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Blog log from R20 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Melbourne, R20 of 2015

Harmes roves the ball from the 5 strong pack, and has the flying snap at goal. From 25, on the slight, it bounces to the far side. (Q1 2:51)
Dahlhaus goes long to the Wallis/Viney matchup and Mitch takes the quality contested mark going back with the flight. From 45, directly in front, Mitch slots it! (Q1 3:41)
Dickson reads it off the Dunn/Redpath contest, sprint to the front and centre position of the two key posts. Tory then snaps from deep in the pocket, but misses. (Q1 5:37)
McDonald turns it over after some brilliant Bulldog pressure coming from Bontempelli. The misguided handball goes straight to Grant, who wastes no time in snapping truly from 30! (Q1 7:24)
Bontempelli finds Wallis on the lead and he flicks it off with little time wasted to the speeding Hunter. Lachie then bullets the pass to Dickson, who marks out on the lead… (Q1 10:35)
From the resulting shot, 25 metres out on the sharp angle, he misses to the near side. (Q1 10:35)
Murphy hits Dickson with a chiseling delivery and McDonald gives away the 50 metre penalty for late contact. Tory nabs that from point blank range! (Q1 11:28)
Picken to Wallis who finds Redpath out on the lead ahead of Dunn. Jake then hits it centrally to the hard working Bontempelli who takes the simple mark. From 40, he goals! (Q1 14:13)
Jetta is holding Grant and the down the ground free kick is paid. From 45 on the slight angle, Jarrad lines up the set shot and sends it straight through the middle! (Q1 20:07)
Wood sends a long and high delivery to Crameri, who manages to get a step on his opponent in McDonald and takes the simple mark. Stewart continues on and goals from point blank! (Q1 23:39)
Picken beats Jones in the one on one and hammers a low hack to the Redpath/Dunn contest. Jake pushes off with superior strength and finishes with ease from 20! (Q1 24:13)
Watts marks out on the lead in a rare forward 50 entry for the Demons. Jack sets himself for home, but misses to the right hand side from outside 50 on the flank. (Q1 26:14)
Darley chips in a pass to the unattended Grant as the Bulldogs belted down Etihad Stadium from one end to the other in a matter of seconds. Jarrad takes the mark and goals from 30! (Q1 27:23)
The extreme pressure from Stringer forces the McDonald turn over, handballing straight to Jong. Lin slots it from point blank! (Q2 3:12)
Brayshaw takes Macrae high in the attempted tackle and Jackson receives the free kick. From 25 on the slight angle, the youngster sends through another for the red, white and blue! (Q2 5:32)
Once more the Bulldogs go long through Crameri, who hits the top of the square. Jong roves the ground ball superbly and nabs another from dead in front! (Q2 7:33)
Stringer takes the mark out on the lead, as the Bulldogs win yet another clearance. From 45 metres out on the sharp angle, Jake sends it home! That’s 12 in a row! (Q2 8:53)
Garlett wraps up Macrae in the tackle and receives the holding the ball decision. From 30, on the sharp angle, Jeff slots the goal! (Q2 15:39)
Michie reads it off hands after the Demons won a rare centre clearance. He feeds it out to Bail, who has a boomerang attempt from 40, but just misses to the right hand side. (Q2 17:24)
Talia goes long and Cross smothers Jetta, allowing Grant to sweep on the ground ball. Jarrad settles, but misses the snap shot from the pocket. (Q2 21:19)
Neal-Bullen chips it in short to the unmarked Garlett, out the back of the contest. Jeff flicks it off to Hogan, who goals for a consolation prize, late in the second term! (Q2 23:39)
Talia drives them forward with a long bomb and predictably Bontempelli out marks Jones. From 35 on the flank, Marcus sends it straight through the big sticks! (Q2 26:31)
Neal-Bullen has a quick snap at goal out of the forward stoppage, but the shot misses to the right hands side from 25. (Q2 28:57)
Resultantly, the Bulldogs swing it from one end to the other with consummate ease and incredible pace. In the end, Dickson is held off the ball by Jetta, and receives the free… (Q2 29:35)
After the HT siren, Tory slots the goal from 20 out directly in front to extend the margin to 73! (Q2 30:06)
Matt Jones flicks it off to his namesake and captain. Nathan loads up for home from just inside 50, but misses to the far side. (Q3 1:29)
Jong gathers another ground ball, but this time can only snap it into the post from 35. (Q3 1:49)
Talia gives away a free kick for holding in the marking contest opposed to the taller Max Gawn. From 30 on the slight angle, Max sends it through! (Q3 2:45)
Brayshaw to Michie through the middle of Etihad Stadium before Viv bullets in a pass to the leading Hogan who marks ahead of Morris. From 35 on the slight, Jesse goals! (Q3 5:52)
The Dees have another, this time as through a centre bounce clearance win. It goes through to Dawes, who has the ball in the goal square and after much deliberation snaps truly! (Q3 8:10)
Dawes marks out on the lead ahead of Biggs, but Chris will have to kick boundary side from 25. The former Pie misses to the far side. (Q3 11:15)
N.Jones to Harmes who takes a strong contested mark running back with the flight ahead of Talia. From 35 on the slight angle, the former number 1 pick slots the major! (Q3 15:38)
Cross to Michie who bangs it long to the unmarked Garlett, a brilliant move that saw the Dees swing it from one end of the ground to the other at speed. Jeff turns and goals! (Q3 18:06)
Campbell takes it straight out of the forward stoppage, and throws ball to boot. From 20, its a hacked effort that was never on-line, as it squeezes through for a minor. (Q3 21:12)
Hogan flicks off a pressured handball to Matt Jones. Jones assesses his options and goes for home, but misses to the right hand side from 45. (Q3 25:42)
Hogan turns it over and Wallis takes full advantage after receiving from Grant and finding the unmarked Stringer. Jake trots in from 35 on the flank, and goals! (Q4 1:43)
Watts turns it over through the corridor to Redpath, who marks unopposed. Jack trots in and slots the major from 50 on the slight angle! (Q4 4:59)
Lumumba catches Hunter high in the attempted tackle and duly the free kick is paid. From 40 on the slight, Lachie misses to the left hand side. (Q4 5:57)
Lumumba catches Hunter high once more, very similarly to that of the last score. Lachie lines up the set shot from 40 out on the slight, and this time makes no mistake! (Q4 10:44)
Dahlhaus receives out the back after the handball from Wallis. Luke runs on and slams home yet another to the Bulldogs roar from 40! (Q4 12:39)
Bontempelli receives out the back after the Demons turn it over coming out of defence once more. Marcus continues on his merry way and hammers it home from 40 on the left! (Q4 17:00)
Harmes goes to the hot spot and Hogan leads Hamling to the pill and takes the strong contested mark. From 35, directly in front, Jesse goals! (Q4 18:45)
Morris gathers the loose ball and flicks it off to Biggs who speeds inside 50 and the ex-Swan slams it home off the right peg! (Q4 21:20)
Daniel runs through unattended with ball in hand and Caleb unselfishly handballs off to Crameri. Stewart steadies and finishes with ease from 35 on the slight angle! (Q4 22:02)
Redpath just slaps it forward the best part of 20 metres as he goes third up from the forward stoppage. Stringer runs onto it and nails it from point blank range! (Q4 24:00)
Talia goes long to the Stringer/Garland matchup and Jake receives the free kick for holding prior to the ball hitting the contest. Jake lines up the set shot and slots it from 50! (Q4 26:01)
Howe gets caught holding the ball by Dickson as he attempted to walk across the behind line. Tory lines up from dead in front and slots the major! (Q4 29:39)

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