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Blog log from W1 of 2016: Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Sydney vs Port Adelaide, W1 of 2016

White roves a Neade centre clearance to Butcher and gives outside to Amon who misses from 25m. (Q1 0:16)
Towers marks at 25m on the flank and kicks the first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 3:30)
White roves a Byrne-Jones ball to the hotspot but misses. (Q1 5:48)
White intercepts a rebound kick by Smith just inside 50m on the flank, and sails through a lovely set shot for Port’s first goal. (Q1 7:04)
Franklin gives to Towers in traffic at the hotspot, his snap is low and rushed. (Q1 7:30)
Tippett passes to Brandon Jack at 40m on a slight angle, who misses. (Q1 8:29)
Neade marks in front of two Swans at 25m on a slight angle, but the wind skews his set shot past the post. (Q1 10:49)
Carlile holds Tippett to concede a free near the top of the square. Tippett makes no mistake. (Q1 14:57)
Palmer marks on his chest in front of Smith near the hotspot. He misses. (Q1 16:19)
Trengove snaps out of the ruck 25m out on the flank but the ball is touched through. (Q1 20:19)
Snelling sails through a beautiful straight set shot from 40m on the boundary after Mills is pinged for deliberately knocking the ball OOB. (Q1 21:45)
Parker marks on the lead at 45m on a slight angle but doesn’t make the distance kicking into the wind. (Q1 22:45)
Ah Chee marks near the boundary 35m out and uses the wind to perfection with another quality set shot. (Q1 24:00)
Mills marks on the boundary on the wing and gets a 50m penalty to take him to 30m on the flank. He kicks OOTF. (Q2 1:02)
Sinclair is on his own in the square for a Parker ball on the end of a fast break for an easy goal. (Q2 2:18)
Cunningham marks on the lead at 45m on a slight angle and goals to give the Swans the lead. (Q2 4:22)
Butcher marks a Toumpas ball at 40m on the flank who gives it to Polec to let fly from just on 50m… goal! (Q2 6:37)
Neade pushes off Grundy on the wing, jets away, ducks a tackle and passes to Colquhoun at 40m on a slight angle. Colquhoun kicks truly. (Q2 9:39)
Towers marks on the lead just outside 50m on the flank in front of Jonas, and just squeezes in a supergoal. (Q2 11:56)
Jack bombs long to a pack 20m out, Towers roves and delivers a nice right-foot banana inside the post for a goal. (Q2 16:45)
Rampe concedes a free to Colquhoun for scragging him as they sit under a long ball to the hotspot. Colquhoun converts for his second goal. (Q2 23:01)
Trengove gets pinged for HTB in a gang tackle, Kennedy takes the free 40m out on the flank. JPK misses badly. (Q2 28:41)

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