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Blog log from R23 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Carlton

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Carlton, R23 of 2015

Menzel gets out the back after the Blues work it forward through a hacked effort. Troy attempts the impossible from deep in the pocket, but he hits the post. (Q1 2:32)
Frawley bangs it long to the hot spot and Roughead gets to the drop zone ahead of Jamison. Jarryd turns and goals from point blank range! (Q1 3:58)
The Hawks turn it over through the middle of the ground after Sicily missed the target. Simpson receives from Tuohy and finds Everitt out the back. Andrejs goals from 45! (Q1 7:29)
The Hawks swing it forward in numbers, ending with Burgoyne flicking it over the top to Gunston who centred to the unopposed Roughead. From 35 on the slight, he misses. (Q1 10:59)
Once more, Roughead is first to the drop zone, this time ahead of Dick. In turn, Jarryd flicks it off to the unmarked Puopolo, who slots the goal from the pocket! (Q1 13:00)
Gibson launches a darting effort to Hale who marks ahead of a desperate Carrazzo. 40 metres out from goal, directly in front, he misses to the right hand side. (Q1 15:44)
Birchall chips it to Frawley who marks, on the lead, pressed up on the boundary line 45 metres from goal. James strikes it perfectly and sends it straight through the middle! (Q1 18:00)
Mitchell forces the centre clearance win, spoil Kreuzer and then darting in the pass to the leading Burgoyne. Shaun receives the free for in the back, but misses the shot from 40. (Q1 19:44)
The Blues turn it over through the middle of the ground and the Hawks take full advantage. The ball pops out to Roughead and Jarryd trots through to the arc and sends it home! (Q1 21:25)
Buckley forces it to the front of the pack after the quick hack in, but there are Hawks everywhere. McEvoy fed it off to Langford, who moved it off to Gunston. Jack goals from 20! (Q1 23:44)
Everitt reads it off Stratton’s fist, bursting through to 35 from the flank region. Andrejs settles and shoots for home, but misses to the far side with the bounced effort. (Q1 25:18)
Curnow spots up Bell unopposed, well within the arc, but Tom looks further afield and finds Walker on the lead. Andrew lines up, 35 metres out on the sharp angle, and he goals! (Q2 2:47)
Roughead to Hill and back again as Jarryd speeds into the forward 50. From 40 on the flank, Jarryd misses the running shot at goal towards the near side. (Q2 6:29)
Duryea bombs it long to the Roughead/Jamison matchup and Jarryd again wins the contest at ground level. The Hawks number 2 turns at speed and dribbles it home from 20! (Q2 7:46)
Everitt booms it in to the hot spot and Watson takes the towering pack mark in the five strong pack. Pressed up on the boundary, 25 out, he misses to the near side. (Q2 10:14)
Suckling goes long to Roughead, and Puopolo gets to the drop zone and whacks it forward with a soccered effort. Frawley receives out the back unopposed and goals from point blank! (Q2 11:54)
The Blues win the centre clearance and move it forward at pace. It ends with Menzel identifying the space ahead of Walker, and Andrew marks ahead of Gibson. He misses from 25. (Q2 13:46)
Lewis chips it to the hot spot and this time Gibson receives the free kick for being held out of the marking contest by Simpson. Jack trots in and slots the goal from 25! (Q2 19:17)
Burgoyne wins it at ground level and bullets a handball off to the ever present Gunston. Jack goes for home, but misses the shot from 40 to the right hand side. (Q2 21:02)
The Blues go coast to coast, with Cripps moving it through the middle of the ground to Everitt.Andrejs whacks it long to the unopposed Ellard, who marks and goals from point blank! (Q2 21:47)
Holman gives away a 50 metre penalty for encroaching on the zone of the mark. Resultantly, Birchall slots the major from 45 metres out on the slight angle! (Q2 22:43)
Cripps screws it across his body to Bell, who marks deep in the pocket. Tom moves it centrally to Everitt, who takes it unopposed from point blank range. He slots his second! (Q2 27:46)
The Hawks sped it from end to end, but then nearly fudged the easiest of goals. Frawley flicks it off to Sicily in the goal square and James gets wrapped up… (Q3 2:47)
The ball spills to Frawley, who goals from point blank range, his third of the afternoon! (Q3 2:47)
The Blues sped it forward in numbers and created the opportunity, via a mark to Simpson. 40 out, Simpson slots the major from directly in front! (Q3 4:43)
Gunston marks in the one on one opposed to Tuohy, a very traditional key forwards mark in a grappling contest. From 45 on the flank, Jack goals! (Q3 6:14)
Hale loops it to the Roughead/Jamison contest and Jarryd marks it with the left arm, the other holding off Michael on the lead. From 45 on the slight, Jarryd slots another! (Q3 7:41)
Puopolo to Roughead and back again, enabling Gunston to mark out the back, running hard into space unopposed. From 40 on the slight angle, Jack goals! (Q3 12:06)
Ellard works it out of congestion to Kreuzer. Matthew receives with time on his side, enabling him to shoot for goal on the snap from 30, but he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 16:14)
Whiley receives the free kick for high contact against Lewis. Mark goes back to line up the set shot, but instead flicks it off to Buckley. Dylan misses to the right from the arc. (Q3 25:12)
Mitchell to Hale to Stratton through the middle of the ground, all by hand. Stratton moves through the 50, but manages to hit the post from directly in front. (Q3 29:43)
Sicily marks unopposed, directly in front of goal after being hit up by Lewis, after the Blues turned it over coming out of defence. James slots the goal with ease! (3 Qtr Time)
Everitt launches it long and high to the top of the goal square where Watson took the strong mark in the one on one opposed to Lake. He goals with the banana! (Q4 3:15)
Everitt slams it on the boot and finds Walker unopposed out the back of his matchup with Gibson. Andrew takes full advantage, marking and finishing from dead in front! (Q4 4:16)
Puopolo takes it out of the centre stoppage and flicks it off to Mitchell, who bullets the pass into the defender come forward, this time Duryea. From 40 on the flank, he misses. (Q4 5:16)
Sicily spots up Lewis on the lead with a perfectly weighted dab pass. From 30 on the flank, Jordan goes back and slots the major! (Q4 6:06)
The Hawks speed it forward in numbers and it ends with Howe kicking for goal from the arc, but misses to the right hand side from the forward of flank. (Q4 10:37)
Everitt bangs it in long to the 4 strong pack, with Kreuzer taking the strong mark with Gunston applying the physical pressure. From 35 on the slight, Matthew goals! (Q4 11:17)
Mitchell receives from Shiels by hand and feeds it further forward to Hill. Bradley runs through the 50 metre arc and goals with ease! (Q4 19:20)
Shiels finds the footy off the deck after reading it well off the Rowe/McEvoy marking contest. Liam wastes little time by sending it through from 25 on the dribble! (Q4 20:21)
Hill darts in the pass to Roughead who marks out on the lead ahead of Jamison. From a step inside 50, directly in front, he misses to the left hand side. (Q4 22:21)
Tutt chips in the pass to the hard working Everitt, who marks at the end of his long run. From 45 on the flank, Andrejs misses to the near side. (Q4 28:37)

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