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Blog log from R21 of 2015: Adelaide vs Brisbane

Blog log for Adelaide vs Brisbane, R21 of 2015

Hanley marks a Christensen pass at 35m on the flank on the end of a fast break from halfback started by a Hartigan turnover. Hanley misses. (Q1 3:50)
Christensen is all on his own on the HFF after coming off the bench to accept a long Paparone ball, settle over a snap on the lope from 35m and nail the first goal. (Q1 7:19)
Brown catches Christensen high in a tackle after a stoppage at the hotspot. Bundy goals again. (Q1 8:46)
Cameron roves a Betts contest and snaps at full tilt across his body from 20m… screws it too far, behind. (Q1 11:04)
The Crows lock the ball in at half forward, Smith passes low and hard to Walker near the boundary 40m out. Tex threads the needle for the first Crow major! (Q1 17:20)
Zorko passes to Freeman at the hotspot, who drops the mark but gets caught high by Talia coming through, albeit rather softly. Freeman gets up and kicks truly. (Q1 19:05)
Sloane roves Jacobs at a ball up and weaves through traffic on the HFF then gives to Crouch who throws the ball on the boot, it helicopters through for a fluky goal! (Q1 21:51)
Knight gives to Walker for a snap off a step on the turn from 40m in front… it bounces just the wrong side of the goalpost. (Q1 23:19)
West marks at CHF hits Christensen wide on the flank 30m out on a fast break up the guts from halfback. Bundy just misses. (Q1 24:06)
McGuane crumbs his own contest 25m out on a slight angle in heavy traffic, but misses the right foot snap across the body. (Q1 25:39)
Walker marks 30m out on the flank and sprays the set shot for a behind. (Q2 0:25)
Sloane gets a free for mowing down O’Brien with a tackle 35m out on a slight angle. Rory starts it right but swings it inside the post to put the Crows in front. (Q2 5:12)
Lynch passes to van Berlo on the HFF, he passes down the line to Walker 25m out. Tex kicks straight for his second goal. (Q2 7:08)
After the Lions got the jump in Q1 with some excellent pressure, the Crows have lifted their ratings and are now good for their lead on general play. (Q2 7:29)
Knight gives to Atkins deep in the pocket 25m out, he tries a low percentage snap off the left boot under Zorko pressure, it wobbles straight through! (Q2 10:39)
Jacobs goes short to Knight on the HFF, he passes to Lynch near the boundary 30m out. Lynch’s set shot is OOTF. (Q2 12:55)
Smith kicks quick and high to 20m out on a slight angle, three Lions fly but it’s Betts in front who marks and goals, his 50th of the season! (Q2 14:34)
Walker marks 55m out on the flank, wheels around and roosts a big set shot just over the man on the line for another one. It’s a procession now. (Q2 16:04)
Betts marks a Jenkins ball on the boundary 30m out but hits the behind post with a checkside, OOTF. (Q2 19:23)
Christensen sprays a snap on the run from 40m on the flank, hits the boundary post OOTF. (Q2 21:13)
Merrett spoils down a Smith ball to the hotspot, van Berlo contests and the spillage goes to Jenkins who snaps truly off the left peg. (Q2 22:41)
Dangerfield is all on his lonesome at the hotspot to accept a Jenkins ball and kick his first goal of the evening. (Q2 25:56)
Jenkins is corralled by three Lions in the pocket but threads a handball to Talker who snaps another one from 20m! (Q2 28:03)
Every stat was blown out in Q2, the Crows locking the ball almost exclusively inside their forward half. Three inside 50s for the Lions for the quarter is the most damning stat. (Half Time)
Christensen passes to McStay who marks in front of Hartigan at CHF, but his set shot falls on the behind line and is marked by Jacobs. (Q3 0:18)
Lynch catches Adcock HTB at CHF, the ball falls on the line, Walker is pinged for interfering with Merrett, no score. (Q3 2:38)
Douglas sails through a set shot from 50m on a slight angle after Rockliff catches him high after marking on the wing to concede a soft 50m penalty. (Q3 4:45)
McStay leaps in front of Hartigan and marks again 25m out on a slight angle, from a long Robinson ball. He goals. (Q3 5:47)
Christensen gives outside to Dawson, he has McGuane on his own at the hotspot but goes himself from 40m on a slight angle… and sprays it. (Q3 8:24)
Adcock marks on the HFF and kicks long to the square, it drops on the line… Martin gets a free on Jenkins for a block and kicks a soft goal. (Q3 12:10)
Shaw has Atkins in a bit of space at half forward, he runs and shoots from 45m on a slight angle… he clears the pack on the line for a goal! (Q3 16:21)
The Crows didn’t exactly need a steadier even though the Lions have evend up the contests, but that was a steadier. (Q3 17:15)
Dangerfield gathers a loose ball on the wing and burns off Adcock so badly that the older man falls over trying to tackle, Danger goes to Knight 20m out who misses. (Q3 18:35)
That miss was ruled after a video review. (Q3 19:05)
Freeman juggles a Rockliff ball and marks 40m out on the flank. He goals. (Q3 21:50)
Knight hits the lead of Jenkins on the HFF. he turns and has Betts 20m out down the line. Eddie goals, much to the delight of the home Crow crowd. (Q3 25:51)
Cameron feeds Walker for a snap on the lope 40m out on a slight angle, he burned Jenkins for a Joe the Goose but it’s okay because his snap is good. (Q3 28:11)
Walker marks on the HFF and boots his sixth major, his 50th of the season. (Q4 2:27)
Taylor gives to Martin in heavy traffic for a snap from 20m on a slight angle, but it’s narrow. (Q4 2:38)
Cameron is released on a fast break for a gallop down the flank with two bounces and a goal from 25m. (Q4 3:45)
Sloane has Jenkins on his own in the square for a long ball from the HFF but it sails over his head for a behind. (Q4 5:33)
Lyons passes to Betts on the boundary 25m out. Eddie wows the crowd with a set shot checkside masterpiece! (Q4 6:42)
Cameron goes long, Andrews spoils but it flips over the back to Walker to stroll in and kick his seventh major. (Q4 9:51)
Crouch misses a set shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 14:52)
Lyons is the next Crow to join the party with a snap around the corner from the pocket. (Q4 16:36)
Sloane passes to Lyons deep in the pocket, he plays on and goals. It’s deep, deep, so deep in junk time now. (Q4 25:39)
Lyons marks again 35m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q4 27:04)
Robinson gives to Martin for a running snap from near the hotspot, he wobbled a tired-looking mongrel into the post. (Q4 28:29)
Walker hits the post with a snap from the pocket. (Q4 29:21)

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