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Blog log from W3 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Collingwood

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Collingwood, W3 of 2016

Tarrant marks in relief at defensive hotspot but burns the ball with a terrible kick to CHB straight to Aish, who starts a chain of handballs, Pendlebury to Adams, goal. (Q1 2:23)
Goldstein gathers a bouncing ball at the hotspot and goals on the turn. (Q1 3:18)
Oxley roves a loose footy after a stoppage at the hotspot, it bounces through but was touched. (Q1 6:08)
Dal Santo passes to Brown 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q1 8:10)
Varcoe marks a Gault kick 25m out on the flank and plays on with a give to Adams, who hits the post. (Q1 8:55)
Pendlebury, resting forward, snaps truly from the top of the square after roving a long ball. (Q1 10:14)
Fasolo marks a long Adams centre clearance behind three Roos at 30m on a slight angle. He goals. (Q1 11:19)
Moore brings a long ball to the square to ground in front of him, sticks his bum out to hold off his man and gives to Varcoe for the goal. (Q1 16:59)
Nahas roves a Wood contest and goals from close range. (Q1 18:50)
Black tackles Adams and wins a HTB free 25m out on the flank, but just misses. (Q2 1:09)
Mullett gets a chance with a set shot from just on 50m on a slight angle after marking the Langdon kick in. He shows Black how it’s done with a goal. (Q2 2:21)
Hansen turns the ball over with a terrible handball to no one deep in defence, Cox mops up and gives to Varcoe who goals from 20m on the flank. (Q2 3:41)
Dal Santo stands up in a double tackle in a pack at the hotspot and gives outside to Petrie, who pops through the goal. (Q2 6:07)
Brown uses all his height to leap in front of Marsh and clunk a long Gibson ball 40m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q2 8:09)
Brown marks on the HFF, wheels and delivers a lovely pass to the hotspot to the advantage of Petrie. The Dish goals. (Q2 10:37)
Nahas has Petrie over the back to stroll into the open goal on a fast break from halfback down the outer side. (Q2 12:37)
Cloke marks very strongly in front of Tarrant from a hard Pendlebury pass up the guts to 35m. He misses. (Q2 13:49)
Cloke gets another chance after the ump pays a free for a jumper hold at the hotspot by Tarrant, but Travis misses again, same right side. (Q2 15:26)
Another fact break from defence by the Roos, this time Nahas gives to Swallow who misses from the HFF. (Q2 17:25)
Goodyear eventually gets a kick on target for Collingwood, ripping the ball out of a pack 20m out in the pocket. (Q2 19:08)
Petrie roves a Thomas contest in the pocket but his quick snap hits the post. (Q2 19:53)
The Pies go coast to coast from the kick in, Gault takes a contested grab from a Cloke ball 25m out on the flank. Gault goals. (Q2 20:38)
Pendlebury roves his own crumb to a contest to a long Ramsay ball to the hotspot, and sets up Gault to run into the open goal. (Q3 1:53)
Tarrant kicks OOTF under heavy pressure from the BP, Gault passes inboard to Pendlebury 30m out near the boundary. Pendles misses. (Q3 3:03)
Gault marks in front of a couple of Roos running back with the flight 20m out, and plays on to kick the goal. (Q3 3:40)
Black roves a long ball to a big pack at 20m on a slight angle and gives to Nahas to goal from point blank range. (Q3 6:04)
Adams gives to Maynard who has a ping just inside CHF< but misses off the left. (Q3 8:38)
Garner gallops down the wing on a fast break and sees Gibson speeding away behind the Pie defence, hits him in stride to stroll into the open goal. (Q3 10:54)
Fasolo takes a contested mark at the hotspot diving to the ground despite the attentions of Hansen. He goals. (Q3 11:42)
Marsh gets swamped by North small forwards, baulks Nahas but gets caught HTB by Thomas, who gives off to Mullett who sails through a ninepointer! (Q3 15:12)
Blair marks in front of McKenzie on the lead just inside CHF, and goals. (Q3 16:14)
Black misses a pressured snap from 20m under heavy pressure after a give from Dal Santo. (Q3 17:42)
Thomas misses a set shot from the HFF as the 3QT siren blows. (Q3 21:34)
Adams capitalises with a goal from 40m after Wells drops a sitter at CHB, with a goal assist shark and give by Blair. (Q4 4:22)
Thomas goals with a left foot snap from 30m on the flank after roving a Petrie contest. (Q4 5:22)
Fasolo hits the post with a snap from a stoppage at 35m on the flank. (Q4 9:03)
Pendlebury just misses a snap under pressure from outside the hotspot. (Q4 14:00)
Brown is over the back to mark 20m out on a fast break from halfback by North. He goals. (Q4 16:53)

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