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Blog log from W1 of 2016: St Kilda vs North Melbourne

Blog log for St Kilda vs North Melbourne, W1 of 2016

Tarrant gets in the back of Bruce at the hotspot to concede an obvious free and the first goal. (Q1 5:44)
Correction, it was Higgins with the first goal before that. (Q1 7:05)
Coughlan gives away a free to Wood at 35m on the flank for getting in his back. Wood misses. (Q1 8:15)
Saunders goals on the run from 45m on the flank on the end of a fast break from a big pack on the wing, Acres to Dunstan in the buildup. (Q1 11:16)
Shenton roves a Billings contest in the pocket and rolls through a behind from 20m. (Q1 12:01)
Dempster prevents Garner having a snap from 40m on a slight angle but Anderson roves the spillage, his snap bounces just wide. (Q1 14:34)
Higgins intercepts a Savage rebound kick on the HFF and gives to Wood, who threads the needle with a snap from the boundary 20m out with Ross out of position. (Q1 15:46)
Higgins speeds away from a pack on the HFF after playing on to advantage, he lets fly from 45m and sails through another one for North. (Q1 18:00)
Tarrant is pinged for holding Acres 35m out on a slight angle, and again the Saint makes him pay with a goal. (Q1 19:17)
The Roos rebound from a big pack at defensive hotspot straight up the guts, Clark bombs long from 55m in front, it sits in the square for Petrie to volley home. (Q1 22:32)
Waite busts a pack with a big grab in a pack at 25m on the flank, bowling over Gilbert and Delaney. He goals. (Q1 25:41)
Savage puts his head over the footy at 50m on a slight angle and earns a free. He misses after the QT siren. (Qtr Time)
Savage earns another free for a clip over the ear by Firrito in a marking contest at the hotspot, and this time makes no mistake. (Q2 3:47)
Billings boots the first supergoal of the 2016 NAB Challenge from 55m a slight angle after marking and wheeling around on the left. (Q2 5:02)
Lee marks a Gresham centre clearance to 30m on a slight angle and goals as well. (Q2 6:17)
Petrie marks over Goddard at 35m on the flank to stop the rot with a goal. (Q2 17:18)
Thomas screws in a quality set shot for a goal from the boundary 20m out after Acres is pinged for deliberate OOB. (Q2 19:28)
Wood marks on the wing and gets a rather soft 50m penalty for interference by Coughlan. He goals from 35m on a slight angle. (Q2 23:18)
Wood has another ping after galloping down the flank, but he misses from 40m. (Q2 24:13)
Petrie kicks the first goal of Q3 from a set shot from CHF to continue the good run for the Roos. (Q3 5:01)
Waite rolls through another one for North with a banana grubbing snap from a pack 25m out on a slight angle. (Q3 6:38)
Harvey marks in the pocket and gives to Thomas who grubbers through another one from 20m under pressure. (Q3 7:42)
Anderson marks 40m out on the flank and sails through a nice looking set shot after Webster turns the ball over at halfback with a nothing kick. (Q3 14:14)
Sinclair roves a Bruce contest and gets the ball on the boot in heavy traffic at 30m on the flank, he delivers a nice snap for a rare Saint goal. (Q3 17:25)
Thomas piles on the scoring for North with a goal from a set shot near the hotspot after the Roos get another fast break from halfback. (Q3 23:25)
Wagner hits Harvey running back to the square ahead of Savage for yet another Roo major. (Q3 24:55)
Weller misses an attempt at a supergoal after the 3QT siren from the flank. (3 Qtr Time)
Bruce marks just inside CHF and sails through a quality set shot for his second goal. (Q4 2:40)
Sinclair has Shenton lurking over the back on a fast break to stroll into an open goal on his own. (Q4 9:00)
Tarrant hits Petrie on the lead just inside true CHF with a long kick from the wing. Petrie misses, just. (Q4 11:06)
Lee centres from the back pocket, but it’s intercepted by Waite for a charity goal from 15m. (Q4 12:06)
Wood is worried off a ground ball near the hotspot but it comes back to him, luckily, and he snaps truly from 20m. (Q4 14:47)
Wood marks in front of Delaney on a short lead to 30m on the flank and goals again. (Q4 16:52)
Curren snaps truly from 45m on the flank after receiving outside from Saunders. (Q4 19:11)
Thomas passes to Wood at 40m on a slight angle, who doesn’t score. (Q4 21:37)
Petrie volleys wide from a pack 15m out. (Q4 22:59)

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