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Blog log from R1 of 2016: Sydney vs Collingwood

Blog log for Sydney vs Collingwood, R1 of 2016

Jack goes long and direct from the opening bounce to Franklin, who touches off Frost and takes the mark. He goes back and slots it from 45! (Q1 0:49)
Papley takes down Ramsey with a fantastic tackle, Jackson playing the role of a sitting duck. From 45, boundary side, he misses to the far side. (Q1 8:35)
Lloyd turns it over through the corridor and it results in a shot for the Pies. Sidebottom darts in a pass to Blair, but his shot from 35 on the flank misses. (Q1 13:15)
Cunningham, Papley, Hewett all through the centre of the ground but none took on the shot when the chance presented. They move it forward to the pocket where Sinclair misses. (Q1 16:36)
Out of the boundary throw in, the ball pops the way of Tom Mitchell. The young star takes little time to turn and snap truly from 40! (Q1 19:17)
The Swans work it from the middle once more, clearly on top in that area of the ground. Sinclair can only knock it on with pressure coming from Heeney and Papley goals! (Q1 20:17)
Tippett finds himself free in the 50 after a strong push from the ruck. He takes the uncontested mark, but misses from 40 on the flank. (Q1 23:48)
Pendlebury with a picture perfect delivery sets up the goal from half back. Hits the chest of De Goey, who finds Greenwood. Levi charges into the forward 50 and slots it home! (Q1 25:35)
Jack takes a mark on the paint of 50 and goes back for the set shot after the delay via the Fasolo injury. He just misses to the left hand side. (Q1 28:16)
Cunningham has a quick pick up out of traffic, but his quick slam on the boot misses to the right hand side from 35. (Q1 28:58)
Papley whacks one off the turf after less than 20 seconds of the second quarter. The Swans won the clearance and Tom sends it through from 20 out! (Q2 0:08)
Heeney switches the ball to the fat side of the ground where Hewett marks unopposed, 25 metres out from goal on the sharp angle. George hits the post on debut. (Q2 2:08)
Mills takes the intercept mark as the Pies attempt to come out of defence once more. Callum then finds Hewett unopposed once more. George goals from 35! (Q2 3:26)
Sinclair hits it down to Mitchell from the boundary throw in, deep in the forward pocket. Tom again makes the most of his opportunities with a quality snap! (Q2 9:27)
Pendlebury, Treloar and back to the captain. Scott has a snap under immense pressure and just can’t pull it back enough from 35. (Q2 10:37)
Franklin receives a free kick after Frost sloppily runs straight into Lance, who was ready to scramble on the deck. He finishes with consummate ease from 40 on the flank! (Q2 15:05)
Swans out of the middle again, and this time Kennedy finds Franklin ahead of Frost. From 45, directly in front, Lance has no issue slamming that home for his third of the night! (Q2 16:22)
Dean Towers makes it six in a row for the Swans as they extend the margin once more! Towers took the simple mark 45 out from goal, and had no issue making the Pies pay! (Q2 20:08)
Franklin gets around a couple with a little shimmy and then proceeds to dart in a pass to the unopposed, hard running Parker. Luke misses the set shot from 30 on the flank. (Q2 21:38)
Blair finds it on the deck deep in the pocket, but misses the attempted snap shot to the near side. (Q2 26:06)
Jones to Hannebery who finds the former Hawk in Franklin, unopposed just inside the 50. Lance sends it through post high to the rapturous applause of the crowd! (Q2 28:03)
Papley to Heeney who darts the pass to Cunningham on the lead. From 45 on the flank, Harry makes no mistake to add to the Pies misery! (Q3 1:07)
Jack to Tippett who finds Hannebery leading out the back unopposed, with Treloar the closest opponent. From 45 on the slight angle, Dan adds another for the Swans! (Q3 2:37)
Heeney gets to the drop zone after Franklin spills the mark. He hoists it high and Sinclair takes the mark out on the lead. Deep in the pocket, he misses to the near side. (Q3 4:27)
Hannebery receives the free kick and then gets the fifty for being encroached on the mark. From 30, he misses the regulation set shot. (Q3 7:32)
Long bomb into the top of the square and Kennedy reads it best at ground level. He feeds it out to Parker, and Luke snaps it truly from 25! (Q3 8:27)
Parker wins it at ground level once more and flicks it off to Hewett. George attempts a snap running away from goal, but misses to the left hand side. (Q3 9:37)
Crisp grabs a goal out the back to a large bronx cheer! The Swans defenders misread the flight of the long delivery, allowing Jack time and space to finish from 30! (Q3 12:08)
Mills receives a free kick for head high contact after putting his head over the ball. From outside 50, he misses the set shot to the right hand side. (Q3 14:05)
Maynard slaps the ground ball forward but directly into the path of the inform Franklin. Mitchell receives off Lance and slams through his third off another snap! (Q3 16:53)
Macaffer to Treloar to De Goey. Jordan takes the advantage after Adam gets hit high, and slams home the Pies second of the term from 35! (Q3 18:40)
Moore forces a free kick after laying a quality tackle on Grundy, who could only throw it away. Darcy trots in from 30 on the slight and he goals! (Q3 21:58)
Grundy receives a hot pass and could only fumble it into the path of Gault. Corey flicked it off to Fasolo who slot the goal from point blank range! (Q3 26:14)
Parker to Cunningham to Heeney in one swift movement which took all of five seconds. From 35 on the slight angle, Isaac drags it to the left hand side. (Q3 28:16)
Rampe heaves it long to the top of the square and Heeney reads it best off the pack, waiting front and centre. His quick snap missed to the left hand side under frontal pressure. (Q3 32:03)
Mitchell receives a free kick for deliberate out of bounds, just before the 3 quarter time siren. Tom snaps from the pocket, but misses to the near side. (3 Qtr Time)
Pendlebury to Witts to Treloar with a chain of quick fire handballs that ends with the former Giant turning on the jets and finishing from 35! (Q4 1:27)
The Swans work it forward once more from the centre stoppage, and this time Cunningham is able to capitalise. The speedster ran onto the bouncing pill at pace, finishing from 20! (Q4 2:39)
Out of the forward 50 Swans stoppage, Sidebottom misfires a handball to Jones, who takes little time to accept the invitation and whack it on the boot for another major! (Q4 9:09)
Franklin pushes off Frost, then feeds it wide to Kennedy and then off to Papley. From 40 out directly in front, the first gamer nabs another! (Q4 15:35)
Kennedy receives out of congestion, but his quick punt at goal misses to the left hand side from 45. (Q4 16:23)
Parker grabs it off the deck and flicks it off to Heeney. Isaac feigns and feigns again before opening up just enough space to get the effective snap away. Very classy major! (Q4 18:03)
Pendlebury, Adams and Maynard link up by hand before Brandon whacks the pill from the arc of 50 and sends it through post high. Nice consolation effort from the half back! (Q4 20:14)
Greenwood takes the intercept mark and quickly finds Sidebottom through the corridor. The man on report tonight, trots in and misses to the left hand side from 45. (Q4 22:15)
Adams turns it over via handball to Heeney. isaac settles on the shot from the flank region, 40 out, but hooks it to the near side for a minor score. (Q4 23:30)
De Goey towels up Jones in a tackle as the Swans attempt to rebound out of defence. From 35 on the sharp angle, Jordan hits the post. (Q4 27:53)
Sidebottom gets it outside the contest to Treloar. Adam runs through to 40, in a similar vein to his earlier finish, but this time misses the speeding attempt. (Q4 29:15)

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