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Blog log from W3 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne, W3 of 2016

Salem passes to the lead of Watts at 45m on the flank in front of Collins. Watts misses.
Jong runs around the boundary and gives to Hrovat who runs into the open goal, after Campbell clears from a stoppage on the HFF.
Boyd chases a long ball by Hrovat from the HFF to the hotspot, he gathers and is corralled by Dunn, but misses around the body. (Q1 7:06)
Hamilton passes to the lead of Boyd at 45m on the flank, who misses again. (Q1 8:54)
Roughead receives from Minson after the Dogs swarm the Dee defenders on the the HFF, kicks off a step from 45m on the flank… wobbles and bounces through! (Q1 10:40)
Pedersen is somehow on his own in the square to mark and goal from a high Bugg kick from the hotspot after the small Demon forwards lock in a chaos ball. (Q1 11:14)
Garlett roves a contest at half forward but misses a flying snap. (Q1 13:10)
Minson stands tall in a big pack next to the goalsquare and clunks a long Jong bomb. He kicks truly. (Q1 15:39)
Redpath marks on the lead 30m out on a slight angle with Hrovat and Honeychurch involved in the buildup. He steers through his first major of the afternoon. (Q1 18:11)
Jong takes a big contested grab on the HFF and gives to Redpath who goes quickly to the top of the square where Bailey marks… but shanks it wide from 15m. (Q1 24:26)
Frost misses a snap from near the boundary 30m out. (Q2 0:43)
Collins has two Dogs waiting for a rebound kick to the HBF but he somehow finds Garlett instead. Jeffie misses from 40m. (Q2 2:09)
Redpath leaps in front of the undersized Jetta and marks a short Daniel ball to just inside true CHF. The wind pushes it the wrong side of the post. (Q2 10:26)
Watts contests a long ball to the top of the square by Vandenberg and keeps his feet, the ball falls behind him and sits up for an easy gather and goal. (Q2 15:27)
Roberts drops a Watts inside 50 in the pocket, Garlett flashes in and delivers a sensational Daicos special from the boundary 25m out! What a play! (Q2 19:27)
Adams kicks OOTF from the last line, Watts takes the free 35m out and threads the needle! (Q2 21:49)
Williams scores the first goal of Q3 inside the first minute. (Q3 2:36)
Pedersen gives a Joe the Goose special for another goal for Watts on the end of a fast break starting from the last line by Vince. (Q3 4:04)
Watts hits the behind post on the full from a very tough set shot from the boundary 30m out, into the wind. (Q3 5:44)
Vandenberg goals from a stoppage in the pocket, roving Gawn to perfection and benefiting from a block by Tyson. (Q3 6:56)
McLean picks up a loose ball in a scramble at the hotspot and gets caught high by Wagner. He misses, though. (Q3 10:26)
Boyd leaps and takes a contested grab over a pack 40m out on the flank. He misses. (Q3 11:39)
Harmes turns the ball over in midfield, the Dogs sweep forward, Webb runs to just outside CHF and sails through a supergoal. (Q3 15:54)
Honeychurch is over the back for a long ball to the HFF on the end of a halfback rebound, he gathers the Prudden kick and goals from 40m. (Q3 18:08)
Jong gives to Honeychurch who misses this time from the opposite HFF. (Q3 19:24)
Jong marks a Boyd pass from the wing just inside 50m on a slight angle, and sails through a lovely looking set shot for a goal. (Q3 24:04)
Honeychurch gets smothered in the pocket, the ball dribbles for a behind but Goetz pushes Garland over the fence to give away a free plus 50m and negate the score. (Q4 0:59)
Tyson threads a fine snap from the boundary 45m out in the fluky breeze for a goal. (Q4 6:14)
Harmes leaps into Webb and takes a good contested mark 15m out on the flank, and goals. (Q4 9:54)
Viney misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q4 12:16)
Ball flips over the back at a stoppage in the Demons FP, straight to Jones who snaps truly off the right! (Q4 15:18)
Nathan Jones, that was. (Q4 15:18)
Frost stays down to a long ball to the top of the square, the ball lands in his lap and he’s quick enough to get the ball on the boot over his right shoulder to kick the goal. (Q4 19:00)
Kent misses a set shot from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 21:54)
Kennedy gets a handball and runs free to 25m on a slight angle, but burns it horribly for a behind. (Q4 23:24)
Frost misses a set shot from 50m on the flank. (Q4 24:10)

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