces through for a huge goal! (Q4 0:10)
Hawkins with that goal, if it wasn’t clear. (Q4 0:10)
Hoskin-Elliott turns the ball over at CHF to Bartel starting a Cat fast rebound, Hawkins juggles a mark in front of Davis next to the hotspot. Big kick… the Tomahawk delivers.
Stanley marks an Enright ball to 35m on a slight angle in front of Mumford. He goals as well, Cats back within a kick!
Kersten leaps high and marks in front of Buntine 35m out on a slight angle. He misses.
Scully goes long from half forward to the square but there is a nest of Cats there to punch it for a behind. (Q4 15:42)
Selwood releases Guthrie for a gallop through midfield, he gives to Gregson who misses from 40m. (Q4 17:02)
Series of stoppages in the Giants forward line, eventually Hoskin-Elliott kicks back inside 50 to Johnson at 30m on a slight angle! Stevie J misses, though. (Q4 21:22)
Mackie kicks in to a big pack at CHB, the Giants swarm the crumb, Shiel to Greene to Lobb at 40m on a slight angle. Lobb misses as well, on the stutter. (Q4 22:41)
3:05 at the kick in. (Q4 22:41)
Cats struggle to get the ball out of defence after the kick in, Johnson roves and kicks to the HFF where Palmer marks near the boundary. Palmer takes his time… Patton marks! (Q4 24:01)
Patton was at the front of the pack near the goalpost and gets put on a tight angle… doesn’t score, play on, throw in after Griffen smothers in the pocket. 1:23 left. (Q4 24:46)
Dangerfield bursts away from the stoppage but the ump pings him for running too far! 1:06 to go. (Q4 25:11)
Griffen marks 45m out on the flank from the resultant free kick by Shiel. He goals, Giants will win! (Q4 26:00)

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