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Blog log from R23 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs Fremantle

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Fremantle, R23 of 2015

Taberner somehow misses a snap from the top of the square under light pressure from O’Shea. Could be one of those games. (Q1 1:53)
Ebert is pinged for catching Suban high at a stoppage 25m out on the flank. Suban misses. (Q1 3:23)
Schulz gives to Neade who misses from 35m on the flank. (Q1 4:10)
Butcher leaps in front of Alex Pearce and marks on his chest 25m out on a slight angle. Butcher, as he does, sprays it for an ugly behind. (Q1 6:39)
Taberner marks 25m out on the flank between Neade and Westhoff. He misses again. (Q1 8:29)
de Boer is smothered at CHF but it sits back up for him to regather, run to 40m and goal. (Q1 9:19)
Mzungu has Taberner over the back to run onto a loose ball with no one ahead of it, but it refuses to sit up and eventually O’Shea catches him HTB. (Q1 16:02)
Taberner marks 40m out on the flank but shows his lack of confidence by passing to Neale nearer the boundary at 20m. Neale threads the needle. (Q1 17:45)
Broadbent passes to Schulz deep in the pocket 30m out. Schulz, who hasn’t had a great year, winds the clock back with a lovely set shot for his first major. (Q1 21:20)
Hombsch is playing in front of Taberner for a kick to 30m on a slight angle, he spoils but falls off to allow Taberner to gather and bounce through a goal. (Q1 22:25)
Clancee Pearce goes short to Duffy on his own at the hotspot. Duffy goals. (Q1 23:37)
White marks a Sam Gray centre clearance on the HFF and passes to Hartlett at 45m on a slight angle. Hartlett doesn’t score with a shank. (Q1 25:03)
Ibbotson misses a set shot from 20m on the flank. (Q1 27:25)
Butcher gets a free for a hold by Smith 20m out in front. He sprays it for a behind, of course. (Q2 0:31)
Westhoff marks at 45m on the flank and swings through a nice set shot for a goal. (Q2 0:48)
Neade roves a contest in the pocket and rolls through a goal from 20m. (Q2 5:52)
Ah Chee sets up Wingard who passes to Schulz on the lead at 35m on the flank. Schulz trots in and goals. (Q2 10:35)
Hartlett passes to Westhoff near the boundary 30m out. The Hoff goals again. (Q2 15:58)
Westhoff marks at the top of the square, a big melee develops and the ball is taken off him and given to Neale. (Q2 18:20)
Hartlett goals on the run from near the boundary on the HFF, the crowd were up with the melee and now they’re cheering. And the melee restarts! (Q2 18:51)
Schulz marks at 30m on the flank and goals. (Q2 22:18)
Neade baulks traffic at CHF and passes to Butcher on the HFF, who has White running to the square for the Joe the Goose special handball. Port are in control now. (Q2 24:34)
Butcher launches over a big pack on the HFF and takes a Roach-like mark 45m out. THe crowd yells at him to put the hoof into it… and he does for a big goal! (Q2 27:19)
Schulz draws a holding free on Smith sitting under a high ball 20m out on the flank. He boots goal number four. (Q3 1:33)
Suban snaps truly with his left boot around the corner from 40m on a slight angle, after roving a Duffy contest. (Q3 3:23)
Taberner gets a soft free on Hombsch at the top of the square for contact over the shoulder, and boots his second goal. (Q3 10:09)
Robbie Gray roves a long ball to the square and snaps a goal from 10m. (Q3 12:22)
Wingard finds Robbie Gray all on his own over the back of the Docker defence to mark 20m out and run into the open goal. (Q3 17:24)
Butcher marks at 40m on the flank and misses, much to the disappointment of the rollicking Port crowd. (Q3 20:08)
Barlow runs into an open goal on the end of a coast to coast rebound from a kick in. (Q3 24:13)
White hits the post with a snap from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 25:09)
White marks over two Docker 15m out, turns and runs into the open goal. (Q3 27:53)
Clancee Pearce snaps the first goal of Q4. Deep into junk time now. (Q4 0:40)
Ah Chee roves a pack on the HFF and misses. (Q4 2:27)
Ebert intercepts a Duffield rebound kick 45m out on a slight angle. He hits the post. (Q4 3:30)
Amon picks up a Robbie Gray handball and snaps from 40m on a slight angle… well wide. (Q4 5:19)
Boak misses a set shot form 40m out on the boundary. (Q4 6:41)
Sam Gray roves a Robbie Gray contest at the hotspot and goals off the left boot across the body. (Q4 7:11)
White picks up a pressured Neade handball and goes short to Krakouer at 40m on a slight angle. Krak goals, just. (Q4 12:12)
Robbie Gray marks in front of Duffield on the lead at 40m on a slight angle. But he shanks it left. (Q4 14:00)
Pittard gets a junk time goal from 40m in front with a snap playing on after marking. (Q4 16:10)
Ryder marks a Krakouer ball on the behind line over the back of Hannath, confirmed after video review, and goals. (Q4 19:32)
Ryder marks 20m out on a slight angle but the ump paid a free to Butcher, who plays on and misses. (Q4 21:11)
Robbie Gray roves a Butcher contest 20m out and snaps another one. (Q4 25:20)
Langdon intercepts an Amon rebound kick 40m out on the flank, but hits the post. (Q4 26:39)
Grey kicks OOTF from a set shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 28:04)

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