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Blog log from R22 of 2015: Geelong vs Collingwood

Blog log for Geelong vs Collingwood, R22 of 2015

Sidebottom beats Taylor to a ground ball on the boundary 25m out, dodges clear but is tackled while he shoots off the left boot… it’s good! (Q1 2:57)
Moore runs into an open goal after roving a long centre clearance kick by Crisp to the hotspot and getting over the back. (Q1 4:16)
Menzel rises in front of Scharenberg and clunks a mark 30m out on the flank. He misses. (Q1 5:51)
Menzel gets a handball at 50m on the flank, has a man running at his boot but just gets the snap off in time… it’s sails through and the Cats get around him! (Q1 12:56)
Sidebottom is tackled 15m out from the Pie goal and can only kick from the ground into Adams, but Adams throws the ball on the boot for a nice opportunist goal. (Q1 14:33)
Pendlebury has time to pick out an intelligent pass to Swan to mark over Thurlow 45m out in the corridor. Swan goals, the Pies have the jump! (Q1 17:02)
Elliott passes to White on a quick lead on the boundary 20m out, nothing Taylor could do there. White threads the needle for a surprising goal! (Q1 21:47)
Varcoe sails through another goal for Collingwood with a snap from CHF! (Q1 23:14)
Swan catches Blicavs HTB at 50m on a slight angle. His set shot flies wide and is rushed. (Q1 24:32)
Fasolo rises and marks 25m out on the flank, then boots his first goal and Collingwood’s seventh with a minute left before QT! (Q1 25:59)
Collingwood has blown Geelong away in Q1, as the Cats did to them in round 6. No Caddy or Duncan for the Cats, and with Selwood quiet the Pie mids are having a field day. (Qtr Time)
The Pies are getting them on the outside, with 79 kicks to 33 and 38 marks to 15. (Qtr Time)
And they’re getting them on the inside with 42 contested possessions to 29. It’s a complete pizzling. (Qtr Time)
Menzel snaps his second goal from 40m on a slight angle after Pendlebury leaves him alone on the HFF but fails to get to the contest in time. (Q2 2:21)
Sidebottom rides a tackle in the corridor and gives to Varcoe who draws a man and gives to Elliott to do the rest from 20m. (Q2 4:06)
Sinclair intercepts an errant Kelly rebound kick on the HFF and has Moore on his own at the hotspot for another goal for the Maggies! (Q2 6:06)
Long ball to the Pie pocket, four go up and fall over, Blair the first up, he gives to Swan who misses from 20m. (Q2 10:06)
Fasolo is first to the square for a long Crisp ball, but Bews is right behind him to lunge and smother through for a behind. (Q2 11:06)
The Pies lock it in from the kick in, it’s Crisp again who finds Fasolo in front of Bews at 35m on a slight angle. Fasolo misses. (Q2 11:36)
Cockatoo flies for a centring ball to the Pie goalsquare but can’t hold on, Sidebottom roves and goals off the left boot! (Q2 14:13)
Walker marks an errant Mackie snap from CHF to the pocket and plays on to Johnson, who snaps truly from 20m across the body on the left. (Q2 17:02)
Blicavs juggles and marks a high ball near the hotspot but sprays the set shot horribly, goes OOTF. (Q2 22:34)
Maynard is the next Pie to join the goalscorer list with a snap from 15m after the Pies fight at ground level at the top of the square. (Q2 24:02)
Menzel picks up a loose ball at half forward and snaps off a step from 50m on a slight angle… just wide. (Q2 24:37)
Fasolo misses from 35m on the flank after getting a free for high contact by Kelly. (Q2 25:59)
Hawkins gets a free for an obvious hold by Brown sitting under a high ball to the square for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:29)
A chaos ball to the Cat hotspot rolls past a couple of contests and into the hands of Menzel to run into the open goal for his third. (Q3 3:15)
Gregson gives to Menzel for a highly pressured snap off his left from 20m on the flank… hits the behind post for OOTF. (Q3 4:30)
White marks on the HFF and goes down the line to Elliott 40m out, who goals. This game never reached great heights, almost junk time from the start, but now it’s really junky. (Q3 11:00)
Vardy uses his bulk and marks a Bews pass to the hotspot in front of the undersized Langdon. But he kicks it OOTF, to some Bronx cheers. (Q3 12:46)
Guthrie marks a high Lonergan ball to the hotspot behind a flying pack. He hits the post. (Q3 15:00)
Pendlebury wins a loose ball in heavy traffic at the hotspot and gives to Grundy for a goal that was way, way, way too easy. (Q3 18:46)
Johnson drops the knees to draw a free on Langdon for a clattering tackle 40m out on the flank, but misses. (Q3 22:01)
Blicavs gives to Lang for a goal from the square after mopping up a high ball. (Q3 24:49)
Menzel leaps onto the shoulder of Langdon and takes a screamer from a Blicavs pass at 30m on the flank. He boots his fourth goal, and everyone smiles. (Q4 1:20)
Murdoch passes to Hawkins 40m out on a slight angle, he passes to Motlop in the pocket, two Pies converge, Motlop drops it… but butters up and runs into the open goal! (Q4 3:35)
Fasolo marks a short Sidebottom ball 45m out in the corridor, Enright encroaches on the mark and puts paid to any thought of a Cat comeback with a 50m penalty to ensure the goal. (Q4 5:00)
Gregson catches Williams HTB at 30m on the flank in heavy traffic. He misses. (Q4 7:30)
Greenwood snaps high from a stoppage at 40m on the flank, Marsh wrestles with Kolodjashnij in the square, the ball bounces past them and through for a goal! (Q4 10:15)
White marks a long ball by Adams from the wing to the hotspot behind a pack. He goals. (Q4 11:15)
Adams misses with a snap in space from 40m on a slight angle, after Guthrie gets caught HTB in the centre to cause a turnover. (Q4 16:36)
Fasolo kicks his third goal from a snap over his left should from 15m on the flank after fighting for a ground ball. (Q4 17:31)
Guthrie plays on to advantage from a free on the HFF and has Cockatoo on the opposite flank 20m out. Cockatoo misses badly. (Q4 21:08)
Hawkins gets a junk time special in the last minute from 35m on the flank. (Q4 27:53)

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