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Blog log from R22 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Carlton

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Carlton, R22 of 2015

Bell flicks it off to Everitt after the pill fell the way of Tom on the half forward flank. Andrejs goes for home from outside 50, but hits the post. (Q1 1:37)
Kennedy finds Palmer running back with the flight, with Buckley trails in behind. The ex-Docker lines up from 45 on the flank, and Rhys misses to the near side. (Q1 5:31)
Stewart takes a strong leading grab after disposing of Jamison just prior, to make it all possible. From 30 on the sharp angle, James also hits the post. (Q1 7:28)
From the resulting kick in, the Blues go coast to coast, ending with Boekhorst chipping the delivery over the top to the unopposed Walker. From 20 on the slight, he hits the post! (Q1 8:37)
Cripps takes it out of the stoppage and finds Watson on the lead with a well weighted delivery, leaving Marchbank no chance to contest. From 30, he goals! (Q1 10:16)
Boekhorst receives a 50 metre penalty after Griffen gave it away for a late push in the back. Blaine makes the former Dogs captain pay from 25! (Q1 15:12)
Treloar takes it straight out of the forward stoppage after the tap down from Wood. Adam turns inside and snaps truly with strength from 35! (Q1 23:22)
Everitt flicks it off to Tutt who has a flying shot at goal from the paint of 50, but it is mis-kicked and through for a minor score. (Q1 24:36)
Downie to Treloar to Griffen, as the Giants move it inside 50. Ryan, pressed up on the boundary, manages to slot the major from the tight angle with a quality drop punt! (Q1 27:37)
Downie takes the uncontested mark inside, and immediately flicks it off to the speeding Wilson. Nathan cannons a shot from outside 50, but misses to the right hand side. (Q2 2:51)
Boekhorst spots up Bell unopposed, somewhat incredibly considering the congestion ahead of the kick. From 45 on the flank, Tom misses to the near side. (Q2 3:47)
Kelly dabs in a pass to Ward who marks in an uncontested fashion, just 25 metres out from goal on the slight angle. Callan misses to extend the poor form in front of goal. (Q2 6:50)
Bugg grabs the loose ball, spinning in then out of trouble as the ball determined his pass. Finally Thomas gathers and snaps it home from close range but a review is necessary… (Q2 9:50)
On further inspection, it appears quite conclusive that Simpson laid a finger on it and duly the shot is paid a minor score. (Q2 10:59)
Palmer gathers the loose pill and slams it on the boot within the blink of an eye, but the resulting shot misses to the left hand side from 40. (Q2 11:22)
Tomlinson bullets in the pass to the leading Stewart who marks out on the hard lead ahead of Kennedy. From 40 on the sharp angle, James goals! (Q2 14:01)
Whitfield encroaches the Dick mark and duly the 50 metre penalty is paid. Resultantly, Matthew kicks from 45 on the slight angle and hooks it to the far side. (Q2 16:12)
Bell to Buckley who speeds past Smith, and then attempts an incredible snap shot from deep in the pocket. He misses to the near side. (Q2 17:21)
Cripps takes the intercept mark as the Giants turn it over coming out of defence. From 40, dead in front, he misses to the left hand side from the set shot. (Q2 18:21)
Docherty spots Everitt with a lazer-like pass to the unmarked Andrejs, who has no trouble taking the simple mark. From 35 on the slight, Everitt slots another! (Q2 19:11)
Boekhorst flicks it off to a speeding Bell, who continues on with Tomlinson chasing. Tom then goes for home, and incredibly manages to swing it through from the tight angle! (Q2 23:32)
Walker to Everitt to Buckley, who continues on at pace but can’t manage to hook the shot back from 20 on the tight angle. (Q2 24:40)
Whitfield to Cameron who goes out the back with an incredibly accurate long kick to Tomlinson, who marks ahead of Kreuzer. Adam flicks it off to Bugg, who goals from point blank! (Q2 25:50)
McCarthy throws it on the boot with a wobbler of an effort off the left peg, but it finds Coniglio out on the lead. From 45 on the flank, Stephen misses to the right. (Q2 28:32)
Plowman bombs it inside 50 and Stewart takes the strong contested grab coming back from five deep. James trots in and goals from 35! (Q2 28:32)
Corr bursts through the middle and bullets in a pass to the leading Cameron who marks out on the lead. From 45 on the slight angle, he misses to the left hand side. (Q3 2:15)
This time McCarthy produces the bullet-like pass to find Cameron, out on the lead, this time ahead of Rowe. From 40 on the slight, Jeremy nabs his first! (Q3 4:00)
Palmer goes long to the hot spot where Stewart takes the strong mark. From 40, directly in front, James misses the set shot to the right hand side. (Q3 7:01)
Whitfield produces a speculative pass through the corridor that bounces to Wilson. Nathan runs through to 55 and finds Bugg out the back, unopposed. Thomas kicks another! (Q3 10:27)
Treloar receives a 50 metre penalty for off the ball contact. Adam takes full advantage, slotting the major from 45 on the slight angle! (Q3 11:41)
Wood goes long to the one on one between Walker and Wilson. Walker manages to outmanoeuvre Nathan and take the contested mark, duly slotting the goal from close range! (Q3 14:27)
Turn over by Docherty after the Blues attempted to switch the ball from side to side, instead picking out Cameron. From outside 50, he just misses. (Q3 17:29)
Treloar to Kennedy to Cameron from one end of the ground to the other, this time with Jeremy marking in behind Menzel. From close range, Jeremy goals! (Q3 20:42)
Shaw finds Kelly with a brilliant chipped effort to his unmarked target. Josh takes the mark from 45 on the slight and duly converts the set shot! Review, but its still a goal! (Q3 24:57)
WIlson goes deep to the top of the square and Cameron receives the free kick for being held in the marking contest by Jamison. Jeremy slots another! (Q3 26:56)
Ward to Palmer who finds Treloar with a well weighted pass to Adam who takes the mark out ahead of Simpson on the lead. From 30 on the slight, he nabs his third! (Q3 28:58)
Kelly handballs over the top to the hard running Greene. Toby continues on with limited pressure, slotting the goal from 30 on the slight angle! (Q3 30:48)
Kennedy goes for the spoil instead of the mark and it proves costly. The ball pops out the front and Tutt receives out the back to slot the simplistic major from 20! (Q4 3:11)
Kelly grabs it out of the forward stoppage, incredibly with little to no enforced pressure. In turn, Josh settles and snaps truly from 35! (Q4 8:06)
Smith finds the ground ball and drills the pass to Cameron who marks out on the lead ahead of Jamison. From the set shot, Cameron slots his fourth from 50, dead in front! (Q4 10:39)
Palmer drives the ball to the hot spot and Cameron takes the strong grab in the three-strong pack. From 25, directly in front, Jeremy kicks his fifth of the half and match! (Q4 16:45)
Brad Walsh has a flying shot at goal from inside 50 and manages the quick reply in his third game for the club! (Q4 18:18)
Cameron nabs his sixth of the day! Pressed up on the boundary, 30 out, Jeremy slots the snap shot after taking the mark out on the lead! (Q4 24:53)
Greene finds Tomlinson out the back of his contest with Rowe, but given the lack of pace in the game that was simply poor marking. Adam goals from 25! (Q4 25:23)
Smith spots the unattended Whitfield and chips the delivery into his teammate, who takes the simple mark from 40 out. Lachie goes back and slots the goal! (Q4 30:08)
McCarthy bullets in the pass to Cameron who marks just before the final siren sounds. From 40, directly in front, Jeremy has seven as the Giants win by 81 points! (Q4 31:39)

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